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Sideline - 2nd Line for Work Calls

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Description of Sideline - 2nd Line for Work Calls

SECOND PHONE NUMBERSideline gives you a 2nd phone number on your smartphone to let you divide your communications easily and without confusion.

Sideline is more than a second line for you and your business. It’s the flexible, personal communication app that gives your customers a work number they can use - not your private one. Already tens of thousands of professionals are using Sideline to help them transform how they keep in touch with their customers with a dedicated second phone number that gives out your professional caller ID - and keeps your professional second line separate from your private one.

By creating a custom business number, Sideline gives professionals like you the chance to connect with customers, build your small business, and manage all your contacts and communications quickly and easily. Basically, you get your own dedicated, personal work number without the hassle of buying a second phone.

Sideline is your second line designed for professionals - and gives you amazing features like:

AUTO-REPLYIf you miss a call on your work line, Sideline responds automatically with a custom private message.

A TEAM WORK NUMBERSplit one business number with multiple devices, so your team or department can be more responsive in answering your work line.

CUSTOM NUMBERBuild your identity with a personalized second number, such as “(555) PET-SHOP” or “(555) FLOWERS.” So you can pick a more durable work line and professional identity, and not just a burner phone number.

LOCAL AREA CODESearch area codes to find a local second phone number for your company or small business.

BUSINESS TEXTINGText-enable your business to easily connect with customers using your 2nd or work line.

ENTERPRISE DASHBOARDManage work numbers on employee devices. (Enterprise account required. See Sideline.com for details)

Because Sideline is so helpful and efficient at helping small business and professionals, we’ve got people porting their Google second number over to Sideline.


CARRIER RELIABILITYAll calls are cellular (not VoIP) to make your 2nd phone number as reliable as your 1st.

UNLIMITED CALLING ON YOUR SECOND LINECalls use your existing carrier plan, so no extra calling credits needed for your second number.

MESSAGINGTexting includes SMS and picture messaging, group messaging, and more. So you keep all the functionalities you need.

CUSTOM CALLER ID ON YOUR 2ND PHONEIt’s clear which phone number is ringing, so you can prioritize accordingly.

SEPARATE VOICEMAILRecord a professional greeting or set up multiple greetings for every situation.

VOICEMAIL TO TEXTSave time and conveniently read voicemail transcriptions as a text.

DO NOT DISTURBSend Sideline calls directly to voicemail on nights, weekends, or holidays.

NUMBER PORTINGTransfer an existing number to Sideline from another device or landline.

WEB MESSAGINGAccess your Sideline business number online and text from the desktop.

Sideline is a business number, not a burner phone! It’s a second number for professionals that brings connections, inspiration and innovation to small business owners. Keep your private and your work number separate and manage your business more effectively.

Download Sideline and create your 2nd line today!

🔄AUTO-REPLYIf you miss a call on your work line, Sideline responds automatically with a custom private message.

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User Reviews


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Brittney Brumbaugh 2019-03-18

The seven day free trial is a joke! I was charged a month. When I asked the customer service about it, they said it was canceled..they lied. My bank statement shows it, emails to prove it, and they sent me a screen shot that says cancelled. The app may be great but lying and charging people is bs! Dont tell me your giving me my money back and then don\'t. I would give no stars for it, but since I think people should be aware I\'m writing a review. Fix your service!!!!! 😡😡😡
Cody Matthew 2019-04-30

I use this service for work purposes. The only key feature I wish it had is the ability to set do no disturb times. When I\'m not at work I\'d like the app to automatically forward calls to voicemail and silence notifications during specific times. Other than that, it\'s a pretty decent app and the price is relatively fair. Great tool for law enforcement.
Dom Busone 2019-02-07

misleading, does not tell you you have to pay until you have done every other part of the account. to add to this other services are usually free and take less time to set up (mainly have a problem with is requiring phone verification first and then asking for payment, now they have your phone number, Google account, and they have a password you typed in which could be your email password!)
Jack Fox 2019-12-22

The thing that really makes me angry about this application, is that I have a paid subscription yet I still get ads popping up on my phone. The reason I am writing this right now is because it just popped up some sort of Toys for Tots thing. Totally thought I had a customer texting me. So this stupid application will make you think that you are getting a call or text from a new customer when it\'s just some crappy ad that isn\'t supposed to be there, because I pay for the subscription!
Larry Block 2019-07-08

frequently doesn\'t display the caller id correctly. sometimes it fails to show the name, sometimes it fails to show the correct number, sometimes it fails to show both. Pinger support (Andrea) has been working on it with me for several weeks, but has not been successful in correcting the problem. for a paid app I expect a better product. UPDATE 7/7/19 - Pinger / Sideline has failed to correct this issue in over two and a half months of trying(?). I keep getting messages from them asking for info I\'ve already provided or they repeat solutions that didn\'t work. They really don\'t know what they\'re doing with this app. I\'d recommend staying away from Sideline and anything Pinger. I\'d give this no stars if that was an option.
Admin Gideon 2019-03-08

OMG! Tried Sideline, then switched to another, MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE system which claimed to have more features, etc. After many headaches we switched back. App works great, it\'s inexpensive, and when the other company gave us a run around to get our number back, Sideline support took care of the problem. Then Sideline checked back with me TWICE to make sure all was well. Glad to be back.
Andrew Marcelli 2020-07-21

Worth it when it works. It was a nice upgrade coming from Google voice. They easily ported my Google Voice number over and the price for SideLine is well justified if you\'re using it for business and not just a second number for personal use. It actually shows you the number is calling your sideline number so you know the call coming in is a business call. I had a few issues in my almost year using it though. For a while anyone using T-mobile could not call my number (it would go to a number not in service message). It took weeks of back and fourth with customer service, but that finally got resolved. Then there was an issue where if I was on a call and another call came-in, it would send the incoming call to my personal voicemail and not the SideLine voicemail. This issue was never resolved. Their customer support is very responsive and quick, but seem to lack the technical knowledge to fix certain issues. Or they just think you\'re doing something wrong. I\'m sure they get a lot of stupid requests, but it\'s frustrating when you know what is happening and they want to go through a thousand simple fix steps that you\'ve already tried. Ultimately, I moved away from the service for something more advanced as my business grows and I need more features. I would still recommend it to those who need more features and an upgrade from a free service like Google Voice.
Matthew Pritchard 2019-05-17

Don\'t waste time downloading. This app is much worse than Google Voice which offers you the same service but is actually free. Anyone that actually pays for this will eventually have their credit card info. leaked to the web. It makes you verify payment method with a card before you can start 7 day trial... Pointless!!
Kaylee Anderson 2020-05-22

Downloaded it because I need to work from home and part of my job includes contacting techs, but I don\'t want them having my personal number. When I was looking for apps that created a burner number, this was said to be free with option to upgrade it to ad-free. Well, it\'s not free outside of a 7 day trial and the cell phone plan I have for my kids is cheaper than this service anyways. My search continues.
Michael P 2020-01-07

I\'ve been using Sideline for roughly 4 years and have never had any issues and I love the app. It started as a personal choice to handle separate needs, but later became the perfect resource for my business as well. I\'ve never had any issues, but I know that Sideline support is attentive, and there are always improvements being made which speaks to the fact that they care.