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Description of SightPlan Mobile

SightPlan™ Mobile is an award winning companion app to the SightPlan resident service and asset management platform, built especially for the multifamily industry. Our solutions help communities better meet the needs of their residents. With automation to improve responsiveness, a modern approach to service requests, streamlined communications and insights into team performance, SightPlan helps community team members do their best work.

SightPlan Mobile requires an active SightPlan subscription

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.21.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:SightPlan

User Reviews


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Jarrod Urbanosky 2020-07-10

If you work for a company that requires you to download this application for work orders I highly recommend that your company provides you with a company cell phone that they pay for because I just had to pay $350 in data overage fees because of this app on my personal phone. The app never stops running in the background and uses an immense amount of data.
Marlon Parker Sr. 2020-01-09

Doesn\'t work good on android phones (from 2017 till 2020 im having the same problem its worked correctly only 6months out of 3yrs.)
Angie Stephens 2019-11-23

Be warned, this app sucks. I have spoken to several employees and no one has helped me solve the miltiple issues I have had and am still having with this app. Good luck!
DavE Garant 2017-12-07

So after a bad review sight plan reached out to me to correct my issues witch is pretty awesome considering ive never had an app reach out after a bad review. However there is still some minor tweaking to do witch im positive with the upcoming updates things will change for the better. Im not 100 sold on this app but its deffinently better then what it was. So great job sightplan id recommend this app.
Katie LaCorte 2016-04-03

Need help! Downloaded for use with our apartment complex. Attempt to login in and a pop-up says \"We found your account, but you have to sign in from the resident app.\" I can\'t find any other app in the store. Works from browser but not from app.
Lisa Maria Carroll 2019-02-15

Where is the zero star button??? Every time I try to log in it tells says we found your account, but you need to log in with SightPlan Mobile. This IS SightPlan Mobile!
Ashley Thayer 2019-01-12

cant scan packages for lg android device. the support team doesnt seem to be any help either.
Marvalous Productions 2017-05-03

Terrible. Does not work on Samsung Note 5!!!!!!!!!!! Throw in garbage!!!!!
Fernando Barajas 2020-02-18

So far it\'s been very HELPFUL APP! Makes work schedule very organized and improves our work order times.
moises martinez 2017-12-01

Takes to much phone storage 600 mgb and does not work with android phones and takes way too long to load. My phone is a note 5. It d not work on my note 5 i do not recomend companies to no buy it. The idea is good but neew to be fix. 11/11/2017 the app is so bad that I never the work order on my note 5 no not used this, my company force us to use it so I have no choice so os their money not my.