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Description of Signal® by Farmers®

Farmers® offers quality coverage if you’re in an accident, but focused driving could help you avoid an accident altogether. What’s focused on driving? Keeping your attention on the road ahead, not on distractions like your phone. That’s why Farmers introduced the Signal ® app. Signal rewards good driving habits encouraging you to stay focused. Active Signal users also qualify for a discount on their Farmers auto insurance. Drive towards savings with Signal!


- Monitor your progress towards earning an initial and renewal discount

- Track improvements in your driving behaviors

- Beat the streak of how many trips you can complete while staying focused

- Invite other drivers in your household to see who can get the best focused score

- Get access to roadside assistance

How to get started:

1. Enroll in the Signal program through your Farmers Insurance agent

2. Download the Signal app

3. Start driving today!

Note: After successfully registering in the app, trips automatically begin when you start driving, so there is no need to manually start your app.

*For additional details, please visit farmers.com/signal. Signal is not available in all states.


We value your privacy. Learn more about our Personal Information Use: https://www.farmers.com/privacy-statement/#personaluse

Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.farmers.com/privacy-statement/#donotsell

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2021.18.0 Publish Date:2022-01-07 Developer:Farmers Group Inc

User Reviews


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Justin Schroeder 2020-03-10

I downloaded the app today. It runs nonstop (even when I am not driving). Drains my phone battery super fast! As a business owner that relies on my phone to reach customers, I can\'t have that. Also I noticed the app was recording drives as I was sitting in my office, not driving. I didn\'t have either of these issues with the old app.
Tricia Ulery 2020-07-14

Worked really well at the beginning. Now I can\'t get it to open so I can mark passenger. At work I don\'t always drive. Other times, even though I am driving, my kids play games on my phone. I need to be able to change this to keep an accurate score. If not fixed soon, I plan to delete.
Rob H 2020-03-26

So far taken 4 trips and none of them have been logged. The app has been updated to the latest version.. my data and GPS location is on but trips are not tracking. Now 5 trips and still nothing logged. app is now crashing.. Update the app seems to be working a lot better. Now they just need to change this app from running all the time. It should only turn on when in the car. Not run all day tracking your Location
Matt Boyle 2020-06-19

Not as accurate I drive to a parking lot to be picked up in a company vehicle. The old app was better at knowing the start and stops to those drives so I could edit as passenger. Now it can\'t tell so it logs me as one trip after being dropped back off at my car so I get docked like I was using my phone from just walking to my car and putting it in its holder. Very anppyong. App doesn\'t stay on so I have to remember each day to check if it\'s running as well
Robin King 2020-07-22

I appreciate the discount, but rather useless and annoying when it calls the passenger using the GPS for directions distracted driving. When your new to a city of course you use the driving directions and the passenger at times needs to reset a lost signal or in an area of close turns help advise the driver to turn left or right in a more timely manner. Hence the low rating.
Ben Hudson 2020-03-28

I\'ve been getting emails reminding me to download the new Signal app, but everytime I come on here to download it, I see the bad reviews so I hold off. Well today I started getting text messages every 30 mins to download the app. So I download the app and it\'s bad just like everyone says. It runs constantly. I\'m sitting on my couch right now and it\'s running, using up my battery. And to top it off, still getting the text messages every 30 mins. Zero stars.
Island Judy 2020-07-05

NOT IMPRESSED. Since I got this app my scores on my phone don\'t match what I am driving. I have no distracted trips but my score is 82%. When I called it in they said their side shows a 100% but couldn\'t correct my side. Now it is not showing any trips since 6/22 and it is 7/4. Also their response level varies, sometimes I get an answer within 24 hours and other times I hear nothing or they say that they will get back to me and it is weeks if ever.
Kelly McMaster 2020-04-26

Like the app, but it still has a few issues. Constantly running in the background, eats data, and there it\'s no way to set in my car and use my phone without it saying I\'m texting even if the car is not running like sitting in my car eating lunch. It connects the minute I open the door. Really need to be able to stop the app without logging in and out and getting a code it\'s a real hassle.
Patrick Gitzlaff 2020-02-23

The app literally is open and runs all the time. The old one only ran when I was actually driving? There is no setting that I can see to turn this off. I can\'t even close the app or stop it from running without force closing it
Jingwen Yu 2020-10-13

I had the same experience as all other users noted before. I kept getting text messages every week saying the location is not turned on. I emailed the support with screen shot of the setting and they sent back a list of instructions to set settings for mobile data, power save, and location. All of them are set up correctly. This is the 2nd time that I emailed them and multiple times of getting the text messages. Why can\'t they update the app to fix this which is clearly a bug.