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Simple Draw Pro: Quick Sketchbook and Drawing App



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Description of Simple Draw Pro: Quick Sketchbook and Drawing App

Want to draw something creative but you have no paper? This sketchbook drawing app will suit you perfectly. Just pick a color and start drawing, it is as easy as that. You can either save the drawing in a file, print it or share it directly through email or social networks so that your friends can have some fun with it too. This sketchbook gives you flexibility to draw anything you want with a touch of your finger.

This hugely popular sketchbook drawing app for quick sketches provides many useful functions like Undo/Redo, changing the background color, or using an image as the background. You can optionally make the app prevent the device from falling asleep too. You can also change the brush size, or use an eraser, if you messed something up. It supports inserting colors either by selecting it on a huge palette, or by entering the colors hex code.

The app supports many different formats like PNG, JPG or SVG vectors. With all these formats, you have an ability to use your sketch however you want. This sketchbook drawing app has kept everything easy for you so you can create masterpieces without worrying for complicated navigations and controls.

You can either draw something new from scratch in this drawing app, or open some file and just play around with it in this sketchbook. It is perfectly usable either by you, or by a family with children to play some games. After all, everyone has a piece of artist in himself.

You will not find any fancy or advanced tools, brushes, fonts, filters here, it is supposed to be used to have some fun with. This drawing app has kept in view the easiness for all the artists so anyone can use it without having themselves stuck in the technicalities.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

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Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at hello@simplemobiletools.com and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:6.4.0 Publish Date:2021-09-26 Developer:Simple Mobile Tools

User Reviews


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Michał K 2021-01-13

Pretty nice app, but I would like to see more functionality in it. Let\'s take a look at what Google Keep can do and compare. In Keep there are pens that change their width depending on how fast do you draw. This is a nice effect and would be much useful for actual drawing.
Gnip Gnop 2020-09-25

It\'s okay, for the price. It allows you to edit an existing file, and draw on it, but not much else. You can\'t type in text, you\'d have to draw it in. You can change the background color, clear the page, and print, though, so there\'s that.
Christopher Stewart 2020-10-29

Pretty close to perfect. I use it as a sort of digital blackboard when I teach. The only thing I would wish for is a full screen mode. The notification & navigation bars are always showing.
bern 2021-02-19

5 stars for your latest update. A good app just got better. Thanks for continuing to make improvements to this useful app.
Frent Spilner 2020-10-01

Pretty neat simple app to draw over pictures or photos. I needed to alert my neighbors about a wandering bear and was able to draw an arrow on a map using this app.
N Bush 2021-01-28

A simple, responsive app. No multi-touch support, which is fine, Would it be hard to add a stylus-only option? My S-pen is less usable than I hoped it would be. Unlike other requests, I don\'t really care about pressure sensitivity, I just don\'t want to worry about my hand accidentally brushing up against the screen.
Charles D 2018-11-07

Very light and simple. I\'m not sure yet if their are any tools. But an idea could be line and circle tool. Or cursive effects, transparency, layers, stamp making. If you can build it, they will come.
R P 2018-11-11

It says I installed the pro version, but its not. It\'d exactly the same. Not even the name is different. I really like some of your other releases. Gallery Pro is my favourite. But it seems you put all of your effort Into two or three and dozed off on the rest.
Alexey Pakseykin 2018-11-06

It\'s excellent app for quick marks/highlights on an image/photo/screenshot to share. To get the fifth star, it needs crop/cut feature to be able to remove unwanted info.
The idiot said: 2020-07-16

This app is great for simple sketches to explain a concept to someone or to quickly take notes about dimensions etc. think of it as a pen and paper, but with an undo, new, colour and toolsize button. it can also doodle ovee other files which is great! Got a picture and want to visualize something somewhere? Just draw it in broad strokes!