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Description of Simple Expense Note

Simple Expense Note is your personal note to record your daily incomes and expenses. You can insert your new expenses or incomes in simple way.

Our features:

1. Record your daily incomes and expenses

2. Show your total daily, monthly, yearly incomes and expenses

3. Backup data in Third party Google Drive (Google Drive must be installed)

4. Export your data in .xls format (Not a backup data)

5. Easy to use

6. Working offline

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More Information Of Simple Expense Note

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.10 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:FireWood

User Reviews


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Neeraj Kumar 2019-12-01

This one is best app to keep a track of your all expenses. I have been using this app for a very long time and never came across with any issue. But there is one improvement area which i would like to suggest and hope that development team will work on that. Please add a feature to create our own custom \"Items\" and then use the same when adding an entry for expenses and later there should be another feature of summary wherein we can see total expenses under that item.
Martin Albuquerque 2019-10-02

How do I reverse data of income to expense?How to get back the data from excel hidden sheets to daily report format?Why not allow multi coloured inputs for different person for the same day inputs?Try solving these problems.
Thea Shaira Peguit 2018-12-17

I love it! I\'ve been looking for weeks for a an app that would give me the total amount I was spending per day vs the total amount I was earning. This app is wonderful! I have recommended it to my friends because I found it so useful! I don\'t do that usually but I did for this app. The only thing I would recommend is the setting up of a password before opening the app. My family borrows my phone sometimes so I want privacy. Also, a budget goal where we can input how much we have already saved up for that goal would be awesome. Best regards to the developers of this app! Awesome work!
A Google user 2019-03-11

I\'d really love to see a feature where by we type an entry name , and it shows us all the typed entries from all the months. be it twice in a month or just once! it will be so much convenient! This app is awesome!
Vistasp Dastoor 2019-03-15

Too sad. Do not have a simple \"carried forward \" and \"brought forward\" applications .
Ze Za 2019-05-31

Awesome app... I\'ll give 5 stars when they add the option to remove the annoying adds.
AF guitar play 2020-03-14

I just downloaded it last night, and im amazed..very simple yet so helpful in tracking my everyday income and expenses.just hoping that i will not encounter problem in the future, especially after updating the app..and a little bit suggestion, can you put password on it?its better to have password on every app...thanks for making this simple yet very helpful app.
Charlene Mae Alejo 2020-04-26

Very simple way of tracking your income and expenses. You can record right away since it can also be used while offline. I just hope there\'ll be an update which i can multiple accounts or profile. For example, i\'d like to record my business income and expenses in 1 profile, another one is for my salary and personal expenses.
sherif mahmoud 2020-02-02

It\'s very simple and that\'s its strongest point for, i don\'t have to go through menus and submenus to record my expenses just write the item description and the price and you\'re done, One thing i didn\'t know how to do, not sure if it\'s from me or the app, is that i wanted to edit a date for an entry but I couldn\'t, I hope this can be fixed in an update, otherwise if anybody knows please help me it\'ll great . Thanks for the developers 👍
Marhaba Tech 2020-09-04

Dear App Team, This is the one I liked and love the most. But I think, we all need something more in it. There should be Multiple user option. Because, there should be a separate set for Salary, and separate set for business. I don\'t want to mix my experiences of salary and business.. There must be a user option or something different for multiple income resources. Thanks 😊