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Description of Simple File Manager Pro

Simple File Manager Pro is a super quick & professional file and folder manager for Android devices. Use Simple File Manager to easily compress, transfer & convert media files with a few clicks. It has all of the major file manager & folder management features, including customizing the home folder and selecting favorite folders for quick access.

The file manager provides the whole pack of file manager features, including search, navigation, copy & paste, cut, delete, rename, decompress, transfer, download, organize & so on. Add, remove, or edit files, folders & apps according to your personal preferences.

With this easy data organizer, you can organize and sort your mobile by various metrics and toggle between ascending and descending or using a folder specific sorting. To get a file or folder path quickly, you can easily select it by long-pressing and copying it in the clipboard.

Simple File Manager makes entirely automates organizing your mobile files, folders, and apps to save you both time & energy. With just a few clicks, you can also check file or folder properties, which shows various fields like the size, date of the last modification, or EXIF values like the creation date, camera model at photos, etc.

This file organizer is absolutely secure, containing multiple powerful security-related functions, like password protecting hidden items, deleting, or the whole app. You can choose between using a pattern, pin, or a fingerprint to keep your data private. The fingerprint permission is needed for locking either hidden item visibility, deleting files, or the whole app. Simple File Manager works without internet access, further guaranteeing your ultimate privacy.

The File Manager can also clean up space and save your internal storage by compressing files & folders. This modern media file organizer supports fast browsing of root files, SD cards, and USB devices. File Manager also recognizes multiple file formats, including music, videos, images & documents.

Use Simple File Manager Pro to create handy desktop shortcuts for accessing your favorite items quickly. It contains a light file editor that you can use to print documents, edit them, or read easily using zoom gestures, whenever needed.

Despite called File Manager, it will help you manage & customize your files, folders & apps with just a few clicks.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

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Standalone website of Simple File Manager Pro:


Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at hello@simplemobiletools.com and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:6.12.0 Publish Date:2022-03-26 Developer:Simple Mobile Tools

User Reviews


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Christopher Robin 2020-09-29

Like all SMT apps it has few permissions and no ads. Not my only file manager, but useful as some file operations can be done without changing the file date. Navigating the file system and favourites is a bit clumsy compared to some other file managers. In some folders (not all), scrolling is jerky and unresponsive.
Ma\'ruf A 2020-04-24

The app is really good, by far i just encountered one bug. When i try to move a folder, the files that\'s in the folder can be moved successfully, but the folder that was moved is still in its origin place but empty. I have to delete that folder every time i try to move it. I would be really glad if you guys fix this. Another suggestion, i want you guys to make a new feature where we can make a couple of directory tabs so we will have a quick access to one or more different directories.
Atakan Türkay 2021-01-19

This app is so simple, fast and useful. There are no ads as promised. It\'s a lifetime app, so it\'s worth the money. But the only thing that is missing for me is a simple built-in photo viewer. I myself, as a person who uses file managers all the time to organize and view files; having hard time browsing between hundreds of photos one by one.
Usman P 2020-05-28

Great improvement on Icons. Can we now have option to see the whole file name instead of \"ellipsis\". This problem is exacerbated when choosing larger font size for file names
Queen De Galicia 2020-11-29

Truly simple and just what I was looking for. Just a little problem with the bluetooth share function: PDFs become unreadable on my laptop. The filenames are replaced with numbers and I have to rename them with .pdf extension to fix. This happened first on the free version, so I got this to check. I hope it can be improved! Image files are ok to share 👍
Jarid Faubel 2020-12-19

For 99% of things, this is perfect. Every now and then you need something a little bit more high-powered, but only if you\'re doing some serious file rearranging. For most people, I highly recommend this to be your primary file manager. Especially if you just want something that works and don\'t need bells and whistles.
Hughman Case 2020-12-16

Can\'t move or copy any files from internal to SD. I can access and view SD but copying to it from internal or moving to it from internal just displays message about how to access external storage on a next screen. Then after I press OK it goes unknown error occured.
कलविङ्क प्याक 2020-06-06

thanks for the response from developer but you should not copy a system level operation without any warning. The X-plorer app implements the hiding feature besides filesystem hidden, or you can call it \"exclude in app\", maybe it can be reference for you. I\'m a coder myself and I think it should be considered on product design.
Abrie van Wyk 2020-11-26

I\'ve been unable to install or update any of your apps (except the older, non-pro versions) for a while now, and following the advice given (clearing the Google Play cache and so on) does not help. Five-star rating otherwise. Please advise! UPDATE: Tried again and the issue seems to be fixed. Had to clear both cache AND data.
john sari 2021-02-17

Another excellent app by simple tools, although needs a tweek. When copying or moving files, it doesn\'t show the progress. 2 after highlighted file is moved, the app doesn\'t refresh automatically, file stays showing and highlighted. No folder sizes to show. No total memory used to show