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Description of Simple Mobile My Account

Manage your Simple Mobile service anywhere, at any time. Download the Simple Mobile My Account app today and never worry about how to refill again.

This app also measures the network quality during calls in your service area based on your location. This allows Simple Mobile to continually work towards improving your call reception and network quality.

Additional Features:

• Purchase Airtime

• Add Airtime with a PIN Card

• View Service End Date

• Manage your Reserve

• Enroll in Auto-Refill

• Use a Widget to check your Data Balance

• Chat with Customer Support

• Create an Account and log in

• Edit your Profile

• View Transaction history

• Manage credit cards

• Refill for a Guest

• Find nearby Dealer locations based on your current location or zip code

• Enroll in Rewards, and get rewarded for every transaction.

Not a Simple Mobile customer?

Join today! Visit www.simplemobile.com to learn more.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:R19.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:SIMPLE Mobile

User Reviews


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Anish Potter 2019-05-19

I would give 5 stars but my phone do not allow for hotspot, I\'ll add when I am able to. This service is fantastic. They have a sweet data plan and their data is Truly UNLIMITED, aka, NO THROTTLING! AMAZING!!! Their customer service is amazing and always go the extra mile. Although the service is good, their signal range.. not so much. some parts of town I get awesome data speeds and in other parts of town its poor but steady. The app is good and easy to make payments using debit/credit. Thanks.
Raul Lopez 2021-03-22

Great service but if you going to have a plan go for the $50 plan is worth it. Only get it if you don\'t have no wi-fi connection. If you have wi-fi connection get the $25, $30 or 40 plan but even if you get those plans and you out and can\'t find free wi-fi you are pretty much out of luck. The $50 plan is the way to go I love that is unlimited data yes is only 480p when watching videos but not everyone has phone that has 4k resolution I don\'t the max my phone has 1080p and I never use it.
Charles Malow 2019-09-14

The Simple Mobile app is the best user friendly application for managing my cellphone service. I\'d like to add that my Simple Mobile phone didn\'t come with a lot of unwanted pre-installed apps. Nice!
jason christian 2020-04-01

This unlimited data thing they have going on is a crock , if its free unlimited then why is my data gone and in 2 days not even hardly using it for more that an hour a day , and how does it get used when its turned off . And after your data is used up which i still dont understand seeing how its clearly says free unlimited do to the covid 19 , it runs like 2g how is that even LTE!! Took 6 minutes to load google play! To comment on it , and tech support doesent know what to do either disappointed
Felix Diaz 2019-04-25

The app is too dificult to use please update to a user friendly application and something more simple as your company name is called simple mobile beside that the service is ok it could be better please make it happen thank you.
Marc Langevin 2019-11-08

Easy to use service easy to use app pay your bill to download make calls text messages no issues at all probably have issues if you don\'t have your phone set up right I\'ve been using it for several months and love it best deal out there
Nathan Vega 2020-02-29

Not everything I expected in an Accpunt information app at all. Helpful, for the most part accurate - and even records bargains and points that you earn to help you add and use minutes and other services via your Simple Mobile account. This is the second time I\'ve been with them, and if the app keeps getting better - then the service is not as bad as people say - but then again to each there own. I\'ll stay where I get the best service so far - right here! Simple Mobile.
JoAnn Pachulski 2019-10-02

I paid for one month through the app and received a failure message and wound up having 2 months taken from my account \"so not cool\" the app needs to fixed or something or I\'ll have to go back to purchasing the re-up cards from my local Fred Meyer
Ric Gillis 2019-12-06

I Cannot ReUp My Service On This App! So, i use a perfectly good debit card, i go on this app to ATTEMPT to make a payment, the payment FAILS, now, im left battling my debit card company, to get the payment back, that they\'ve approved! Trying to call them to pay, has only led to further delays, and frustrations!
Neo Geo 2020-07-14

This service should be closer to the $20 for 10GB a month range. Outside of most major Metropolitan areas you have to rely on very slow unreliable coverage, WiFi or Verizon customers to let you use their phones connection through mobile hotspot. Also throttling a customer to 2G speeds but still letting them do sleedtests at regular LTE speeds is fairly humourous. Why? Seriously, make this an unlimited 4gLTE plan for $30 and throttle to the lower end of 4g when congested.