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Description of Simple Pharmacology

Simple Pharmacology is an app for anyone who wants to remember the basic pharmacology all the time.

It is a very simple App in design and content.

Helps you to read about classes of pharmacology.

Helps you to read about the mechanism of action of different drugs.

Helps you to know the important uses and side effects.

You will Know The Effect OF Different Drugs During Pregnancy and lactation.

You will Know The Normal Lab Levels.

You will Know The Most Important Drug-Drug Interactions.

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More Information Of Simple Pharmacology

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Mahmoud Salem Rashad

User Reviews


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Mohammed Hassan 2020-08-06

Good source for revision, need more improve in data and design, thanks alot
El Whizz 2019-12-13

Great app, any chance of including a search bar in this tool to locate specific drugs instead of going through them one by one to locate. Would make this a 5* app. Keep up the good work!
ann yeb 2020-08-15

This app is very helpful and provides more information, thanks so much to the developer
Dev Narayan Sharma 2019-10-01

Too much add in this app and add are overlap in the point
S 2019-09-21

This brilliant app explains drugs\' mechanism of action concisely. Helps me a lot. Many thanks, developer!
ten ten 2020-11-04

Unusable with the ads. Downloaded as it go good reviews, but every click a timed advert shows. Many ads cannot even be closed meaning you would have to close the app and start again. Couldn\'t even get to the point of viewing 1 pharmacology summary for a drug class due to ads. Edit: Also left it on my phone and they are displaying pro-biden political adverts. The owner of this app is a joke and need to learn to separate his emotions from professionalism
Fayyaz A Saeed 2020-12-19

Of course a priceless effort for those who related in both ends either for a doctor or a chemist\'s. Remember app needed update frequently as the world change speedily. Why people not arguing about other apps all depends on advertisement. My dear brother continue your favorable public health basic knowledge work and ignore negative attitude. God accept your efforts in favour of the community. Assalam O Alaikum.
OM PARKASH 2020-08-19

Simple and easy app nice to see this app for fast review
Abdul Bani 2020-05-14

This is quite amazing and wonderful app for education and service purposes. I love it
Wanda Murray 2018-11-06

This app would be alot better if you had a search option. Then I would give it a higher rating.