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Description of Simple Recipe Collector

Free 30 day trial.

The best recipe manager for PC is now also available on Android !


- Organize your recipes using a simple, fast and enjoyable user interface optimized for every types of Android devices (phones and tablets).

- Use the synchronization service to keep your recipe collection up to date on all your Android devices and on your Windows PC (PC version sold separately.)

- Enter your own recipes with an easy but detailed form.

- Create folders and subfolders to organize your recipes.

- Tag your recipes. The app includes hundreds of tags that you can use and customize. (Countries, preparation methods, etc.)

- Find and import recipes from the most popular web sites with the integrated search engine.

- Import recipes from the supported sites directly from your web browser.

- Plan your meals by adding recipes to the calendar.

- Create your grocery list.

- Full screen mode to use in the kitchen, with progress tracking.

- Rates your recipes, mark your favorites, distinguish the recipes you have tried from those you have yet to discover.

- Access your recipes offline, without an internet connection.

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More Information Of Simple Recipe Collector

lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:1.2G Publish Date:2021-07-10 Developer:Robert Lebel

User Reviews


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Loquacious One 2015-12-29

Looks nice! Keep improving on this and it\'s a winner. Grandfather refused to teach his family French, so would be great to use the PC version one day in English. For now it would be excellent to be able to sync between Android devices. Love that I can print out on this app! I\'ll be back in 30 days and if this is as good as it seems so far, will purchase it. Thanks for not going in the direction of subscription services, makes your app a clear cut above the competition.
Elizabeth Alcinoe 2014-12-16

The Best Recipe App I have tried quite a few recipe apps and this is by far the best. I like to keep my recipes organized and this app allows nested tags so that I can have a vegetable tag, for example, which will display all vegetable recipes, and below that tags for different types of vegetables. Simple recipe collector is also attractive, and once you have explored all the options, easy to use. It also does a great job importing from some major cooking sites (automatically) and a good job importing from many others.
Dan Careau 2019-11-06

I really enjoy using the app both on my PC and my Android tablet. I like the way it synchronizes and how easy it is to import recipies. I only wish I could print my recipies in an 8.5 X 5.5 inch format Looking forward to the updated version.
Eileen .B. Zhou 2020-06-05

Fantastic App. I love it so much. You download recipes from most sites, however it does not download on all sites. You can then copy and paste, sometimes half the recipes can be downloaded, you can then paste the remain half.
Heidi Christensen 2020-01-12

This is a great app, but lately when I try to save recipes I get an error saying that this app was made for an older version of Android and to check and see if there is an update...which there is not.
Fiona G. 2016-11-08

Tried a lot of recipe apps and just stumbled on this one. Must say I really like it - clean, sleek and fast, and no really expensive subscription to be able to synch. Recipes displayed beautifully. Suggest moving the indent/heading though, or give more options to merge, split and re-arrange lines in editing options as currently, if I want to manually correct ingredients on an imported recipe and try to merge lines by deleting back, I end up hitting the indent button rather than selecting the start of the sentence. If this app could import recipes from anywhere I\'d say it\'s the best recipe app!
A Google user 2016-06-19

Perfect! This is the perfect app for storing your favorite recipes. Tried to many to count, this one met all my needs with a reasonable one fee after a 30 day trial period. I can save my old hand written recipes, and download new ones from the Web. So simple to use, beautiful layout, and has lots of useful perks. You\'ll love.
Michel Côte 2015-08-07

Meilleure app en cuisine Très facile; fonctionalités très avantageuses comme l\'importation à partir de sites web ou de MS-Word et, la synchronisation avec l\'App sur votre téléphone
Sandra Grossman 2017-12-29

Succeeded in synchronizing my tablet and my PC on the server. This copied over and over the same four in-built recipes that I left in. I now have doubles and triples of these recipes on both my PC and my tablet. The one recipe I entered manually on the PC was not synchronized to my tablet.. This means that each time I would sync, all the recipes would become doubles and triplets and the new ones would not be copied at all. Not viable. Uninstalling.
Benjamin P 2015-04-23

Amazing app! Go on any website with recipes and it converts it perfectly into the app in a easy to read, step by step guide. Modify it as you wish (pictures or recipe itself). Thanks for doing this developer guys