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Description of Simple Time Tracker

Simple Time Tracker helps you track how much time you spend during the day on different activities. Start new activities with one click. View previous records and statistics over time. The app is free and open source. Also widgets, backups, notifications and dark mode.

Simple interface

App has a minimalistic interface that is very easy to use.


Track your activities directly from your home screen.

Works offline and respects your privacy

App doesn't require an Internet connection or account registration. Your data never leaves your phone. Neither the developers nor any third-parties have access to it.

Free and open source

There are no advertisements, inapp purchases or intrusive permissions. The complete source code is also available.

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More Information Of Simple Time Tracker

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.17 Publish Date:2022-03-13 Developer:Razeeman

User Reviews


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Dan Kwak 2021-02-17

So far - simple, straight forward and functional. Fantastic! If you can add, and you must, the option to set goals and measure time to it, I.e. work for 8 hours a day only and see if I didn\'t exceed it. Alarm if I do. Or work out for minimum 1hr a day, and track weekly, monthly review of my success. With this function, this app will be invincible.
Graham Bruski 2021-01-20

Good app, works as intended. This app is easy to understand and easy to navigate. It works really well. I have a few requests: 1) Have a search bar for the icons. There are so many icons and it is great to be able to choose a specific icon for each one, but it was a bit difficult setting everything up and searching through all of them to find a good one, I still have some blank because I couldn\'t be bothered at this point. 2) custom icon colors and arrangement. Like we can move apps onhomescreen
Rahila Mikrani 2020-10-27

It\'s the best time tracking app. It\'s easy to use and as simple as it\'s name says. I\'ve been using it for quite sometime. It easily monitors the time you spend on custom activities. I usually like reading comics in free time until few days ago I noticed that I was spending more time on comics. But with the help of this app I can easily balance my study time and recreation time. So I recommended this app to every student for effective time management. Keep up the good work creators...
Neal Wrobel 2021-01-22

Precisely what I need for day-to-day activity tracking. The fact that all that is needed is to tap the icon of the desired task and tap out when finished makes this an easy habit to stick to.
Filip P 2020-11-06

Amazingly simple and powerful time tracking tool! Exactly what I was looking for! I love the ability to edit start and end times. My only feedback would be this: I\'d love to see the dates under bar charts in the respective view of the analytics tab. So that I can not only see the trend, but also corelate it with days of the week, etc. It doesn\'t seem to be a difficult feature to implement, but would increase the usability of this view a lot! Anyways, thank you so much for this app!
Abdul Rafey Rauf 2021-01-12

Best app for time tracking. If popular it has the potential to be an official app on Android or any other OS. Simply Amazing, exactly what I was looking for.
Timothy Drew 2021-02-22

Exactly what I needed. It looks good, functions exactly as expected and with ease (and it\'s OSS!). It makes tracking my time SO much easier. The only reason for the 4 stars is that it was a little tedious searching through the icons for different tasks. It would feel much better to be able to search for icons with keywords (although that is just a nitpick, this app is truly incredible). Much Love
Raphael Maenle 2020-11-01

This is exactly the time tracker I have been looking for. It works quickly and flawlessly. And it\'s even free, and open-source. If you\'re looking for the easiest way to track time, then this is the app: - starting new timers takes less than a second - multiple timers at the same time are no problem - editing timers is quick and simple, you also see any time you haven\'t tracked which you can easily fill after the fact - all the data belongs to you - it has widgets which do exactly what they should do - you\'ve got a large selection of icons for your tasks - the UI is simple and intuitive. Thank you for creating such an amazing tool.
Miroslav Vilčák 2021-03-08

App is much better and well suited for me than i expected it to be. Problems I have are: 1. Duplicated icons for a tasks. There are multiple instances, example could be icon used in app preview for cooking task. 2. It\'s incredibly hard to find well suited icon for a task. I don\'t need 20 different icons for wifi/mobile signal etc. It just causes frustration while searching icons. Sugestion: divide them to categories, or even 1 categogory with often used icons for average user. Running, book etc.
Angela Yearian 2021-02-06

I do like the app and the simple layout. There are two issues that I have. The first being that it is only a 24-hour format and you cannot make it a 12-hour format. The second thing is that it takes time to look through all of the different symbols that you can use and it would be nice if they were a little bit more organized or if we could do a search. Other than that I really like it.