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Description of Simply Auto: Car Maintenance

★★★★★ "Best app to track all your car maintenance record and your vehicle expenses. I bought the pro version of this app. it gives me access to add multiple vehicles and sync data with multiple drivers. Cloud back -up & tax-deduction is the best feature of this app." - Utkarsh Singh

★★★★★ "Very useful car cost tracker. It is easy to use and customizable. I am able to look back in my logs and forecast upcoming car maintenance that may be due to prepare for them. Love it." - Thadya Virginia

★★★★★ "I'm still using this application. I just use it for a mileage tracker although it has more features. It was easy to transfer data from one phone to another as well." - Richard Anderson

Simply Auto is a complete car management tool that helps you track your vehicle's data for multiple vehicles and drivers. It is a simple yet effective logbook for your car.

Simply Auto is also a mileage tracker app that also provides accurate trip logs using bluetooth or GPS. It keeps business miles separate from personal ones, which lets you keep track of your mileage. And lets you maintain a mileage log which can be utilised for business tax deductions. Pro users can also access their data on our website. www.simplyauto.app.

Keeping a log of your mileage, fill-ups, trips and services will help you save money and also help you optimise your fuel economy and overall vehicle cost.

Who can use Simply Auto?

- Car lovers or enthusiast, who record, track and set reminders for their services.

- Those who want to monitor their mileage log, fuel consumption, etc.

- Small or Medium Fleet Owners.

- A family who wants to keep track of their vehicle's maintenance, fuel consumption and expenses record.

- Rideshare drivers.

- Self Employed individuals.

- Electric car/vehicle Owners

How can Simply Auto help you manage your car expenses?

- This car maintenance tracker also helps you save money by keeping track of your - mileage, services, reminders, trips and expenses.

- Capture and upload multiple receipts for fill-ups, services, and expenses at the time or later.

- Various stats and graphs are also provided to help you look for warning signs in case something's wrong with your vehicle.

How can Simply Auto help me with mileage tax deductions?

- Simply Auto can work as a fully automatic mileage tracking app which works on both GPS and Bluetooth (pro feature)

- Trips can be categorised as a business, personal or any other categories

- Business trips are recorded with distance and mileage deductions to help you during tax season

Can Simply Auto share and sync data with multiple drivers?

- Share data instantly with multiple drivers sharing vehicles

- Ability to sync with iOS devices.

How can I be sure that my data will not be lost?

- Instant backup on the cloud

- Manual data backups to Google Drive.

- All your can be exported and imported as CSV files to phone memory or Google Drive.

Besides this Simply Auto has a host of other features like:

- Schedule Automated week/monthly reports. (pro feature)

- Import directly from Fuelly (aCar) and use our import guide to import from other apps like Drivvo, Fuelio, MileIQ, etc.

- Access all your data on the web at www.simplyauto.app (pro feature)

Download Simply Auto now for free today!

Want to pass on your suggestions or help us with translations?

Please send us an email at support@simplyauto.app

By installing this car maintenance app, you agree to the following privacy policy: https://www.simplyauto.app/policy.html.

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User Reviews


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Patrick Payne 2020-10-26

I use the free version of this app and i like it a lot. I track all of my fuel and repairs here, its very helpful! I ended up buying the app on sale, and it was completely worth it. Now I have backup abilities and photos for receipts of fuel and repairs. Overall this is still a great app to track your cars history.
Konstantinos imp 2019-06-13

Useful reminders, but not very handy at all. Missing data entry options, very poor reporting options and missing info on reports. Cannot serve as a digital service log book. Also, Greek fonts not supported in reports.
Ken - Gabo - White Lightening Sx 2020-06-06

Easy well laid out, effective car data tracker !!! With a host of useful functions in the free version I decided to upgrade and purchase the pro. This app tracks EVERYTHING you need, oil changes, mpg, how much you\'ve spent per mile on repairs, keeps all receipts stored for taxes, I mean it literally is by far the best auto maintenance, data logger app out here and being so easy to use. Then when you need to you can download all your maintenance records. I\'m hooked use it on all my cars.
Eric Davelaar 2019-12-07

Nice and easy to use allows you to add custom items other than the basics that you 2ant to keep track of (for example, tire size, insurance policy number etc). The only minor annoyance is a \'Sync Error\' message on my phone after I update using my tablet - even when the data is synched. Other than that I am very satisfied.
Melvin Pang 2020-02-27

Best Car log app I have ever used. Lots of customization to select which stats to display and track. Easy to use. Love the feature which let me take photos for every refueling and servicing etc. Not expensive to pay for pro version which last forever instead of some yearly subscription unless u want to use the app to track trips then need to pay subscriptions. I only own 1 personal car so I opt for the 1 time payment.
Sofric Goran 2020-09-23

Has potential, but missing odometer reading when you first start the app. You have to wait from first fill up to the next one, to get accurate readings and reminders. It should give you the option to enter odometer reading and then add all due services and reminders. The way it is, I have to make up the odometer reading for the last service to get it working.
Taylor Sellers 2019-09-22

I drive a 2001 focus so it\'s kind of old. my car doesn\'t have a fancy computer system that tells me when my next oil change is, when I need to do my timing belt, or even my average fuel consumption. This app allows me to keep up on my maintenance (which you can program mileage and/or time intervals) and that is why I downloaded it. It\'s definitely worth the $4.99 one time payment for the gold plan. I recommend this app to all my friends who have older vehicles. Great job Simply Auto!
sllim ador 2020-12-21

Only a couple months so far with the app but I like it. The tracking of fuel fill-ups is intuative and easy. The option to add a service is nice but takes a bit to follow. Good thing I can edit a previous entry. I can track my fuel, oil changes, tire service, and even the things I do myself, such as tire pressure, and rad or ww fluid top-ups. In the free edition, the ads are not bothersome. I\'m considering buying the lifetime version.
JJ Rico 2020-03-04

I like the functionality and the reminder alert. In order to get a 5 star rating this app should change the ability to view the last entry with the associated details, such as oil info and oil filter model used from the previous detail/comment section. This would be helpful when searching for the replacement parts that come up in reminders. Besides that I am happy tracking all my vehicles maintenance here.
Brett Hakala 2020-08-20

I use this app for all of my service after we bought a brand new 2020 Outback. Loving it for this. No complaints right now. my wife and I can use the app together and both of our phones get updated with the services and filll ups that the other one records for the car. It works flawlessly. that way both of us can be alerted when service is needed so either one of us can take care of it at any time. I recommend this app to all of my friends. And no this is not a review that anyone asked me to do.