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Simurelay is a simulator to help you design electromechanical systems. It allows to make many electrical diagrams by using the available basic components such as relays, switches, buttons, contactors, timers, motors...

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Mordia Studio

User Reviews


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patrick Adjei 2020-08-03

The app is excellent. I bought the premium version just after I designed a direct-on-line starter with it. The premium version gave me more components for complex circuits using timers. I recommend adding description of the components to optimize the selection of components for any design. I support your innovation and will keep checking for updates. If I have to pay for significant update, I will to support your effort. Good job.
Matthew Graffin 2020-11-21

Well done, great app. Would love to see more functions, in particular latching relays (dual coil). Would also be good to have symbols for digital input sensors such as photoelectic, reed switches, flow switch, proximity sensors, dry run protection, level switches etc.
Marvin Añora 2020-12-15

Auxiliary contacts and contactor itself not initiating when it charge and i cannot save more than one program i made...nice app but needs more improvements to execute the program. I have already reinstalled twice but still the same situation. I have already purchased a premium but the program still not executing especially the auxiliary contacts and contactor Please guide me how to make it work.
Abu Hasan-Mian Saeed Official 2021-01-20

First of all you did good job There are some points I have noticed 1- 3 phase terminal points are wrong as per standard L1,L2,L3 but your are showin L3,L2,L1 and when is connected with breaker or contractors it\'s looking wrong 2- you have to create a option for wire Markers/Labels or Numbers, create or convert in pdf or jpg and share option. 4-rely/contractor NO /NC contacts more than 2 are sam numbers If you do this then app looks more better,I\'ll buy soon the paid version In-Sha-Allah
Rasim Nabiyev 2021-01-31

This app is awsome. Purchased it after the first look. Please dont stop the project. There is so much to add in here guys. I will recommend it to all my workers. Some idea to export project as *.dwg , *.pdf files. Share the project. And.. you added the thermorelay ( F )but you did not add the coil ( KF ) for it, so i cann not add the NO and NC contacts to it. The app is perfect. I already recommended it to many and will recomend again to all the guys working in automation.
Myo Lay 2020-08-24

It\'s the best application for engineering students who are motor control and others.I very strongly recommended this app to use and the explanation that are described how to use relay or others are so clear to understand for everyone.
Joseph Barid 2020-09-04

I like this app...many thanks to the developer...though there are some things that should be made to improve this like link of switch on KM and option on editing values on terminals and components...but over all..i find the love on this app...
Tonderai Nyanyiwa 2020-08-23

This app is very helpful for electrical engineering students. Just need to add timers as well.
awais khan 2020-05-29

i need overload relay timing relay Or more features..
mc.swanhtet 02 2020-09-25

We need all function ,especially timing modes.