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Description of Singpass

Log in within seconds using your fingerprint, face or 6-digit passcode!


• View your information from government sources in one place

With the improved Singpass Myinfo Profile, you can customise the information you want to view on the app. Choose from your CPF account information, HDB property details, passport expiry date, and more.

• Say goodbye to long passwords

With QR login, you can skip entering your Singpass ID and password. Just scan or tap the QR code to launch the app, verify your identity, and you’re in! You can also visit popular digital services directly from the app through the Login Shortcuts.

• Transact securely on the go

Working or staying overseas? Enjoy greater mobility when you use the Singpass app. You no longer need to wait for an SMS OTP to access digital services.


DIGITAL SIGNING: Sign documents and contracts easily and securely with your Singpass app, removing the need for physical presence and paper-based signing.

INBOX: Receive government notifications through the Singpass app inbox.

VERIFY: Verify your identity in-person securely, with QR scanning.


All you need is a smartphone, internet connection, and a registered Singpass account.

• Step 1: Install the Singpass app.

• Step 2: Complete a one-time set up.

• Step 3: Your trusted digital identity is now ready for use! You can access digital services via the Singpass app using your fingerprint, face or 6-digit passcode – it’s that simple!


We want to hear from you! For feedback or questions, please email us at support@singpass.gov.sg.

Note: The Singpass app can only be installed on one device at a time.

This application is brought to you by the Government Technology Agency.


The following requirements are recommended for an optimised user experience:

• Minimum Android version 6

• At least 100MB storage space

• Google Play services installed


If you’re encountering a “request expired” prompt, try setting your device to use “Automatic Date & Time” or “Automatic Timezone”. The exact name may differ according to your device, and can be found in your device settings.

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More Information Of Singpass

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:14.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Government Technology Agency

User Reviews


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Shahril Bin Sani 2020-07-22

Useful but needs to be better. Sometimes after checking in to a place I go back in to check out and the place is gone. I have to tap on check in, go back and then it appears. Also, it usually doesn\'t seem to detect train stations but will show the shopping center. How? Why? They\'re interconnected. Shouldn\'t BOTH show up together? How la like that? But still useful. Just need those above tweaked for a better app.
Qingwei Lee 2020-07-27

The app was very useful for performing SafeEntry check-ins without scanning QR code, especially because this is on a non-camera phone. But today, it crashed after performing a SafeEntry checkout, and simply display an \"Error, oops something went wrong\" message on start up. Uninstalling and re-installing gives the same error message on start up. Edit: App started working again and great for SafeEntry, although the potential long unavailability after crashes can be worrying.
M. Nurhaikal 2020-12-09

When it works, it works great. But there are plenty of times it just wouldn\'t work properly, making me unable to access apps or sites that require SingPass to login. After authenticating, the page will load indefinitely or throw out some error. This happens to pretty much every sitethat requires SingPass login. The other features of the app itself is good though. So that\'s the only saving grace.
Jing Wen 2020-07-13

This isnt so much an issue with the app as it is with singpass itself. I swear to god EVERY SINGLE TIME i log in i have to reset my password. Last night i logged in and reset my password. I WROTE IT DOWN. Today i downloaded this app and used the password. It says incorrect. I went to reset again and they told me my new password cannot be the same as my previous password. What even.
ninniepotato 2020-07-13

Update: App was working fine until today, completely not detecting my location and doesn\'t even let me type in the place where I\'m checking in. It was convenient before, as I check in and out of a few places regularly due to work location and I used the \"favourite\" feature. Now CANNOT even use?? Then no point in using this to check in and out when it\'s a COMPULSORY procedure for my workplace. __ Previously had issues with checking out.
Samantha D\'Cotta 2020-09-30

At times, the safe entry check in list is totally empty even after refreshing. When that happens, I find i have to restart my phone for the app to function properly. Other than that, when it works, it works great. Love the new feature where I can favorite places. Hope to see more improvements.
Diego Garcia 2019-08-08

Asking for storage permission to \"save an identifier\" makes no sense: every Android app has access to enough secure storage for that purpose, without requesting for more. Allowing \"drawing over other apps\" is a security risk. This app wants the permission to \"alert of potential threats,\" and won\'t start without it. I don\'t see the sense in it, and don\'t trust it. This is training people to think giving these permissions is acceptable.
Lay Beng Toh 2021-03-08

The recent updates renders the Singpass App useless. Firstly, the App icon totally doesn\'t identify itself as Singpass which makes it difficult for users to search for it amongst the various Apps in our mobile phone. Secondly when used in conjunction with other Apps, the QR code doesn\'t appear in the middle of the mobile screen for users to tap. Instead it appears on the extreme right edge of the mobile screen which makes it impossible to tap . Hence, it became useless. It is very frustrating!
Wai Yee WONG 2021-01-07

Very unstable and useless. Cannot load up the app again!! It happens so often it\'s frustrating. It worked fine 2-3 weeks ago, but from yesterday till today, it failed again. How to login to other government sites without this?! 😤 Tried uninstalling and re-installing the app few times, accessing with or without Wi-Fi, still doesn\'t work!! I will uninstall the app for good!!!
BTG 2020-10-30

Poorly coded app. Using it to log into anything requiring Singpass or for safe entry even for a short while results in the phone frequently warning of heavy battery drain. What is this app really doing while phoning home?