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Description of Sins Raid - 3D Fantasy ARPG

Incredibly Innovative ARPG! 👍👍👍

Begin your journey as the Heroes of Light!

The Ultimate RPG Experience

Sins Raid brings back the boss fights, the MMO Holy Trinity class archetypes and the co-op raids of your favorite titles, transforming them into the ultimate mobile MMORPG experience. Take command of your Heroes and battle the evil that plagues the land of Sins Raid.

Can you stand the might of the Seven Sins?

Key Features

[Creative Character Design and customization]

An RPG is only as good as the characters you play! Select from an amalgamation of carefully designed heroes with powerful unique skill sets, complete with character style, team role, lore, and everything. Customize them with skins and runes of your choosing to create your very own team.

[Diverse Combat System]

Breaking the shackles of horizontal turn-based combat, Sins Raid offers a whole new 3D mobile battle experience in real-time. No two boss fights are the same and must be countered by following specific instructions, some even interacting with the environment! Strategic thinking, quick fingers and a creative mind for improvisation are all demanded to triumph over the Seven Sins.

[Intuitive Control Scheme]

Ever thought you could control multiple characters in your team at once?

Utilizing a 3D control mechanic that just makes sense for the mobile platform, Sins Raid perfectly translates the thrilling experience of pc/console gameplay onto your phone. Perform difficult maneuvers such as dodging boss skills or unleash powerful skill combinations in an instant, while truly experiencing raids on your fingertips!

[All for One, One for All]

This is a game where both multiplayer and single-player coexists. No social pressure, play it solo, co-op with friends, or join a Guild to meet players worldwide. This is your game, your playstyle. Play however you want, with whoever you want.

Now, let the real challenge begin!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinsRaid/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinsraid

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinsRaid

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/sinsraid/

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.9.1 Publish Date:2021-08-19 Developer:ALL9FUN LIMITED

User Reviews


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Sharisse Barens 2020-02-16

It\'s true that this game is viable for both P2W and F2P, but you must have the correct mindset going into either. For P2W players, it\'s pretty straight-forward, but still, you should be calculating the best purchases that offer the most per value. In my experience, that would be the long term offers, such as Subscription Cards or Growth Packs. They dilute a huge amount of resources into a long span of days, so what you should be doing is saving gems, using them only on things you really need, such as stamina or the once in a while Echelon Stones. For F2P players, that is even more so the case! Saving gems is a must, using them only when you actually need it. Rushing progress has no real merits, as you\'ll just hit the bottleneck later on. So you might as well get used to progressing a little each day. That way when the Limited-Time Summon Events come out, you\'ll be guaranteed to get the hero.
Jessica 2020-03-06

I really enjoy playing this game, so much that I would be spending money on it, however... It crashes and freezes up constantly and not always during a fight, sometimes while doing upgrades or chatting, doesn\'t matter what it is, it just freezes up or crashes. Disappointed because I really like the game. I hope it\'s fixed soon. Side note, it\'s not my ram, I checked that and I have more than enough to run this game.
Wortham Stains 2020-02-15

I\'ve been playing for months - haven\'t spent a nickel. I play a little bit every day as I unwind. Very simple game to play. You can rack up enough gems to progress nicely and upgrade frequently. I\'ve read some of the negative comments and they make me wonder what game they are playing. The infrequent, but timely upgrades haven\'t been a problem for me at all. One of the best free games I\'ve ever played.
Kou Xiong 2020-02-25

Poor multiplay execution. When you try to complete your co-op missions, after spending 10-40 minutes to form a group, you or someone in your group will freeze or crash, ending the raid right there and then. The subject gets ignored by the devs, when it\'s brought up, you get a BS answer and the devs hope you forget about it. IT\'S AN ISSUE! It\'s not my phone or my Android version or app version, EVERYONE IS EXPERIENCING IT! Been playing since NA launch and I\'ve put good money into it but I\'m done.
Seventh Hammer 2020-02-04

Massive Pay to Win options right from the start. Beta servers not wiped so even though it\'s a new launch, there are players you will never catch. Cross server events with Beta testers and no wipe + thousands of dollars worth of buying options by level 12 is a huge red flag. Would have been a one star but I actually enjoyed the game up until seeing those two things.
Its SycoDelic 2020-06-09

Game went down hill. just another money pit clone now.
Thotality 2020-03-19

This game is fun and can keep you busy, however I\'m editing my review from how far I\'ve gotten in my weeks of playing. My issue is the amount of copies of a hero you will need is oh so high, at first it\'ll feel like nothing but at purple 3 stars you\'ll see it\'s going to be difficult without spending. Also today\'s event is so greedy the pack is $99 for 1 SS hero oof! You\'ll need like 10 copies of the same hero to level it up, good luck!
Ricardo 2020-02-14

A good game even though pay to win, but three stars because online matchmaking functions do not work. I always get \"Battle connection failed\" when my wifi and data both work. I assume it has to do with your bad servers. Fix this issue and my rating will be higher. UPDATE: Gems are easy to lose. Paid content should always have a \"confirm spend curency\" function. I accidentally spent most of my gems on something via miss tap, and lost it all cause there was no confirm popup. Fix this! I wasted $!
Thy Moultrie 2020-02-15

I keep seeing people saying that the game\'s graphics are old and out-dated, but ACKCHYUALLY, what they mean is the \"Art Style\", which is really subjective mind you! The game\'s graphics are perfectly fine, in fact it might be on the better side, especially if you\'re playing on mobile and not on an emulator. The skill animations and character SFXs are no problem and feel easily tied to the gameplay. If the art style isn\'t your cup of tea, fine, but don\'t go around blaming it on the \"graphics\"!
Magnus Jakobsen 2020-02-24

I get the feeling that a lot of people don\'t see how good this game is because they don\'t understand \"how\" to play these types of games. It\'s important to have a correct mindset, which is not to squander gems on just pulling out cards! Use some daily only on necessities for progress, like stamina or coins, maybe even some echelon stones. Apart from these, SAVE THOSE GEMS!!! For what you might ask? For events such as the Limited Summoning, or for when that one golden gear appears! You can tell if a game is P2W if there are no other ways of obtaining SS heroes, or the most valuable resources in game. The Hero token exchange, soul shards, free SS hero rewards, and Collection systems all suggest otherwise! Stop trying to rush progress and get used to aggregating resources and progress little by little, day by day. If you can\'t stand it, then this game isn\'t for you, but that doesn\'t mean the game is bad in its own genre!