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Description of Sintelly: Psychology & Emotion

Emotional intelligence and psychology merged into Sintelly to offer you the opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills. Take an eq test or iq test to improve your emotional intelligence and find articles, quizzes (alongside with iq & eq tests) or discussions that can help you with depression also improve your cognitive intelligence. Expand your education, stay motivated and work on your self improvement and intelligence as you explore our world of free knowledge with this educational psychological app!

Short and easy-to-read articles. All our articles are presented to you in a simple, practical and easy-to-read format. We make it easy for you to develop interests in emotional intelligence, psychology, education or science – all of which will make you more intelligent and prepare you to do anything you put your mind to. Whether you are an amateur or a psychologist, embarking on a journey to feed your curiosity, successfully handle emotion or cope with depression while building up your education has never been more exciting and interesting!

Relevant content. If you choose your favorite categories we will deliver knowledge only on the topics that interest you – depression, psychology, intelligence or technology. No clutter, only relevant and inspiring articles for increasing your education, enhancing emotional intelligence and bolstering self improvement in different areas, both personally and professionally.

Personalized experience. Choose topics that interest you (like emotional intelligence, personal improvement, psychology & more) and then just use the app at your convenience. As you save articles, examine eq tests and take entertaining quizzes or join discussions we select the best content to show you every day, to always keep you motivated and curious. You don’t have to be a psychologist or a scientist to track the progress you made by taking various quizzes (including iq & eq tests) and by reading self improvement articles.

Systemized knowledge. You can bookmark articles and other content (on topics like personal improvement, emotion, depression or history) in your own personal profile and have easy access to important facts, quotes, quizzes, discussions and ideas that matter to you. Navigate easily through the content, search and filter relevant articles, quizzes or discussions and go through what you have already read or solved and monitor the progress made effortlessly. Made for educators, psychologists and amateurs alike.

Share your wisdom. Share your emotions, expertise and insights with other users or simply exchange ideas and discuss material found elsewhere to build up your education with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you are a researcher, scientist, psychologist or simply an enthusiast – you can share your knowledge on any topic, from intelligence to geography – by writing new articles, quizzes and discussions on the go.

Join thousands of satisfied users and educate yourself to become a better, smarter you – download Sintelly and wise up today!

We appreciate your feedback, ideas and thoughts about anything that can improve our app. Give us a shout at support@sintelly.com.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Sintelly

User Reviews


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Adebola Akinbisola 2019-06-24

This is an awesome App, I have had it for up to 8 months now and no day have i regretted it. One of my favorite part is the daily quote that I get. But I wish there could be a section/option I can refer to, to get all the daily quotes that comes up cause ones the daily quote comes up it automatically deletes.
A Google user 2018-11-29

Good app, but the tests present multiple choice answers to choose regarding a statement - but it does not show the statement, meaning you\'re forced to guess what the statement was?? Maybe a Samsung Android glitch? - will delete app if not fixed.
Austin Prince 2019-09-11

Cool idea, but the UI evidences that the app designers don\'t always practice what they preach: no night mode despite research suggesting the circadian disruption of blue light at night
Erin Ahern 2019-08-17

i love the app. i like all the little test and the way it tells you insight to ur own personality and psychology pattern of neuro pathways of how one thinks. pretty kool info!! i LOVE the ability to chat w people who share same interests and the quotes too. thanks for creating such a great interactive learning and sharing app! SHARING IS CARING!!
Allison Hare 2019-10-10

Rarely do I rate an app, but I am very pleased with the app and it\'s entirety. Have been having some self realizations and been doing self evaluating. I REALLY am enjoying learning more about myself and ways to keep my mind and life more balanced. I\'m SOOO close to entering my flow. I feel it. BIG thank you to whoever has involvement within this app. Seriously, Thank you so much. MUCH LOVE, Satisfied installer/daily visitor P
Shirlee / Shirl Ginley Morton 2020-07-14

UPDATE: Every day I get notifications from the app., when the content of the article is something I\'d be interested in, I read the entire article and take notes. Self-improvement, interpersonal relationships, improving your life, creativity and psychology are the most significant for me. The tests/quizzes on this site relevant for anyone interested in learning, they\'re a favorite part of this app. Love to learn about all of the information in this app... thank you for helping myself and others.
GenericAssUsername 2018-10-20

This app has excellent information. Unfortunately, I find apps with compulsory ads to be nearly unusable. I would also like to see an option to unlock the two locked categories without reading other things. It assumes that everyone is going in with basic knowledge. I would give the app five stars if there were an in app purchase to remove ads.
A Google user 2019-01-06

REFRESHINGLY INTERESTING !! I love to learn true, factual information that can,(and does)help you in everyday situations. it\'s refreshing to see an app that truly teaches you, not only how to learn more efficiently, but also how to use what you\'ve learned to read people,and situations, to get and stay a step ahead, the old fashioned way. I\'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT\" COMMON SENSE IS A FLOWER THAT DOESN\'T GROW IN EVERYONE\'S GARDEN.\" Well now you can cultivate it yourself. lol thank you for caring
john hembrom 2019-08-01

Very nice app to understand own personality and improvement of self behaviour. I have installed this 3 days ago and I\'m seeing +ve changes in myself. Thank you so much devs. I have one REQUEST kindly add the HIGHLIGHT feature to mark important KEYWORDS in d articles. It will be easy to Revise and instill in d subconscious mind. Thank you once again For making this great app.
Michèle W 2020-04-18

I love this app since I\'ve finally made myself familiar with how it works. I enjoy mind acrobatics and insightful words on interesting topics, which I find every day on this one. The only suggestion I\'d make is more proof reading of the articles published because I have found some of the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors to be very distracting For instance, I don\'t think an article should begin with \"Hey guys\" or contain misspellings that make words unrecognizable. I still love it tho!