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Description of Skeletal Anatomy 3D

An amazing 3d exploration into the skeletal system. Test your knowledge of 140 bones and landmarks with our Speed Quiz in 3D (with audio), or expand your knowledge with the reference section, nine 3D models, 12 Diagrams, hundreds of images of real bones, plus video that discusses the skeletal system.

SPEED QUIZ 3D: Featuring 140 bones and landmark locations, plus an audio option that speaks the correct pronunciation of each structure as the quiz progresses. The quiz is randomized, and you can choose from a half quiz (70 questions), the full quiz (140 questions), or practice mode where you practice 10 questions at a time on an area you need help with.

REFERENCE MODE: Choose the structure that you want to see, then view written comments, listen to the correct pronunciation, view diagrams of the structure, and see it rotating in 3D that you control, plus images of the real bone!

DIAGRAMS: 12 pages covering the entire body. Each diagram is high resolution and can be zoomed in for detail.

3D MODELS: Nine 3D models which you control. Each model has stops along the rotation that are labeled, so you can get a better sense of what you are viewing. Includes the ankle, wrist, cranium, torso, elbow, knee, vertebrae, pelvis and sacrum.

VIDEO: Learn the basics of the skeletal system in this high quality 10-minute video.

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More Information Of Skeletal Anatomy 3D

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.0.2 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Real Bodywork

User Reviews


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Erin Leach 2019-03-05

I really like the app but the quiz is buggy and needs fixed.
Crystal heavner 2020-03-13

It\'s ok. Not the best app I have used. But still works for separating the cranial bones
Charles Dockham 2014-10-29

I really like this app. I really like this app. I think it is a great learning tool. I was just wondering, and I don\'t know if you will end up reading this or not, but could you expand the quiz portion? I know that there is much more to the skull to learn such as the sutures and the cavity inside the skull as well as all the landmarks on the bones. Past that I loved it.
Phuong Tranthithu 2019-07-14

very bad
Scott Beharrell Bono 2014-04-11

Great data but buggy and slow When working, this app is golden, but opening an other page take ages and sometimes just brings me back to the phone desktop. Crashed. So 3/5. Keep up the great work lads, your so close to the 5 stars!
Sierra Walker 2017-10-20

Really helpful for my anatomy class, but the quiz is a bit buggy. You can tap the right thing and it\'ll still count it wrong. Also, expanding the list of bone markings available instead of just repeating the same bones would be really nice. Overall though it is helpful!
Folake Nkenchor 2017-06-07

It is a useful learning aid to boost your memory on anatomy.
Minh Huy 2014-03-27

Great reference app Must have
Deanna DiNardo 2014-04-28

Expected more More diagrams with better detail would improve this app. Having actual labels radiographs would be great!
Claire\'s adventure 2016-09-15