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Description of Sketch Camera - photo editor

One of the most impressive camera applications and is absolutely free! Apply cool and artistic effects to new or existing photos. Transform your photos to sketches, cartoon, oil paintings, pencil drawings and a lot more. See a "different world" through the lenses of your camera.


- Apply sketch effects to the photos in your gallery

- Apply real time effects and take photos with your camera

- Use back and front cameras of your phone

- Pinch to zoom

- You can choose from many impressive effects

- Save images or take a photo quickly by a single touch of a button

- Supports auto focus (tap anywhere on the screen)

- Share photos with your friends

- many different effects cartoon, sketch, oil painting, pencil, manga, charcoal etc

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:1.33 Publish Date:2021-12-15 Developer:Pixelab

User Reviews


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Neil Barnes 2019-02-28

If you want your privacy invaded and things like uour credit card details taken and on sold, this is the application for you. Just look at the privacy statement. You wouldn\'t believe it, plus the application is nowhere near as good as the illustration they sucker you in with. DON\'T DOWNLOAD THIS PRIVACY INVADER.
Roberto Calas 2018-09-29

Awful, awful ads. Every time you do something in this app, you have to close an ad. Sometimes they are video ads that you can\'t close and have to sit through. And some of the ads use deceptive close buttons that don\'t close the app, but rather take you to their website. Amusing app, but *so* not worth it because of the obnoxious ads.
Eric S 2020-10-13

This is a great app. It does beautiful work. It\'s free and easy. My only issue is that when I download new photos to my phone, that folder isn\'t connected to the app. I\'m not sure if that is an issue with Samsung or the app. But if there were a way to easily download a picture to my phone and upload it into Sketch Camera that would be awesome.
J\'aime O\'Neill 2020-09-07

I have to admit, I really thought this was gonna be gimmicky when I downloaded it, and that I\'d be bombarded with ads and pushes to buy the full package. I\'m happy to say that I was wrong. The quality is great, the options are very fair for it to be free, and the ads are short and sparse. Well done.
Emily Gordon 2020-08-26

The thing is great that has multiple options for filters it\'s very simple to understand I love it I\'ve been using it a lot you can take pictures from the apps and videos or you can take pictures that have already have taken and put them through filters I haven\'t tried taking videos and putting them to filters yet but I\'m sure you can and the apps free so nothing better than a very good free app
El garbanzo Pelado 2019-05-12

only use my camera for work, to take pictures of merchandise, shipping labels, and any issues in the warehouse. This all is for the exclusive use of taking dog pictures and it makes my boy look even better than he usually does. Never used this for selfies because I never take any and don\'t plan to start to, but if you do, you will definitely find this app satisfactory
Rosie Barkauskas 2020-08-10

I love this app! So much fun using the different settings and so easy to use. Creates all kinds of sketches that are really high quality. I have been playing with it since I installed it. Many thanks to the developer!
bringsugamichaelback tanmanandmatjustarntthesame 2020-01-19

It works well. I use it for my etch a sketch. I tur n the picture into a drawing and draw the lines i see. The phone is the perfect size for my full sized etch a sketch. I don\'t have to worry about proportions. I just trace phone size and go from there!
Robert Barnes 2019-04-12

I installed it, but after reading Neil Barnes\' review (“most helpful negative review\"), I\'m uninstalling it. Read the privacy statement. The developer retains an excessively generous and easily abusable list of rights and perks. Thank you, but no.
Maddie P 2020-04-27

Used to enjoy. Now invasive ads across the top of my photo I\'m trying to work on. Annoying. Deleting APP. Not worth it any more. Will find something less AD-CENTRIC.