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Description of Skit Premium - apps manager

Skit is the simplest and most intuitive apps manager for your device. Skit opens up many possibilities for you, which includes uninstalling or extracting apps, easily viewing all app's components, and more!

Full control

Extract your apps in .APK and .APKS (Split APKs) formats and send them to your friends in any way you prefer. You can also uninstall any user apps without any problems.

It's all about the details

Skit provides a wealth of details about all user and system apps. A huge amount of detailed information, starting from the installation date and ending with a detailed report of apps memory usage.

App's hierarchy

Find out how any selected app works from the inside. The list of activities, manifest, providers, broadcasts events, services, used permissions, and even the details of the app's signature certificate are in your hands.

Even more features with the "Premium"

"Premium" users will have access to even more features, such as:

• Deep interface customization, including changing colors and themes;

• Apps usage reports to determine the amount of time spent in each app and the amount of data it consumes;

• Detailed statistics for all apps;

• Deletion and extraction of multiple apps;

• Analyzer of external apps using .APK files.

FAQ and localization

Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page: https://pavelrekun.dev/skit/faq/

Want to help in Skit localization? Visit this page: https://crowdin.com/project/skit

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.4.1 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:Pavel Rekun

User Reviews


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Michael Binford 2019-08-06

This is the cleanest, most beautiful application manager I have ever used. Although the app seems to be in its early stages (though still very functional/useful!), the developer has assured me that he is working on rolling out more features for the app in future updates... Very excited to see this app grow as it is an awesome application manager. Love it!
Justin Cram 2019-07-11

Edit#2 it finally loaded wow! looks nice like the dark theme will update soon. Edit#1: Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB edition running - Android version 8x Samsung Experience 8x doesn\'t run, or at least it won\'t run on the phone with over 2800+ apps installed. The moment that I requested access to local files and photos etc. file access for memory reading it just went to a black screen it\'s been over five minutes and still hasn\'t come back.
Robert N 2020-07-23

I\'m getting tons of useful information about my apps so Ive upgraded. I\'m still hoping to solve one of life\'s mysteries on my Samsung with latest Android, derived from inability to identify some of the apps displayed at the top of my screen as operating. Some are persistent and their logos seem inscrutable. I\'ve used the list creation feature and am going thru it again, one by one, to identify these persistent apps or vpns better. Any chance of another simple tool to assist?
Pankaj Khatak 2020-05-02

thanks for making this wonderful app. just purchased premium version. can u add the some auto functions like making backup list of apps and sending it to designated gmail.
Ian G 2020-01-14

Great app - but would be even better if it had an option to select all apps for extraction.
BebéTechManiac 2018 2021-01-26

Very nice update, the app usage new feature is very appreciated. Very nice app, information of the apps is helpful and easy way to get the Play Store information for the apps, shortcut to Play Store for the apps. Has also a nice backup feature.
Nathan Rimolde 2020-03-06

I love this app an use it quite a bit. Any chance of getting an app freezing (disabling) function for us rooted users? That would really be handy.
Alex S 2019-04-24

Best app manager by far. Beautiful UI and the dev is very responsive and takes requests/bug reports very well.
Morton Fox 2020-02-27

My phone has a lot of installed apps, so Skit takes a very long time to gather app info and while it is doing that, it displays nothing and I can do nothing with the app. Other apps with similar functionality, such as App Manager and Titanium Backup, do that in the background and can display a portion of the app list almost immediately. So this is where Skit is at a big disadvantage.
George Koribanic 2020-12-09

This is an amazing app! I have Castro premium as well and don\'t believe I could make do without both of them installed on my phone! If you\'re thinking about it still, just buy it, you won\'t regret it!