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Description of Skrill - Fast, secure online payments

With Skrill, online money transactions are easy, secure, fast, and cheap.

The app empowers you to make online payments and send money to a friend or relative.

• Transfer money to India, United Kingdom, France, and more than 180 other countries across the globe; 

• Load funds to your account via ACH, credit or debit card, bank transfer, and other global payment methods; 

• Get a Skrill VISA® Prepaid Card to withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs around the world or make payments everywhere Visa is accepted;

• Comfortably send money to another Skrill member or just an email address;

• Withdraw to your personal bank account;

• Pay online to a number of sites and services;

• Check your balance and access your money wherever you are 24/7;

• Receive real-time notifications for your transactions;

• Enjoy quick and friendly customer support

Trusted by millions of people worldwide to make global payments simple, safe, and quick.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.85.0-2022051113 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Paysafe

User Reviews


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Lauren Amy Paulse 2019-12-18

Terrible experience with this app. I transferred money from my Mastercard into this app. When I wanted to withdraw the money, it said that it can only be withdrawn from a Visa card. I added a Visa card, but it still gave me an error message. I emailed, but no help at all. After trying to get my money back for more than a week, I eventually I had to convert from USD to Rands and lost some of the money I added due to conversion and transaction fees. I do not recommend this app.
Mariano C. 2019-04-21

I\'ve been using Skrill for years and never had any major issues with them. The app is good and works fine but I\'m giving it only 4 stars because when i do a transaction with the prepaid card in a currency different than mine i can\'t see the original amount, only the amount in my currency. Same with the website, it\'s not a big problem but it\'s information that i would like to see displayed and shouldn\'t be difficult to do.
Haider Khan 2020-02-17

Awful opening experience. Account immediately restricted on depositing. Only after they lock on your money do they tell you they will not release it until after the account is verified. So after they have your money, they won\'t release it and I can\'t make any use of it until after they process verification documents. Had they made this clear I would never have opened an account, nor made a deposit. I will refer this practice to the FCA as it is deceitful.
Milan Yovchev 2020-03-14

The worse support ever. If your account is limited, restricted or blocked, you cannot restore your account. I have called, I have wrote emails, but no progress at all. Beside that if you are using app, mandatory this should be allowed after login into web portal. I hope so that I will receive my account back within one or two months.
Angel Machado Bernal 2020-12-03

The worst experience! I made my first deposit one month ago and it hasn\'t been credited yet!!! To top it all off, I haven\'t heard from customer service for the last two weeks!!! Fortunately, it was a small deposit to see how convenient/effective it is. I can\'t imagine what it could have been for me hat it been a big amount! The worst! The only good thing out of it, I have found other much cheaper -AND RELIABLE- ways to send my remittances. Thank you, Skr-ILL!
Rvnthovse Music 2021-01-13

A SCAM!! My account is \"verified\" but still, withdrawing money from this thing is impossible. The way the system is structure, you are not allowed to withdraw anything. The minimum withdrawal amount is greater than the maximum withdrawal amount, so it does not matter what you type, you are not getting your money. DO NOT BOTHER and DO NOT BOTHER EMAILING them, you will be ignored. I will write this review everyday till they give me my money. I will go to all review sites. Dont worry I have time.
Josh Lyons 2020-06-04

This app is awful. I\'ve been trying to transfer $25 into it for at least 3 weeks and since the money finally reached the account they put a restriction on it and it takes at least 2 days to respond to requests. Unfortunately, you may have no choice but to use this app...But just be prepared to encounter numerous issues before you\'re ever able to even use it. One of the worst financial wallet apps, if not the worst, I\'ve ever used.
LoveLi LoveLi 2020-02-27

Please beware I liked the option for the prepaid card; however, my bank sent the funds to them 2 days after I made the deposit. By the 5th day, I sent an inquiry, suddenly I recrived an email saying that my Skrill wallet was updated with the funds. Can you guess my next statement? No funds updated! I am going to have to contact my bank for a refund. After that im closing the account. And dont waste your time with the customer service number because it doesnt work. Truly disappointed.
Johanna Tekoniemi 2020-07-14

I haven\'t been able to log into my account for weeks. It just keeps stating:\"General service error\". I\'ve used both fingerprint ID and password/pincode. Nothing works. I tried to log in through the webpage but that just keeps crashing and I get an error note saying I don\'t have the right to use this website. What the heck is happening Skrill?!??!
Amanda Mlenzana 2020-08-04

The service is slow, I have waited a week only to get an inaccurate answer from a robot. This is by far the most frustrating app, even worse because it deals with money. Bring back my money and close this account. I have asked 3 times already! Why am I constantly asked to keep depositing funds when I have already done that and I want do withdraw. In order for me to withdraw I must deposit? How does that make sense? I want my deposit refunded and my account closed! The WORST service provider!