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Description of Sky Raptor: Space Shooter

Bored of endless space shooting games lacking challenge? Then Sky Raptor is the perfect game that you're looking for.

Having a classic arcade spirit with modernized visuals, Sky Raptor: Space Invaders will ride you into the galaxy and never let you put your phone down! Shooting, collecting, upgrading, and defeating the alien invaders to save the Earth from a space battle now.

When the Earth is living under the threat of a space war, Sky Raptor is the one and only squad that can fight against and shoot down the invaders. Your mission is to lead the squad through every battle and be the best alien shooter in the galaxy.

In this perilous battle, you will have to fight against and shoot down tons of formidable enemies and powerful bosses. But don’t worry, there are plenty of equipment and galactic drones to support you in every battle.



⭐ Touch the screen to move your aircraft, shoot and defeat all the enemies

⭐ Collect coins and items to upgrade your aircraft

⭐ Activate skills by selecting the equipment to activate skills and Maximize strength by combining different equipment.


🔥 Challenging Campaign: 150+ levels with various difficulties challenging you to save the galaxy

🔥 Survival Mode: Unlimited mode allowing you to play endlessly through each battle

🔥 Combat Boss: Enormous and epic Bosses will prevent you from saving the galaxy

🔥 Diverse Equipment System: Various equipment to support you in shooting the alien invaders, which can be combined and upgrade to activate Fusion to unlock numerous hidden attribution

🔥 Diverse Quest System: Daily quests, lucky wheel, free gems, badge rewards every day for you to conquer

🔥 PvP Mode: 1 vs 1

and many more thrilling features is waiting for you in this game.

Download and enjoy the shooting adventure with Sky Raptor – a space shooting arcade game RIGHT NOW!!


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More Information Of Sky Raptor: Space Shooter

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.0.3 Publish Date:2021-11-01 Developer:ONESOFT

User Reviews


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Aruha Damerell-Stevens 2021-02-07

It\'s a great game. Before I updated the game, I manage to get bonus coins at end of each stage after I watch an ad, but now, it won\'t play ads and I can\'t get my bonus coins. Or better still, just the bonus coins without the ads would be great. Thanks
raya fernu 2021-02-22

The game has a game-breaking bug. After playing 1 or 2 levels, Tutorial forces me to go to badge rewards screen, & there It stuck there & I can\'t touch anything there. It wont go back either. Completely stuck. (I am using the last version)
Adrian Richard 2021-02-07

As soon as I go to equipments the game freezes. Im at lvl 15 and at pilot lvl 2. What is the problem devs? Cmon fix your game or its trash. EDITED NOTE: The email for developer is not valid. I tried to send 3 emails and they all bounced back stating it does not exist. Please fix. Asap
Derek messier 2021-02-28

Too many ads. I understand warching an ad to double score or get chests. This game sends u to an ad automatically after every level. That type of behaviour gets it deleted, as theres too many shooting games that DONT do that..
Javice W 2021-01-25

Ads, this game has ads so if you don\'t want them you need to pay 5 euros for 7 days, 20 € for 30 days or 50€ for 90 days F@#%*ing greedy devs. Uninstalled umediatelly, did i mention this game is a cheap copy of HAWK? Those guys has premium 30 days for 5€.
Mary-jane Butler 2021-01-23

Great fun,not complicated, good visuals.... just wish I understood all the symbols better. Gradually understanding more but frustrated how to evolve and get cards etc.....wish it was clearer. Exc game though......
Luke M 2021-01-13

I\'m at lvl 33, with most levels done on easy, medium and hard, I can no longer upgrade my ship or the support ship due to lack of upgrade cards, obviously if I buy gems I can buy chests to get them, but they are ridiculously over priced, I\'ve also watched roughly 350 adverts whilst making progress to try and get the most amount of free stuff possible, and still I can\'t progress. Its a nice game visually, but the pay walls are blatant
Saurabh Chopra 2021-01-12

Awesome game. Seems like a real Air Force battle. Ranks r also awarded like air force ranking, so it just gives u a hero like feeling. Graphics r nice and awesome battle like sound experience. GREATTTT!!!!!!!. THANKS.
Edward Gargano 2020-12-31

Lots of fun. Nice power up options and you\'re not forced to buy upgrades just to pass levels.
Mike Tillman 2020-12-05

Upgraded version of Solar Squad but less confusing. Graphics are amazing and the game actually helps you organize your inventory to get the maximum ability from your attributes.