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Description of SkyMD 24/7 Telehealth

SkyMD is a national telehealth platform, specializing in dermatology, staffed with doctors that treat patients every day across America. With online dermatologists in all 50 US States, SkyMD's medical team of skin doctors is literally available to treat patients of all ages in every zip code!

The SkyMD health portal is loaded with features:

• Download the free app

• Search for a doctor you like

• Get a price estimate for the cost of care; cash or look up your health insurance

• Select a doctor

• Start a medical visit any time of day or night

• Complete the medical intake

• Upload photos, or request a video appointment

• Schedule and manage follow up appointments, including in-person visits and video visits.

• Communicate with your care team and ask as many questions as you like

• Add attachments, lab results, histories or any other medical information

• Access your past medical visits and history all in one place

• View and pay your medical bills online

• Share your medical information with other doctors

• Control and receive push notifications through account settings when new information is available

Our online group of doctors operates no differently than any traditional doctor's office, other than no appointments, and patients have more time to interact with their doctor. SkyMD accepts a wide range of health insurance, and treats the privacy of your medical data with the utmost importance. Our medical professionals are all board certified doctors, with years of experience in treating all skin conditions and diseases.

As a group of practicing medical doctors, SkyMD also prescribes medications, the same as if you were evaluated by a doctor in person. Today's medical industry, along with State Boards of Medicine and the majority of private insurance networks, considers telemedicine as equal to being seen in person, and most medical insurance networks consider telemedicine as a covered medical benefit. Dermatology is an obvious and practical fit for the use of telemedicine. Your SkyMD doctor now has the flexibility to evaluate your uploaded photos, or converse with you in a video conference, or even recommend that you still see a doctor in person, depending on what's the right treatment model for each patient.

Access your dermatologist anytime, anywhere. SkyMD brings the dermatologist to your fingertips.

Here's how a typical dermatology visit works:

1. Download the app (for free) and connect to your dermatologist. Tell us where you live (zip code), and we will recommend a doctor to you, or you can select from any doctor in your home state.

2. Take photos of your skin, hair or nail concern, and complete a medical intake comprised of a few simple questions about your primary concern, symptoms, a medical history, allergies, and anything else you'd like to tell us about your skin issue. Upload your photos and even request a video appointment if you prefer.

3. Your dermatologist will evaluate your case, diagnose your condition, and recommend a personalized treatment plan, including prescriptions if necessary. You tell us where to send the prescription, too. Your choice of pharmacy!

Common issues that can be diagnosed and treated through the SkyMD online dermatology platform include but are not limited to acne, rosacea, cold sores, dandruff, hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, eyelash thinning, hair loss, nail issues, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, skin aging, and other skin lesions...but the list of skin-related issues that can effect a patient goes on and on. Trust your dermatologist and their medical training to ensure you receive a proper and correct diagnosis, followed by an effective treatment plan.

SkyMD is a HIPAA-compliant encrypted platform. All information is protected with advanced security measures.

Are you a dermatologist? Contact us at jobs@skymd.com to join our growing network of online dermatologists.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:6.2.12 Publish Date:2021-07-23 Developer:SkyMD, Inc.

User Reviews


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Ling xoxo 2020-12-09

I got the prescription I needed! It was fast and easy. I wish the actual doctors office was this speedy and to the point. I also like how easy it was to upload photos of my skin issue and everything was taken care of effortlessly. I love SkyMd because it saved me so much time that I would normally spend in person at an office. My dermatologist went out of business due to current world affairs and SkyMd was there to help. Grateful. <3
Eboney Walker 2021-01-12

I got answers about my skin problems really fast and my medicine was sent to my pharmacy that very night. And Dr Peppercorn was really amazing in letting me know about my skin condition and the medication I need to help it and other treatments i can buy for my skin at my local grocery store, drugstore, Walmart or Target.
Kay Red 2021-02-18

Used for the first time. Submitted all the required info and photos and within an hour I was assigned to a doctor, and a few hours later I had a video visit with him since my insurance requires it. He was friendly and professional. Sent my scripts to the pharmacy. It was very easy to use and I will definitely use it again when needed.
ashley bright 2020-09-21

I tried a different app like this one and didn\'t like it at all it didn\'t work. so I researched and found this one, I have nothing but good things to say. My experience was way better then I expected, dr. Peppercorn was awesome, he is very knowledgeable,explains everything, makes you feel comfortable, listens to you, he cares, follows up and answers all questions quickly. He has made my experience great and I will use this app again if I need to and hopefully I get to have him again as my dr.
Patt Intarakamhang 2020-09-09

Update: There was a delay and I was able to get it to work. I hope in the future they can make it so that you can still use the outdated app for a period of time after the update is pushed to avoid the issue of downtime. Original Review: App won\'t let me into the main menu. Keeps saying that there\'s an update and redirects me to Play store. Once I\'m in Play store there\'s no option to download a newer app. I think the service is great but this error keeps happening so I can\'t use it.
Kristen Castelli-Hartnett 2021-02-11

Great app, easy to navigate and connect with a Doctor almost instantly! Very affordable pricing. I received my medications after only 2 days! The Doctor I had was highly efficient. Definitely will recommend!
Noel Whitaker 2020-11-17

Great Service. I had to answer questions through the app, submit some photos and was prescribed the prescription I needed. Whole back and forth took about two days. Very professional and helpful.
Davindra Basdeo 2020-10-27

Great way to get prescriptions for issues already known to you. I\'m sure they\'re helpful in diagnosing new issues as well. Definitely great for someone with a busy schedule.
J F 2020-09-19

This is awesome! Since everything is slow right now (COVID) I looked into online options. Right away they were able to tell me if they accepted my insurance and estimated my copay. I answered a few simple questions regarding my symptoms and after discussing a treatment plan with the doctor, I was able to pickup the medications prescribed at my local pharmacy next day. SO fast and easy! I will be using this anytime I need a derm.
Arthur B 2021-01-11

The Doctor was excellent, explained everything clearly