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Description of Slap Kings

Slap or be slapped: that’s the name of the game! This amusing and relaxing game will test your strength and timing skills so your smack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch. Watch your opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockout blow. How far do you think you can get in this face slapping good time tournament? Can you unlock your special power… the Golden Fire Fist?

Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking to get slapped in the face.

Time to knockout the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics

The meter will go back and forth - time it right for maximum power!

2. Fun Characters

So many amusing characters challenging you to see who is the best slapper out there

3. Power boosts

Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts! Defense helmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimate weapon...

4. Chill and have fun

Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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More Information Of Slap Kings

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.3.2 Publish Date:2021-09-21 Developer:Lion Studios

User Reviews


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Ryan Renaud 2020-09-19

Awesome, fun little game to pass some time, when needed. There are some ads, but if you are ALSO playing this game to kill some time, then who cares? Everybody\'s gotta make some $$ somehow. The real bonus here is, if you have to close the game immediately, it\'s no big deal. (As opposed to other games where it affects certain things if you have to suddenly quit)
Shaun Brown 2020-06-05

Great first few rounds, but the same thing all the time, gets boring. Every time I see the icon, I wonder why I\'m wasting memory. No doubt its a good game, just nothing else involved. Maybe change the platform sometimes, like make tasks to build up strength, instead of just clicking a level bar. Just a thought. Over all good game but needs more work.
glitter Glam 2020-03-01

This game could use some improvement, for starters, when you want the fiery hands power up, it should be a option in the menu, not a 5 second opportunity. The graphics are good though. When you get smacked you actually show some injury, at that I\'m impressed. The amount of repetitive ads are really irritating, I am appalled at the fact that the game allows such behavior. Just because you show it to me a million times will not make me want to have your product. The game itself it enjoyable.😐😑😒
Adrian Styers 2020-09-12

Even after paying to remove ads, you\'re still seeing ads all the time. Any other game like this when you pay to remove ads they are completely removed. With this one it just removes a few. You\'re still slapped with ads if you want the multiplier, if you want to use the super slap, and if you want to claim the skin and super slap you just unlocked. Not worth your time or money.
Kyle King 2020-03-02

Not a bad game. I\'m on level 50. Ads aren\'t too bad, don\'t have to watch them unless you want more coins. Which you don\'t even have to do until the game gets harder unless you want to power up your character more. Also, ads aren\'t even that long so they don\'t really bother me. Only giving it 3 stars cause it\'s the same thing over and over does get a little more challenging. Just wish you could do stuff with your character...unlock things, different clothing...just something.
Mantas Pakėnas 2020-12-20

The worst game ever conceived - it\'s literally just watching ads! You press a couple buttons, win a round in a few seconds, and then watch one or two ads, normally 30 seconds each. There\'s plenty of opportunity given to watch even more ads for powerups and such, there is no limit of ads you can watch. If you are stupid enough to buy a VIP subscription (for a ridiculous amount of money too) which promises you it will remove all ads, 0 ads are removed, only some of them get shorter sometimes.
Pritam Patra 2020-10-22

The game is nice and clean but only till level 65-70. After that game become too tuff for you to control, there should be a way to control things. Imagine the game level after 100. On top of it, too many unnecessary ads making the game not that awesome.. But that\'s what you get for playing free these days. No option to exit from the game, you have to end the task to get out from it. Hope developer will work in games longevity and UI.
Mike Hester 2020-05-31

I dont like how many adds. I understand it\'s free but I played for 5 mins ( actual game play ) and there were 18 adds. Then Ur special can only be used AFTER watching a add. This could be a pretty cool but I cant get over the amount of adds. It\'s over kill. There then adds graphics are cool, animation are cool, simple game play. So if u dont mind adds and not using ur special slap then it\'s ok.
Darian Gregory 2020-09-29

This game has too many ads forced on you. Just doing something like adding a strength point, triggered ads. It was ridiculous. I liked the game, the only reason I\'m uninstalling is the ads. I can deal with some ads but this was overkill. Have an option to watch an ad to earn stuff, Say no, it forces an ad anyway and you get nothing for it. 1* rate and an uninstall cause way too greedy to trust in my phone.
Harold Pringle 2020-11-28

You gotta watch so many ads that you spend more time with ads than the game. These developers are shameless about trying to dig into your pocket with these ads. It only takes 5 minutes to see what they want from you. Eyes on ads and therefore money out of your pocket. Could\'ve been a good game but greed got the best of them.