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Description of Sling a Kitty

Help Curio reunite with her family! Fling and bounce the lost kitty up, over and through trees, waterfalls, patches of honey, and many more obstacles! Download now - it's free! Meow!

Simple mechanics - Adjust power and angle to complete all challenging levels!

Chase butterflies - Gotta catch ‘em all!

Cool powerups - Drag Curio with the rope, shield her with the armor or turn her into a Ghost Kitty!

High-quality visuals - Bask in the light of a bright and colorful art style!

More content on the horizon - Continuous updates with new levels and features!

And of course, lots and lots of cats! - Meeeeoow!

This cute family game is free to play and a challenge for both kids and their parents, a game that fits both casual players and to those who prefer a little bit more of a challenge.

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More Information Of Sling a Kitty

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.3.1 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:PocApp Studios

User Reviews


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YL Sargent 2015-12-14

This app is useless. I downloaded it but it crashes at the first screen (with their company info). VERY disappointed! Would give it a zero rating if that were possible. Updated...got a new phone. Now it works fine!
Chris Conradi 2016-03-13

Great game. The only real nitpick I have is that it can be really difficult to get all of the full completion gauge in some of the levels. Other than that... Nice job.
Dawnfire5212 2020-08-03

This game is really cute! I like how it\'s even referenced in PocApp\'s other game, Castle Cats. However, seeing as there\'s only three different stages/worlds, and this game hasn\'t been updated in a while (2015 I think?), an update would be spectacular. I definitely want to see more of Curio!
big seller 2019-05-16

Visuals are not too cutesy but very realistic. Idea is really interesting and the sprite while playing reflects the actual character rather then being just a blob. Enjoyable game, good for twitchy fingers. Very happy with it and hope there\'s more!!!
Jeff Woods 2017-04-03

This is the Second best cat game that there is by, far the First being of course Castle Cats made by the same studio and just as good. Both games are amazing and you should check them both out no matter what those silly haters say :)
BlasphemyOfGod 0 2019-02-15

Jesus, this game wants you to pay to play it for more than ten minutes at a time. (Trash!!)
Katlyn Wooddell 2015-12-11

Love it! Meant to update this lol woops. Got a new phone and have played every available level already (beat them all within like 2-3 days) . This game is addictive... very addictive
John Kindleysides 2020-08-19

Really fun and I love how there\'s canon. And how they have curious as the main character and the other one from castle cats but I do wish that it wasn\'t 45 I wish that it was only 40 that would be easier and practical. Also make it easier to get tickets without paying. Once all these are done I will edit review and give it a five star review (by the way I love you other games and apps and I do watch you channel)#1pocapp
Hastur Cftagn 2020-02-16

I\'m really enjoying this game. Sling a Kitty is great fun. Being a serious fan of castle cats, being able to play as curio is wonderful. If you are fan of Castle Cats I would recommend it.
Ashley R 2020-01-31

This is a cute game. Better than Angry Birds. But I can\'t believe that the levels are already getting hard. I couldn\'t get past lvl 4 for awhile and thought would just give up and delete the game. But I made it thru and kept going.