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Johnny Runyon 2019-01-10

love it! additive gameplay and nice visuals. love how vivid this game is. just wish on solo mode we had a pause button. along with some objectives other than survival and how long you can get. like a mode called Hitman where the players team up and go after the biggest guy(with respawns on the same lobby). just a random game mode i thought of. be nice to see stuff like that in this game as well.
Johnathan Chapman 2019-05-08

I am addicted to this game ill play it then take a break but i always come back. i like it most because you can always keep trying to beat your highest score i play the computer and have made it as far as 104,000 i tried the on line but it lags and i always die if you could fix that it would be perfect. people complain about the ads but if you know how to use your phone you can click out of almost all adds the min. they start by hitting the back button. Its also a great game for the kids.
Sarah 2020-12-31

I have already played this game before, and now that i play it again, I see that I am a pro at this. But for the beginners, I know that they live shortly and there can be many irritating ads. But it all comes out fine. A very very addicting and challenging game!! A few suggestions: 1. Please add some background music and effects. Makes it epic!! 2. Please make it so that when we tap or something after we die, then only the screen changes and the ads come. Thanks! Overall amazing game ; )
Allison Felix 2020-06-06

This is a great game to play when you are bored...I played this in my mom\'s car and I got first place!!!! It took me a long time and it\'s so great. I would rate this is 100 star if that was posssible! There are some glitches here and there but that is on my tablet not my computer so its not the game it\'s my tablet. Thank you for making this game possible for me to play who ever came up withg this idea!
Kevin Howard 2020-12-25

Love the game, hate the ads. I felt like they nearly twisted my arm for the $4 to remove ads. The gameplay is likely the most frustrating I\'ve ever been made subject to. Having a ten second game followed by a 5 second ad, made me throw my phone on more than one occasion. my voice has since been reduced to a course whisper, and I\'ve suddenly begun to bald, in my late 30s, but I don\'t believe it is due to slither.io related stress.
Smita Roy 2020-10-17

This is a good game but the reason for which I gave it a 2 star rating is because whenever I try to play online, it starts lagging, my wifi connection is really good but it lags every time and that\'s why I loose very fast, I don\'t know if I\'m the only person who is facing this problem or not but it\'s very irritating, and the other problem is, whenever we loose, a 5 second ad pops up which is disgusting, we cannot go back too, it forces us to watch the full ad. Please try to fix these things.
Arianator 2020-09-27

I love this game but there is a problem, whenever I loose, I have the feeling to play again but the 5 seconds advertisements irritates me alot. And it literally appears after every single game. I just hate watching the same ads again and again. There should be less advertisements as it\'s really irritating me and maybe others too. Well, it\'ll be okay if there are only some advertisements sometimes and not after every game.
latonia carpenter 2020-08-30

Very nice app love it so much👌! I can\'t go a day without passing the app without even clicking it to play. I recommended people who see this app to download load it now! This is also great when board or for traveling👍. It is also great because you can still play offline too! This is a very very loving app, plus you can use codes and get new items and decorate your own character, witch for me is dope🔥🔥. Great for kids and adults 👍😁. You must download NOW!
Laura M 2020-12-21

I really like this game. The game is fun, and unique. You have to defeat other snakes and collect the beads, simple and fun! You can build your own snake, and set the Controls to how you like them. Though it does have quite a few ads. One after each round, and if your new to the game (like me) you get a lot of ads because. You get defeated alot :)
kristel deroca 2020-11-18

Yay! This was one of the best games I\'ve ever played. Many of the players have their own reactions while playing the game. Whenever they got doomed, when they ranked on the top 10, even if they encounter their friends whose playing this game too and chasing each other. I think it could be more exciting if this game could have chat boxes to express their feelings while playing like: \"ohh. She\'s playing it too.\", \"oh no. i had to start again\", \"yay! i ranked 3rd! get ready enemies😏\".