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Slots UP: casino slot machines APK

Slots UP: casino slot machines

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Slots UP!-free casino games & slot machines offline - is intended for adult users and strictly requires them to be at least 21 years old to access and use our services, for entertainment purposes only. This game does NOT offer any opportunity to win anything of real value, such as money or prizes. Under NO circumstances this game could be considered a gambling tool of any kind and does NOT guarantee any success in playing real casinos and slot machines.

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:3.4 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Three wishes slot machines game studio

User Reviews


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Martinus Maximus Saxonus 2021-01-13

You have to be online to load slots. The first dozen or more games are fixed. Play max bet and get £ in the bank!!! Once you get going, careful moderating your bet allows you to get quite far. Ultimately, no skill. I\'ve counted 156 slots within this app!!! REMEMBER!!! Bets and payouts are proportional! Bet high and win big. But, you will loose more proportionately. Choose the time to bet high and you can get quite far. I\'ve got to around lvl 115 only making a small coin purchase once.
Chrystal Castro Willis 2020-11-18

So far so good. Quiet interesting because of the uniqueness the developers put into it. Good job. It doesnt feel as if im playing just any basic or mediocre slot/casino app. I have NOT been subjected to ANY ads at all and ive been playing for 40 mins. So if you are the type of person that dont appreciate ads then this is for you. Ive had a blast winning a ton the whole entire time ive been playing and the level in which you can win far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a good time.
LJ Mercy 2020-10-06

Cute, but still deleted after playing. It\'s one of the better slot games out there. It\'s just a money grab in the end. But others may enjoy it. If you get a bonus, they\'re pretty unique. But it still follows. Programming of all other slots: once you hit level 20, your ods decrease significantly. This is not algorithm. It\'s simple programming to draw you in enough to pay for fake chips.
Keha Domino 2020-10-10

While it paid ok with the initial coins when betting max, it keeps pulling you out of that game and you have to go back into it. You only get 1 slot choice. Very limited choices and whats finally offered when you level up arent inviting. If all of that isnt annoying enough, then the slot will change how it wins. Chains were added to the one and only 1st machine available which you had to unlock. Just Yulk.
Ray H 2020-11-09

So first thing LEVELING SLOW AS HELL ..no matter how much you bet im currently betting 20 billion (yes not million) a roll and its mind numbing how slow it still is...almost lvl 100. also not gonna say how but there is a glitch in this game ill leave it at that not getting paid to figure stuff out for the devs lol.. oh and out of the slots ive unlocked 97% of them are not even creative boring graphics and plain. so my suggestions scrap all these boring ass slots add new ones cause clearly this was a money grab with no thought. and speed leveling up.
Megan Besgrove 2021-02-01

Fun and Addictive! Plenty of new and exciting things to do, goals to achieve and rewards to collect. Slot machine all have there own special quirks. Level up fast and unlock new machines all the time. download if you enjoy playing slot machine games. This is one you will definitely want to play.
Keooudone Xayavong 2020-12-08

Really enjoyed game til majority of the slots games started kicking me to the lobby instead of rewarding me with the \"pick card\" reward section after completing prerequisites of the slot game. When I re entered the slot game the completion bar is at 100%. Once I took another turn it was give me the \"checkmark\" clear thing then kick to lobby again. Extremely annoying....
Deborah Villa 2021-02-02

I hate locked games, this app takes way to long to get to the next level. I played at max bet, just so I can move on. Also when your finished with the 1st game \"within the game\" it gets very hard to win.
Amanda Maynard 2020-12-02

Very fun and entertaining love this app. You can choose to watch adds for free coins so you can keep playing for free which is great if you\'re low on money. To buy coins is affordable. Cheaper than the casino and I win more than the casino. I would say it app is a good way to stay home and still enjoy playing slot games; lots of bonuses.
Liz Forde 2020-12-18

Way too much going on , just want to play the ordinary games. Spinning is really slow, can\'t play the game again after challenge is complete, what\'s up with that? Deleting after this review.