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Slots Vacation - FREE Slots

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Description of Slots Vacation - FREE Slots

Want to be our next Billion Coin Winner?

Join millions of players worldwide in Slots Vacation – The only FREE slots game with a Billion Coin Giveaway every week! Join today and you could be our next Jackpot Billionaire!

Play with friends in our massive daily tournaments, Explore HD-Quality Vegas slot machines, and enjoy our Daily Jackpot Events, bonus games, and free gifts!

Amazing features include:

• Huge variety of themed slot machines!

• New machines added constantly!

• Earn FREE coins every day with HOURLY prizes and DAILY free spins!

• Compete in our LIVE tournaments, with the BIGGEST PAYOUTS on mobile!

• Use powerful BOOSTERS that transform our reels into big win machines!

• Connect to Facebook and play on any device, anytime!

• Optimized for both Android tablets and phones!

With the biggest payouts, exciting bonus games, and fun collection of slot machines, it’s easy to see why millions of people worldwide play Slots Vacation every day!

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This game is intended for mature audiences

Not a “reward” game, no real world payouts

Playing this game will not improve your skills or ability to win in a casino

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More Information Of Slots Vacation - FREE Slots

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-05 Developer:Scopely

User Reviews


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Denise Howard 2019-08-15

This game is pathetic and boring. There is nothing fun about this game at all. Bonus games are pretty much the same on every game. Way too many pop ups wanting you to purchase coins. No way would I spend money on such a boring game. Worst slots game I have ever played.
Barbara Depourcq 2020-01-13

DO NOT PLAY...if you find you like the graphics, then its great. However, if you play to win then I promise you I\'m saving you a whole lot of diappointment. Someone made seriously greedy changes! With that said, do I really have to warn you NOT to play with your real funds/$! I promise u this place will bleed u dry with free coins, imagine the greed with actual money.
John Shaw 2021-03-08

Not fun anymore. Win at the start but nothing after level 7. The only thing going for this game is the graphics. Apart from that it\'s really bad.
Megan Teegler 2020-09-01

Needs new games and better wins
Donna Adams 2020-12-12

This game will rip you off! Take time to read the reviews and you will see what I mean. They don\'t pay mega or epic wins...they change your bet so you loose everything you win in one spin then tell you you did it. Then refuse to return your coins Customer service is horrible! It has been a couple of years and I th ok right it was better but now you play 50-60 spins and win nothing. Find another game...I am. Especially..do not pay. I would live to give this game a great review...be honest!
Ann Johnson 2017-11-27

I have noticed that the bonus is repeated, smaller, now it takes long to get througb to 100% to earn the additional bonus. It use to be you could get to 100% fairly easily but it takes much longer to get to the 100% to earn it. It seems since I started this game a couple years ago they have made it much more difficult to win and or enjoy. Is that called greed???
Debbie Murphy 2019-11-02

Big wins are rare. The daily wheel hardly ever pays anything big. Love the games but you sure can\'t advance when it eats up your money. The bonus amount never changes. Disappointing
Juanita Skinner 2020-03-12

This game sick they have made so many changes for the worst god forbid if you message them about not getting your coins it\'s sad how these people are allow to rip the players off and for all those who can\'t see it when there is a tournament going on and you play another game when this is happening you are not going to get any winnings what needs to be done is that the players need to not player for 24 hours let\'s see if they will then appreciate us the players who are putting money in the pocket
Dan Coady 2020-09-17

I lost thousands of dollars upgrading in this game buying coins . I got to the Platinum level and had only 7% more to go on the v i p level to get to the Diamond level which is the highest level . Lost progress and was told buy Scopely they could not help me . You really don\'t want to invest yourself in time in money in this or any Scopely game .
Deborah Nelson 2020-01-13

This game still have not shown any improvement. You need to bring back the excitement it once had. Because it just keeps getting worst!!!