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Description of Smart Calculator - All in one

The everyday use all in one lightweight calculator with multiple features & easy-to-use interface. A multi-functional calculator & converter designed to perform simple to complex calculations at your finger tips.

Collection of smart tools for INSTANT SOLUTION to your everyday problems.


Basic & Scientific calculator ✓

GST/Sales Tax/VAT calculator ✓

Loan calculator: EMI, Compare Loan, Loan Affordability, Loan Amortization ✓

Investment calculator: FD, RD, ROI, SIP, CAGR ✓

Percentage calculator, Markup & Margin, Profit & Loss ✓

Unit Price calculator : Find cheapest price ✓

Health Calculator: BMI, BMR, Body Fat % & Daily Calories burn, Ideal Weight ✓

Date Calculator: Age, Duration, ± Date, Days Counter, Time-sheet, Working Days✓

Discount calculator ✓

Tip calculator ✓

Math solver ✓


Unit converter ✓

Currency converter ✓

Key Features

General & Scientific Calculator

- Facilitates instant & accurate calculations from simple to complex

- Store value for later using memory keys

- Track your calculations with History. Write a short note for important calculations

- Undo result, quick copy & share

- Number to Word conversion

- Extra functions on long-press

Unit Converter

- Simple, smart & elegant tool with more than 200 unit converters that are used in daily life

- Supported conversion categories:- Length & Distance, Weight, Area, Volume, Temperature, Cooking, Number Base, Digital Storage, Number Conversion, Data Transfer, Time, Speed, Force, Power, Fuel, Energy, Angle, Density, Acceleration, Frequency, Torque.

Currency converter

- Foreign exchange rates of 170 countries currency

- Available offline

GST /Sales Tax/VAT Calculator

-Include(+) or Exclude(-) Tax from given amount with single tap.

- 5 Pre-provided tax rates can be customized as per your country rates.

Interest Calculator

-Calculate interest & maturity amount on your saving through Simple Interest, Compound Interest, RD, SIP & Doubling Time.

-Check your investment opportunities through ROI

Percentage Calculator

-Simple percentage, % increase/decrease, % change, what %, fraction to %

-Calculate Markup percentage, Margin percentage & total profit based on cost & selling price

Health Calculator

- BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, Daily Water Intake based on your age, gender, height & weight. Calculate daily calorie requirement as per selected activity level.

- Track your weight to improve your BMI and overall health.

Date Calculator

-Age calculator & Birthday tracking

-Duration between two dates/times

-Add/Subtract duration to date & calculate final date & time.

-Days/Hours Countdown. Never miss your important events

Equation Solver

- Linear equations with one,two & three variables

- Quadratic equation

Loan Calculator

-Calculate your EMI, total interest & final amount with amortization chart in a easiest way.

-Compare two loans to know which one is better for you.

-Calculate how much loan you can afford based on your max monthly EMI.

Discount Calculator

-Calculate or confirm discounts quickly on original price.

-Find out how much you save for an item.

Tip Calculator

-Calculate the tip percentage or tip amount & split the bill among number of persons on table.

-Save time when you use the bill splitter, and tip exactly what you mean to, no more, no less.

Unit Price Calculator

-Compare prices of two or more products having different quantities of same unit & buy cheapest price item.

Number to word on click of every result field


- Calculator is fully customized where user can set no of decimal places, date format, number format, default calculator, choose from attractive & user friendly themes etc.

- More features will be added. Stay in touch!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Deepak Kulkarni

User Reviews


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Dipak Bachubhai Ahir 2021-01-14

Very good App. One suggestion, while doing \"Back\" button on mobile the application should go to it\'s main screen (calculator screen) and after second time pressing the Back button the application should be exit, which is not happening. Please incorporate that function. Thank you.
Rishi Nandrajog 2021-01-10

For the Paid version. Worth every penny.
Mohit Kanva 2020-10-16

App is superb with all the essential features. It is easy to use. Note:- One thing which I do not like in this App is- When you do long calculations or use GST calculator, the right most fonts along the right edge of my mobile phone get hidden partially. I am using the App on One Plus 7 handset. Please work on this issue at the earliest. Regards
Ashok Shah 2020-07-30

I really appreciate your efforts to keep it \'Totally Ad-free\'. It is very useful app and easy to use with decent interface. During your next update, is it possible to add \'Birthdate Reminder\' feature in Date Calculator. So that without opening of app one should be reminded about Birthdate occurence.
BTS fangirl 2020-09-03

A very nice application. It can be used for every single calculations. Great efforts in making this application. It\'s easy to use and convenient. It can help you in health also. It calculates according to your weight, height and age that how much calories you have to burn and how much water intake should be there. A very nice application for everyone 👌😊
Robert Reed 2020-07-20

UPDATE: still a great app! Does all kinds of useful calculations and conversions including loan calculations, tips, BMI (body mass index), currency conversion, date calculations, interest calculations, discount calculations, and solving simple equations. The developer just keeps making it better. I recommend it to everyone.
Nick Els 2021-01-18

Very decent and helpful calculator. Wondering if there\'s a way of getting rid of the ads, purchasing a licence perhaps?
Biju Mathew Ozhakkal 2020-11-22

Systematically designed layout, logically thought out and derived from a functionality perspective. One of the best I have seen. It covers all our needs for instance loan calculator and amortization chart is also available.
Denis 2020-08-18

Wow, It is fully packed calculator with all the necessary tools such as converters, interest, unit and ..etc. It occupies only 5MB in your internal storage which you can\'t get in any calculator app out there with these functions. NO ADS ! and different themes

I have purchased but still its showing try to purchase again...Rs 150 also deducted from my account. Deepak ji you have to do something in this matter.. I have rated 5 star because I like your Calculator so much. if you want i can share transaction details with you. in transaction details clearly mentioned your name that is \' Sold by Deepak\'.