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Description of Smart Locator

The Smart Locator app gives you peace of mind by tracking your pets, smartphones and other valuables over Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

The Smart Locator app lets you:

• Create GPS boundaries with the Geofence feature.

• Get updates on the location of your pet or valuables and set motion alerts.

• Select tracking modes based on your needs.

• Review or change tracking details all from one place.

• Get detailed tracking reports as often as you want.

• Create tracking schedules for specific times.

• Share control and tracking with your trusted contacts.

Download the Smart Locator app today and keep track of what’s important to you.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: PROD Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Verizon Consumer Group

User Reviews


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A H 2019-06-22

Updated Post: Before heading to the Verizon store, gave it one more try - uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, and re-syncing with the tracker. The app is now tracking and hasn\'t crashed (granted, only a short time running the app, so have to see how it fares over a longer time period). Original Post: Deserves a zero. While I got the app to sync with my tracker, after many attempts, it isn\'t tracking anything and the app crashes almost every time you open it. Plan to visit Verizon this weekend to see if they can resolve the issue(S), or they can have their \"smart\" tracker back.
Nathan Moen 2019-07-19

It seems pretty good so far but it would be nice if when setting up the location alerts if we could be more precise with the Geo Fencing. I live in a rural area and since the fencing goes strictly off address I can\'t use my actual address and even at that I have to make the circle so huge that my dog could be a quarter mile away and still be in the geo fence.
Jesse Clauson 2020-06-19

The locator app works well, but is very difficult to locate a pet when not near a street as the map does not provide the phone location and heading. Using the app to find something relative to where you are standing is not easy due to this. Please provide a second marker on the map for phone location and heading to know which way to walk.
Janie Coffman 2019-12-21

Need to be able to draw an actual fence not just a circle. Overall the app and locator are very helpful. Also need to be able to wake up the locator from phone without having to do it from the locator itself. I don\'t mind charging every night but it needs to make it through the day without being charged and have enough battery life to find it if lost at the end of the day. This is the best tracker we have found so far ( and we have tried several).
Alaonda Person 2019-07-03

owners of a fine product , found out ,it has many fuction exceptional ,, again a very fine product ,wireless are fantastic most important to it\'s Many Fuctions ,One of the best products #1. Authority Goggles,Alaonda Person
Greg Walters 2020-09-14

I can create wonderful passwords without having to use a character from every available subset of characters. If I feel very threatened by what\'s on my phone I can make a complicated PW. Part of a passwords usefulness is the ability to remember it. Getting tired of being dictated to in general, and have had very bad service from Verizon on other issues. I am posting this then deleting the app
Jason Bosch 2020-10-28

I bought this locator to track my RV. I set up a geofence so I\'d get a notification if it were ever stolen or towed. Unfortunately, this app gives me erroneous notifications about 3 times a day that the RV is just still there. I don\'t need constant reminders that it hasn\'t moved. The history doesn\'t show an erroneous or new location, so it\'s just an erroneous location. Should be an easy fix, so I emailed their feedback address listed here, but that email bounced.
R J 2020-01-04

Worked great for 1 month. Then it just stopped working. Tried to reinstall device at least 30 times. No luck. Will be contacting Verizon to return or cancel.
Steve Carlson 2021-03-16

OK, I figured out how to use the Google Map function more effectively so I am able to track the location better. Trick is, just dont click go. Hit the x and the you can see in real time where you are relative to the locator\'s last fix. Not great but not bad.
Darrell Parrish 2020-02-19

App keeps logging me off. I\'m not getting my set alerts because of this. I\'ve cleared my storage and reinstalled with no change.