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Description of Smart Luxmeter

Smart Lux meter is a tool in extended set of the Smart Tools collection.

This Light Meter measures the ambient brightness with embedded light sensor. It is used to adjust the lighting required for plants or to check the brightness of a study room.

Usage is very simple. Make sure that your screen with the sensor is facing the ambient light source (lamp, LED lighting, window, sun ...). If the sensor is facing your face or ceiling, the measurement will be poor.

The measured value can be used for reference, and optimized by [Calibration] menu.

In the morning or evening, sit by the window and measure the world getting bright or dark. It will be an interesting experience.

* Do you want ad-free version? download [Smart Meter Pro].

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

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More Information Of Smart Luxmeter

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.0.5 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:Smart Tools co.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-02-07

This would be a better app if not for the ads which sometimes cause it to lag and freeze. Otherwise it works, the sound effects are kind of cool, could use a dark theme but ultimately I chose another light meter app with a cleaner interface, dark theme and no ads - much more efficient and isn\'t trying to connect to the internet all the time.
Strokey Nonce-sense [Red C] 2020-04-20

As an electrician ill say this... Its handy. Seems to have difficulty in rooms with warm and cool lighting combos and with high bays. But for the average run of the mill dink at home...it should be alright...like for all you dope growers. It will change your life. But theres better stuff out there for the more advanced minds.
Kevin Renton 2019-11-08

A handy app especially if the user understands conditions of measurement eg angle of sensor and Temperature or colour of the light and the variability of absolute responses. I checked it against a calibrated, cosine and colour corrected lux meter: differences were about 20%
Tracy Ta 2020-04-17

Great app, helps me understand the available light in areas of my house for optimal houseplant placement :)
Muy Tecno 2019-04-24

Very handy and easy to use app. Can be even better if possible to make areas and mean of the measurements. And export the data to an Excel or similar. Congratulations!
SCOTT CASEY 2020-06-07

Good app. It would be nice If you have the option to change from face camera to the main back camera.
Nunya Business 2020-02-06

Excellent. Very accurate and would be well worth purchasing!
Geoff Sabio 2020-01-08

Seems to work, not too many ads, good, but no way to confirm with a real lux meter.
David Bliss 2020-11-07

Fairly good app. Will do, more accurate than others IMO.
Edmund Paddington 2020-12-03

Doesn\'t work at all. Never asked permission to use the camera, but continually displays results around 180 - 220 Lux which is typical indoor light. Covering the camera, or putting it right in front of a calibrated 10,000 lux source it still displays figures in that range. This app appears to be nothing more than a random number generator.