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Smart Scan – PDF Scanner, Free files Scanning



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Description of Smart Scan – PDF Scanner, Free files Scanning

Smart Scan Highlights:

Scan 🔖 Docs to PDF or JPG

📷OCR feature for searching, editing, and exporting📰

Scan in color📊, grayscale, or black & white

Multi-pages scanning

Auto-detect page edges

✂Crop and edit Docs to PDFs📌

Create folders to organize docs📁

Share PDFs with friends or social media

Smart Scan can scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphone.

Now, add one more feature which about OCR, covert an image or document to text. Text scanner for your life!

A tiny PDF scanner app that you can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or others.

Scan these documents, save to your device as images or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share to your Boss, colleague or friend.

Support share system, share docs via email, dropbox, evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote and more.

Photo to pdf/Jpg. OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition), extract recognize texts from your scanning docs. Searching, editing and sharing the files to other platform or business partner.

Simple, accurate, extremely fast scan docs

Use the camera to scan the documents, such as, papers, receipts, notes, invoices, contracts, reports, photos, and more.

Perfect HD PDF docs

Support high resolution and pixel to take HD docs. Automatically recognize and scan docs that unclear. Get more bright and clear docs, make the contents more readable.

Smart manager files and folders

Customize documents’ name, create folders to organize your files.

Flexible editing and multiple filter options

Professional operation: Reorder documents’ format, crop, rotate and adjust color with PDF docs.

More filter options: color, clear, grayscale, sharpening, black and white.

Thumbnail or list view, sort scans by folders

Smart manager files folders, easy to operate with high work efficiency.

Cut paper clutter. Automatically remove the page edges

Crop, edit, modify and share scan docs, ensure these scanned documents are clear and high quality.

Send and Share PDF or JEPG Files

Easy to share your docs in PDFs or JEPG format to your boss, colleague or friends. Multiple share channels can be choose: email, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and other social media.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.11.4 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:HappyLife Studios

User Reviews


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Kevin Cole-Wilkin 2019-02-14

Like others I started experiencing full screen pop up ads at random intervals and couldn\'t find the cause until now. As an app this is OK but I don\'t agree to the intrusive advertising content that comes along with it. It\'s not a keeper as far as I\'m concerned.
Nat Denchfield 2019-05-29

I think the developer is a con artist - my personal assumption based on this app\'s sudden increase in ads. Now they already have a high rating, the 1 star reviews aren\'t making a dent in the total score now the ads have virtually bricked my phone. Made my phone virtually unusable with it\'s pop-up ads, litterally unusable - try to make a call and an ad pops up which you can\'t dismiss other than clicking through.. and then it pops up again! These developers need to get thrown off Google Play .
Vallabh Natu 2019-07-16

App functions as intended but it comes along with adware-like ads. Once you install, you\'ll start seeing system wide ads popping up every now and then. I could\'ve given three stars for it\'s functionality but I\'m not going to encourage users to download this app when there are plenty of other alternatives available. Shame on the developer for using such cheap tricks.
C Simo 2019-03-20

Gives your phone absurdly intrusive ads constantly when the app isn\'t even open. It\'s at a level that shouldn\'t even be legal, I\'d even open my text messages and get an advertisement because of this. To top it off the quality of the scan isn\'t even good, it comes out blurry every time. Use LITERALLY ANY OTHER app for pdf conversion.
Samuel Emokidi 2019-05-12

Beautiful, wonderful. I love this app. I didn\'t believe it will work, not until I downloaded it then put it to test. This is the first time I\'m rating an app based on it\'s performance and this deserves a 5 star rating
Nique D 2021-02-04

This app just saved my life and my mental sanity lol! I was trying to upload a document as a pdf for a school assignment and the, \"genius scan app\" wanted to charge a monthly fee! I was NOT having that lol, so my instructor suggested I try another app...so I downloaded this one and it worked perfectly in an instant!! It was so simple, quick and easy. My assignment is now submitted and I can go to bed lol. Thank you!
Lucynda Hudson 2020-02-12

I am sooooo pissed off. I am an auditor and we need a lot of documents as proof of our audit. We started using this app about two weeks ago. It went great. Scanned the documents that we needed and it was easy to get into our system. The second time I used this app, 6/02/2020 it scanned all that I needed. Now the documents are just gone. So you know how unprofessional this makes me look? Now I need to ask my client for all those documents AGAIN!! NOT AN RELIABLE APP!!!!!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!
Tweedybird 2019-02-03

this app will pop up adds even when the app is not running haha. super dumb and its legit popping them up whenever i open my messaging haha. do not download the app unless you like commercals
Uzoma Njoku 2019-08-20

Nice mobile app to scan all your docs at a go. Very fast and simple. I will recommend it to friends
Whizz0s channel one 2019-02-19

pretty good app does the job well but the ads keep popping up very frequently full screen when im using other apps when im reading why not embed them on the app itself