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Description of SmartNews: Local Breaking News

SmartNews is the award-winning local news app downloaded by 50+ million readers in 150+ countries! Read the latest US, world, sports news, get local weather forecasts -- and much more.

SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news influencing the world right now.

SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top national news publishers: NBC News, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, FOX News, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Politico, TMZ, NY Post, Business Insider and more.

Customize your SmartNews experience with smart news channels: US news, world news, sports, business news, politics, entertainment - and many others.


“Browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.”



Breaking News --

Notifications for local breaking news headlines.

Smart Mode --

Readability mode for optimal news reading experience.

Offline News Reading --

Fetch trending news and read it offline.

COVID Map --

Custom COVID tracking widget with the latest local case counts and vaccination updates.


Awarded Best News App:

- Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google


Get your breaking local news and local weather forecast in SmartNews.

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More Information Of SmartNews: Local Breaking News

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:8.56.0 Publish Date:2021-09-18 Developer:SmartNews, Inc.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Whitney Rawls 2020-11-22

I love the app but I HATE the ads. Thanks for the response. The ads that pop up after reading an article, that have no close/exit button, are the issue. I understand the need for ads to keep the service free, but those pop up ads that are forced on viewers, make the app less desireable. I\'d rather pay a monthly fee than have to close the app and reopen it because if an ad that I can\'t close. All of the ads should include an exit button immediately available and noticeable.
A Google user 2020-10-24

I really like this app can pick just the news I want to see. Often find myself reading things I never would see on commercial news. But it sorely needs a search feature. took 10 minutes to hunt through everything to find a specific article I was looking for. ,,,,,Revised. I liked this app. Now they force you to watch commercial ads that you can not override you have to shut the app off and restart to clear it. Greedy bastards at work again.
Michael Cardwell 2021-01-19

This used to be a great app; and, I understand companies have to make money. The app already displays ads -- every fourth or fifth headline is an ad. Now the app is hijacking your entire phone between 15 to 25 seconds. You\'re completely locked out, you cannot dismiss the ad until it runs. This is a bad advertising policy especially when you\'re already displaying ads integrated with the headlines. You are going to start to lose users. I\'ve already begun looking for a different news app.
bonnie smith 2021-01-11

This used to be a good app, even with ads, but now when I go to an article to read, ads appear on top of the article paragraphs and I can\'t get them to close so I can read the printing. And they dont just appear one time, but are constant on top of every paragraph. So I end up frustrated and close the app. I update the app when notified, but the ads still disrupt the readings. Shame.
Sandy MF 2021-01-24

I used to love this app because it brings a variety of perspectives. NOW, I HATE IT. Bad: It interrupts articles with ads; the only way to stop them is to shut down the app. Worst: It has begun stopping, over and over and over and OVER--Like 30 or 40 times a day. I can\'t even read an entire article. It\'s awful. I\'ve reported this problem MANY times with no improvement, so today, I\'m deleting this app and going to the AP app. Bye, NotSmartNews!
Jeff Gieseke 2020-11-15

Love it, gives me a lot of news you just don\'t hear on TV. Also has many different points of view. Have left leaning news articles as well as the conservative view. Great way to keep up to date on what\'s going on in politics which is very important these days with wanna be dictator Trump and his democracy hating minions. Biden won big time, no fraud!!!! If there was fraud let\'s see the proof already!!!
William Weyhmueller 2021-01-15

This was my favorite news app for years, but no more. Your new ad formate is a deal breaker. This is my phone, not yours. I will not allow an app to take control by presenting ads that cannot be dismissed without waiting for them to play. I know ads are necessary to provide a free app, but you have crossed the line. I am uninstalling SmartNews and moving to another. I am not going to submit screenshots, etc. You know what your app does to our phones, and don\'t care. Your \"concern\" is not genuine
Greg Morgan 2020-10-08

I used to love smartnews. I\'ve been a several-times-a-day user for several years. The new update was a double whammy of disappointment. My biggest complaint: new auto-refresh. I read an article and go back to THE TOP of a scrambled list that filled up with new articles. Deal-breaker! A manual refresh would be great. My second complaint is how aggressive the ads have become. Please fix the auto refresh! I know I\'ll get a canned response, but I\'m not alone here!
David Isaacson 2020-12-31

I actually like this app for the variety of content and sources from different ends of the political spectrum. What I HATE about it is the app continually freezes and crashes. Articles often refuse to load, scrolling gets \"sticky\" when trying to pass an ad, and there are way too many ads. Fix the damned stability issues already...this has been going on way too long for an otherwise excellent app.
Mia Thurston 2021-02-01

As other users have described - I am sick and tired of this app \"refreshing\" so that what I\'m reading disappears and is never to be found again. I have taken to letting the app guide me to articles and then immediately opening the article into Chrome or another browser. it is ridiculous that I have to find a work around to use it. Still, it has the best layout and actually does the best at giving me what I\'m looking for. I will drop it as soon as another app does better without this issue.