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Description of Smash Island-Be the Island King

Welcome to Smash Island 3D!

It’s time to start your wonderful journey on the sea! It is full of amazing, exquisite, wonderful 3D islands!

Do you want billions of coins? Endless energy? Conquer other players? Play with your own sign partner? Just come!

Smash Island, give you a chance to be a pirate and conquer the sea, creating your own SEA KINGDOM! Join and play with your Facebook friends and millions of players, spin the wheel, attack enemies and raid their island.



● Guild Tournament, Personal Tournament, challenges everywhere!

● Billions of gold are free for you to BUILD amazing, diversified, EPIC 3D islands.

● PILLAGE your enemies' booty, take what you can, give nothing back

● REVENGE other masters, show them who is the boss!

● Lots of chances to get the FREE SPINS and Coins!

● Instant accessibility anywhere, anytime, and from any device.Be the master!


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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.19.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Aladin Interactive

User Reviews


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Kendall Brooks 2019-05-27

this game forces you to attack people and it is setup where you land on the attack mode more than anywhere else oht of 180 spins i landed on the attack button about 60% of the time. You can\'t save your coins they put you out as a target and they put your total amount out there to be taken. i landed on one of those 9,000,475 and when I landed on it some weird symbol came up and I got nothing, a week later I lost 12million in one hit. They need option to pass up attack, just lose your spin.
A Google user 2020-03-08

love this game!!!! I was playing Coin Master for the past 3 years! Always wanting to throw my phone thru the wall when I was done! This game!! I LOVE! I never get aggravated, there are so many things to do! Great job!! All you CM players ougt to come to the Islands!!! Still LOVING THIS GAME!!! I am so addicted, and in love with game!! Coin Master Who??? lol Once again!! still loving this game!! I am truly addicted! Im so addicted to this game! really Need higher rewards for finishing islands!!!!
Cromagnon Rules 2019-05-21

It is truly one of the most enjoyable games I play. Even when my budget is low, the game is still exciting to play. There are so many others to interact with, every day is exciting. While the gameplay is updated regularly it\'s not too much to keep up with. This is a great game.
Learcio obleke 2018-12-14

Dear parents and Google, This app is nothing more but a glorified slot machine. On four different phones, with three of my friends present, I spun each round. 5k 5k 5k 15k 5k 15k 5k 40k 5k 5k 5k 5k when I got near ten left, I\'d get steal, followed by 5k 10k 5k near two spins to 5 spins you get an attack, which will mostly be blocked. This isnt a fun app nor good, it\'s a cash grab slot machine with cutesy artwork to attack children. Please stop the maddness.
Cheryl Graham 2018-12-14

This game is very addicting! Love the interaction with other players, and the chance to play as a team through the Guilds! I\'ve even made new Facebook friends! If you find other games boring, download Smash Island! I promise you won\'t get bored and you will want to play 24-7!
Stefany Ferrara 2019-04-23

This is one of the most addicting games I have ever played. I will continue to play as I cannot stop, I even enjoy helping out in the group to explain things to newcomers, etc. I love it. I have involved my friends family and aides lol. Best game in a while. Uid#485384, this is in addition to my previous review it Remains the Same it is still as addicting if not more and I still enjoy helping as much as I can and the camaraderie we have amongst our guilds is above and beyond most games I\'ve playe
Bob Dawkins 2018-09-23

Graphics are great, has a nice style, but there\'s hardly any game there at all, even for a 3 year old toddler. It\'s just showing you what to do the entire time, and for how basic it is, theres no need. This sort of game dumbs down society, when it could have been something useful and fun. Also Facebook??? The only people left using that are our grandmothers.
Katie Dungan 2018-12-16

This game is awesome!! I love it. I love my guild and the people I have made friends with all around the world. There are a lot of mini side games to play that are fun. It\'s fun building new islands and moving up in the game. If they can just get the glitches and the videos fixed it would be even better
Dori Kenison 2019-01-24

This game is totally different than any I\'ve played. I enjoy playing it so much it\'s hard to put down. I haven\'t been able to play the 3-D version which I am getting ready to do. Please try this game, you won\'t be able to put it down! Have fun!
Richard Tong 2019-03-15

this game does not treat their spenders as VIP they treat us as casual non spenders. takes a ton of spins to stay shielded and your efforts are destroyed constantly. I tried giving them a chance to treat us better and spent more money but after this horrible display of having my hard work constantly taken out fast, I\'m left with no choice but to stop spending except maybe just the VIP spins pack. you developers and mods are lucky to even get that! you don\'t deserve it! negative 5 stars.