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Description of Smiling-X: Horror & Scary game

Imagine... You wake up in a darkness creepy studio suddenly after shutdown your computer.

All your teammate are working with non stop by a dangerous hypnotic software.

What happen here? Can you help them?

Get ready with this horror game! Destroy the office before escape from this nightmare!

Right now is available two game modes, discover the background of the story of The Boss and the secretary and what happen, and complete missions!

If you like adventure games, these are some of the features that you will find:

- Secure places for hidden from enemy!

- Making special weapon for defeat the boss

- Making a bomb to destroy the office

- Overwhelming atmosphere and suspense.

- Terrifying enemy and strange characters.

- Different puzzles to complete and resolve the puzzle.

You will have to help your teammate´s to discover XCorp plans by solving situations in limited time and finding the key to the exit. More Horror Games from IndieFist Studio are waiting for you.

If you have comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us at media@indiefist.com

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:3.4.1 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:IndieFist Horror Games

User Reviews


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T_T // Teardrop Productions 2020-04-28

This is a horror game..that will forever stand out to me. It\'s quirky, has a different approach on horror, and has an identity. I love the idea of the story, and how it lets my mind do some of the work as to figuring out what exactly is going on here. I also love how the villan is a robot (according to those posters) but still wants to drink coffee! I only have a problem and a half about this game. It\'s a little to..tightly spaced..er, claustrophobic horror games are good, but I need more space
T GamingZ // Ultimate Gaming World 2020-04-29

Even through I don\'t play before rate, but I watch vividplays playing it, I thought It was fun when boss is chasing and chase theme run, the chase theme makes me enjoyable, the text and joystick is also cool! And I want you to make it better by change interact button label from \"activate\" to \"use\" when hover at door/vending machine or something that can interact to make the game more fun! And also make this game appear on IOS device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to get fun everywhere! 👍😍☺
Lemon 2020-05-16

Honestly I enjoyed it. Great puzzles, story and I love the fact it\'s an office explore game! Makes it so much funner!!! Although The thing that made this review 4 star was the bugs/glitches. E.g. Stuck in crouch position and having to restart, the guard has left to check out the computer yet it still won\'t let me enter and When I rescued the workers I can still hear typing.
Harshit KONDIA 2020-11-04

Great horror game! I loved it so much but, I must list some problems which i face #1 some times when I sit on chair chase music stops but when I stand up Boss comes to me he knows where I am very annoying, if sit again he will not capture me but when I will stand up chase music plays and he kills me plz fix it #2 why he spots the player when he is going on opposite direction? We cannot observe him from even back? #3 the items should shine a bit more I always lost items please fix these bugs 🙏
Gerardo Castro 2020-07-14

I think that this is the best game ever it\'s so fun I think everybody should download it it\'s a little glitchy when it comes to when the when the excourt catches you it\'s a little glitchy and it doesn\'t and it just turns my screen black so but it is a really good game
Potatofatty 2020-03-31

This is my favorite horror game! It is very fun and easy. Just one thing. It\'s kinda hard to put the coin in the vending machine because the boss is almost always downstairs. Maybe you could update it where the boss doesn\'t come downstairs until the coin is entered into the vending machine. That would make it even better. Also the ads are kinda annoying. If there could be like only a few ads during gameplay it would be perfect. Otherwise it\'s a great game and I suggest that everyone download it.
방탄경 2020-03-14

So I rate 4 stars because everytime i hide while hes chasing me,he just walks toward the chair it\'s super annoying.Plus I found this glicth where u drop an item on the corner of the elevator then the boss hears it then he goes in the elevator,then I went to the first floor then the boss no clipped through the corner and got out the world,but I put a coin in the machine and I see him on the parking lot
Rei Kullafi 2020-03-21

This is a very good game and it is not as scary so everyone can play it. I get scared very easy and when I played this game I still got scared but not as much as the other games. And if you get scared easily try this game becouse it is not as scary. And if you don\'t like it because it is a little bit scary then why did you install it..?
Liu Lee Tze 2020-04-13

You know,I do some funny glitches in this game.The boss can rampage the secretary to the corner when the secretary is looking at her computer monitor.The boss also can let the security stuck when he\'s in front of the security.The glitches was so funny😂.And I do one more glitch.It is when you\'re playing ghost mode,the boss is close to the vending machine,and then you put the coin into the vending machine and the boss is in a dark place.This glitch is the funniest.I love those glitches I made.
Mandheer Khare 2020-09-03

This game is so awesome and graphics are best and easy to control thank you for the making this game and I recommend to everyone play this game please everyone try this game and give you review for developer to make improve the quality of game