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Description of SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage project, is the smartest of all SMS apps. It automatically organizes your inbox, sets reminders and keeps track of them, all this magic happens on your device safely, without any of your personal data being uploaded anywhere online. Never miss anything important—switch to SMS Organizer as your default SMS app to experience it now!

Why use SMS Organizer:

Automatic reminders

Never miss your appointments! SMS Organizer gives you automatic reminders for upcoming trains, flights, buses, movies, hotel reservations, doctor appointments and even for bill payments. Also, create a custom reminder to help you remember anything you want.

Smart assist for tasks

Check Flight status, do web check-in, pay bill, book a cab—all of this and more—directly through reminders. SMS Organizer helps you complete important tasks by guiding you to the right web-page/app at the right time.

Type with voice

Save time by composing SMS by speaking into the mic, with the help of our speech-to-text capabilities.

Forward bills to any contact

Want someone else to pay? Share any bill with your contacts to automatically remind them to pay on time.

Save battery with ‘dark theme’

Switch to the beautiful new dark theme—to see better in sunlight or whenever you feel like.

Auto-backup keeps you safe

Back up your messages to Google Drive. If you lose your phone, switch to a new one or even format it, your messages will be safe. Restore your messages when you reinstall SMS Organizer.

Personalize as you like

Star an SMS for quick access or block spam senders. Also, customize notifications, ringtones and font size. Reply to messages directly from the notification drawer, without going to the app.

View unread messages easily

Quickly filter down to see only your unread messages, without being disturbed by the ones you’ve already read.

It works offline

All the amazing features work perfectly without any internet.


We would love to hear from you

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, feel free to email us at smsappfeedback@microsoft.com

SMS Organizer is a Microsoft Garage project. The Microsoft Garage turns fresh ideas into real projects. Learn more about The Garage at: http://microsoft.com/garage

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More Information Of SMS Organizer

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:1.1.208 Publish Date:2021-09-23 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Ronanki Kranthi Kumar 2020-11-04

The app doesn\'t show the bank or any type of OTP messages. But the OTPs are received on the phone, but the sms organiser doesn\'t show any notifications. This I got to know when some apps directly takes the OTPs. And sometimes I don\'t get the OTPs for the first time, when I click resend the OTP for the second time, I receive it. This makes be very much irritated and I am thinking of uninstalling it. If these two things are rectified then it is the very useful app that I have encountered till now.
Sahil Sarna 2020-09-30

It doesn\'t show notifications of bank/otp messages. They\'re received on the phone but sms organizer doesn\'t show any notifications. I realised this as the notifications were showing up on my watch.. The moment I changed the sms app to Google SMS all notifications are being received. Notifications weren\'t blocked also. Don\'t know why this happened..
Vivek Ravani 2021-01-30

Bug not resolved since birth of this app: On MIUI12 whenever any call comes (on native dialer) & if user taps on \"reply with SMS\", then Microsoft\'s SMS organiser app uses \"last used sim\" only. It does not follow the incoming call SIM. No other SMS app has this kind of bug. Another bug is if you send group message, then it will not appear in individual chat. Other apps show it. And notifications sound cannot be changed. Only system default tone can be used.
Kartik Reddy 2020-10-16

SMS \"sent\" not updating to \"Delivered\" even after the person has received the sms and read it after activating his sim in sim manager. Fix this ASAP. It shows delivered only when the recipient\'s is able to receive the sms immediately on sending. If he receives the sms after few minutes of sending due to his network issues the sms status sign on left of the chat doesn\'t updates from \"sent\" to \"Delivered\". It shows \"sent\" only
Rohan Shah 2020-11-10

A really good app which optimises the normal messaging and shares automatic responses as well. A small issue I would like to say is the last message typed stays there even after sending the message. Also we need to press the back button twice to actually go back. Both of these are really inconvenient. Other than that, one of the best messaging apps used.
Jayesh k nair 2020-10-23

Excellent. Now managing all your messages is a lot more easier. The layout is perfect for me. And easy to find out the messages you are looking for. You will not loose any important message even if you change your handset.just use the backup and restore settings. Peace of mind. I would recommend this app to everyone.
Satya Jagadish Kollaparthi 2021-02-11

Edit.. Changed my phone (Android 10). Now working decently. Not able detect some debit& credit transactions messages automatically. When I set the SMS organizer as default sms app, i am not receiving any messages. I am able to send messages but no messages are being received. When the default messaging app was changed again to phones sms app, there is no problem. Please solve. Some bank transaction messages are not detected for updating the transactions tab other wise the app is good.
Hemank Chheda 2021-02-04

Recently a serious bug has been introduced where in i have received only one sms but for some reason the app shows 2 sms received. Also when 2nd sms is opened, the content shown is not visible... This is happening when the sender name has - character. This is a bug recently introduced and is making things lot messier... Requesting you to please fix this issue ASAP...
Rahul Punyani 2020-12-24

Earlier it stopped copying otp message from notification and since the latest update, the copy otp button is gone. Plz fix and bring back the function.
Arihant Infocomm 2020-10-21

I am die hard fan of Microsoft product but at the same time they are well know for bugs, sms organizer was good in the beginning as they have tried to improve they have messed it up, when clicked from notification it lands into wrong message, when come back to home messages get jumbled gets into other header frequently, very messy please improve and fix this bugs ASAP