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Description of Snake Rivals - Fun Snake Game

🐍 Slither your snake around in this fun 3D multiplayer snake io game - Become the biggest snake, worm or serpiente and don’t let the other snakes and worms hit!

-Snake Rivals io ⚔️ multiplayer 3D slither snake games ⚔️ we challenge you to become the biggest snakes in our fun io games!

-It’s a new take on the classic snake & slither io games with a multiplayer .io games twist!

-Slither into 🎮 Classic games 🎮 io mode and swipe to move your snake or worm and eat as many apples as you can in fun, stunning 3D games.

-More than other io snake games, Snake Rivals is 😲 full of surprises 😲 be the last snake slithering in multiplayer Battle Royale and top the leaderboard in our classic arena of snakes and worms!

-🌎 Join players, 3D snakes, worms from all over the world in our .io game!

- Invite your friend to fun multiplayer snake games. Slither to victory and defeat other worms!

A network connection is required to play and slither freely in our worm games and snake games.

Snake Rivals is a snake io game free to download and play. In-app purchases are available for additional content & premium currency.

Please contact us in game via “Send feedback” under the settings icon. If you’re unable to load the game, please contact us by emailing: support@supersolid.com



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More Information Of Snake Rivals - Fun Snake Game

lable: Action - Games Current Version:0.35.9 Publish Date:2021-12-12 Developer:Supersolid

User Reviews


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Jonathan Kohr 2020-06-04

Having played countless hours, I feel I experienced all the game has to offer and as such, I can leave REAL feedback. In a nutshell, this game is amazing! Lots of rewards, premium currency can be earned allowing for fun cosmetic purchases. Cons: Disconnecting me when I\'m about to win battle Royale and losing rewards. Casual mode, I\'m point leader, camera randomly shifts to another player even tho I\'m still alive. (Edit:Ty for the speedy reply)
marcia griffin 2020-06-15

It\'s so bad cuz every time you die, you get hit with an ad. It\'s so hard to beat I played this 100 times to pass level 1 and I\'m still on level 1! This is so hard to beat, you will never get any new skins. But what will happen everytime u die u get a MISTERY SNAKE and it\'s not unlocked. Idk what that means but its hard to beat on battle royal. Cuz the blocking on every map kills you. And ppl get big so fast the storm closes in on you and you have nowhere to go. TRASH
chris hamblin 2020-06-09

Has huge potential, however the network issues make it trash. Just when you get a nice sized snake going, boom, the application hits you with a drop of connectivity and you die and lose any bonus ability you may have picked in the beginning. This is not a Wifi issue on my end as I have tested numerous times before writing this review and all of my other applications have zero issues. ***UPDATE*** It has now been over a month and still no fix with the connectivity issues!!!! 👎👎👎👎
Carissa Kramer 2021-02-28

Love this app! So fun and relaxing, with so many good customization options! Constantly coming up with new things and new snakes. The only thing I wish would change are the maps. I always get alerts that \'there\'s a new map come play\' but I never seem to land in the new maps. The lobby system is annoying in the sense that you constantly get thrown into the same maps and after a while you get over it. I would like to play these mentioned new maps, or maybe a system where you can choose.
Stefanie B. Finch 2020-06-11

The game is fun and the 3D graphics are great. However, I can\'t give the app five stars bc it constantly loses internet connection, or the connection is \"bad\". My snake becomes uncontrollable and slams in to objects. Also, the new \"friends\" mode needs work. We should be able to join a friend\'s game as a teammate instead of an opponent. It\'s really no different than regular play mode the way you have it set up. Make it to where we can drive through each other w/o dying where we battle as a team.
Red Wood 2020-06-04

It\'s a good io game. Really colorful! Kinda doesn\'t give enough rewards to customize your snek. I wish the drop rate for parts was better. The controls get a little weird and if your connection is bad you can lose. I\'d give more stars if it provided better a little bit more of a chart to show how close you are to the next reward and what that reward is.
Sofie Troth 2020-11-21

Brilliant! I really enjoy this game. It takes a while to get things, I usually use the gems I earn for gold boxes for coins to get the snakes I want. The daily tasks can be binned and reset after a few hours to swap for coins or gems. Plus the easy to claim freebies. I enjoy it, I have a decent stratagy for battle royal and gold rush. One thing I would suggest is being able to pick the map you want to play! And an NPC mode, not against other players would be nice.
Ken L 2020-07-19

It is fun,but I think it should have a custom private room with code for us to play with our family and friends. Hope the creator will improve the game like this, it will have more fun. But there bug in the game, when my snake is moving, the screen didn\'t go with the snake. That means when my snake move out of the screen, then I can\'t see it I only can see the ground. Please fix it.
Jena Lamp 2020-11-20

My daughter, boyfriend, and I all love this game and we have bought the battle pass for every season. My daughter has earned VIP status and rewards. On my daughter\'s tablet we are unable to purchase season 5. It tells us that there has been a problem and to try again later. She is heartbroken and disappointed over this. I have attempted to e-mail so that the issue can be resolved but so far no response. Update: They responded and fixed this issue!!!
Andri Scott 2020-11-21

This is by far the best .io type of game there is. I used to play slither.io when it first came out, which quickly became way too easy and boring. This immediately has way more to do, it looks better, the snakes are cooler, and the customization is crazy detailed. You can unlock parts, colors, portraits, boost trails, skins, etc. Not to mention there are multiple game types and they rotate the trophy challenges every few days instead of every couple of months. Best free game I\'ve seen so far!