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Description of Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games

Are you ready for a action-packed multiplayer FPS game? Sniper 3D is a fun online multiplayer FPS game – fight in a multiplayer arena and guild war to become the best sniper assassin in this fun multiplayer shooting game. With online and offline game modes, you can have fun and play anywhere, anytime.

Join Sniper 3D to prove your metal and become the best shot in the world!


- Sniper Story Campaign: Eliminate Targets to complete missions in 21 Cities to explore

- Compete in the Arena: a fast-paced multiplayer assassin game to become the world’s best sniper

- Squad Wars: Join a squad and play with your friends to defeat other assassin guilds

- Events: Weekly events to earn rare weapons and gear to increase your power

- Zombie Nightmare: Earn valuable rewards and save the cities in a unique Zombie Mode

- Shooting Range Challenge: Take aim and master your shot in the Shooting Range


- Collect & Upgrade over 150 Sniper Rifles & Other Weapons

- Build the best weapons; unlock guns and fun upgrades for ammo and grip, and special abilities

- Ultra-realistic 3D graphics

- Intuitive game controls

- Play with players as sniper assassins compete from around the world

- Get tactical with fun missions in offline mode or go online for all-out multiplayer war!

- Save hostages and become the army’s top sniper assassin

- Supports online and offline play.

Play this game for fun-to-master controls and countless exciting missions. Sniper 3D is a fun action-packed multiplayer FPS game that offers players versatile play modes for endless hours of multiplayer fun. Download the Sniper 3D FPS assassin game for to engage in online FPS multiplayer warfare. Enjoy the ultimate fun experience now with this online multiplayer FPS assassin game.

Links to Social Channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sniper3DGame/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playsniper3d/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaySniper3D

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.39.3 Publish Date:2021-11-15 Developer:Fun Games For Free

User Reviews


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A Google user 2021-02-15

It used to be a fun game but the developpers forced an update that makes you lose 25% of your time watching ads. That killed it for me. I\'m playing much less.
Chris Pridgen 2021-02-17

Game used to be really good but now it\'s just full of bots! The PVP area is totally unwinable. If you don\'t spend hundreds (and I mean 100\'s) of £\'s or $\'s you have no chance. You shoot guys and not get the points, or they appear out of nowhere,others just stand there until you shoot at them, then you get wasted with one shot!! There\'s no way they are human players. The game has been ruined, no fun at all any more.
Deftones Mike 2021-02-03

I like this game a lot. You can play the campaign (city to city) without paying $, just have to wait for lives to fill up. The real fun comes in PVP and World OPS though. To play PVP does require you to have diamonds (one of the 2 main forms of currency for online play) if you want to be any good and seriously compete with others around the world. Mainly to respawn and buy lives/energy to continue playing, which costs money. They have daily deals. This is the best Sniper game in the App stores.
Robbie Erwin 2021-02-19

Cost WAYY to much for any & all purchases. Even what you have earned you have to pay $49.95 to recieve! Insane. The game is fun to play but not without investing hundreds of dollars to to be able to advance. You could very easily spend $1,000 within 3 months of playing the game if you dont want to keep being killed for not having upgraded equipment!
Rick 2021-02-18

The sights sway alot ! I\'m using a mouse only, because I don\'t like using a keyboard and a mouse, I\'m not ambidextrous ! So you have to line up your sights and hurry and click on fire before your aim drifts to far off the target, which isn\'t always easy ! If I had a controller, and I knew how to link it to the game, it would probably help with the time it takes from moving from aiming to firing ! Other than that, I like it ! I recommend it, but I\'ve only be playing approximately for 10 minutes
MJ Crisman 2021-01-29

First off, this game is not free. Second, they have options to watch a \"video\" which is really an ad to get certain minor items such as 20 diamonds which is miniscule if you advance past the first level of the game or 1 time credit. Now, they have just incorporated intrusive advertising where they just throw ads after each mission. The unmitigated greed of these developers is unparalleled in my opinion. Game play is okay but to advance you will need to spend a lot of cash.
Evan Effertz 2021-01-27

The ads in this game are out of control. That\'s the only real complaint I have. The graphics, gameplay, and amount of content are all great. You can be competitive in the multiplayer (PvP) modes without spending real money. I understand that it\'s a free to play game and that the ads are part of what make the free-to-play model possible, but I\'ve played many free-to-play games and none come close to the amount of ad time you\'ll experience while playing this game.
Sarah Conway 2021-01-26

DON\'T DOWNLOAD! I am utterly pissed off with the new update! I have played this game daily for the longest time, and actually spend money on it! Now every single time I play a game I get an ad! I will NOT play it if every single time I play I have to watch an ad! I even pay for a membership! I\'m livid... It takes me less than 5 seconds to beat a level, but then I have to watch 30 seconds of ads! I\'m done! It\'s coming off of all my kids phones too! Fix this asap or you WILL lose your members!
Jorem Alinton 2021-01-30

So far when i play. I have enjoyed it. So much fun. But i will give 4 stars because the reward when you repeat a completed mission reduces to 80% compared to the first attempt. It is very difficult to earn money since upgrades are so expensive. I hope when i repeat the mission, you could atleast cut it to 50%. Thank you then i will give 5 stars after
Musa Abdu kmata 2021-01-20

This game is good but it\'s major problem now is the fact that when u upgrade a weapon iinsted of seeing the impact ,the zombies became more powerful as if the upgrade is useless no matter the cost !