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Description of Sniper Fury: Shoot 3D Guns

No running, just shooting! Collect hundreds of sniper guns to get the kill shot! 

Sniper Fury puts you in the middle of global 3D battlefields so that you can prove that you're the ultimate hitman. In this military gun game, you do more than kill targets; you deliver the final blow from the long barrel of a rifle.


Over a thousand missions that take you around the world, from the busy streets of Washington to the towering skyscrapers of Shanghai, each recreated in full 3D glory.


Equip sniper rifles, single shot repeaters, automatic assault weapons and more to accomplish your missions. There are hundreds of guns for you to collect and upgrade, so bring the best one to your next shoot out!


If you're a lone wolf, enjoy the story missions; if you like raids, go for the offline PvP; If you're into realtime shooting action, we have an Arena with up to 10 gunmen duking it out until the last man standing.

Did I mention the squad ops? Recruit hundreds of squadmates and send them out on covert ops while you're away.


Thousands of people are playing Sniper Fury - in clans or as a solo hunter. If it's glory you seek, earn your place on the leaderboard. If it's a sharpshooter story that you want, strike down your enemies in the campaign!

Aim & Shoot - It's as simple as that.

What are you waiting for? Let's see if you're a rookie or a real sniper legend!


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lable: Action - Games Current Version:6.1.1a Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:Gameloft SE

User Reviews


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Mike Lakey 2020-12-21

Don\'t bother if using mobile data. There was an exploit so instead of fixing the back door they put screws on the front and all the windows. You can only log in using WiFi now. One star is too gracious.
A Google user 2019-03-01

very great gameplay and graphics, and the action of explosions etc. It feels like you\'re playing call of duty or battle field. But other than that I find the controls of where you aim is terrible and because of that I can\'t really get any headshots and not enough time to shoot like want. but is still one of the best fun sniper games that I\'ve played.
Scott A 2019-02-24

the game was great until the update Feb 2019. Unable to secure weapons for next level. I went from silver league 1 down to a 3 and still unable to go back up. You have to spend your own cash to go up. Drone ops is a joke freezing up can\'t move the camera view can\'t fire your weapon then take 2 hours to repair.
Bernard Sumabat 2019-04-10

it\'s an amazing game! The graphic is Realistic! The PvP is fair and just on your Level! Upgrading weapons and equipments is attainable, it only takes patience if want it for free. The sad part is this is my second time to download, i was on level 52 and sniper fury didn\'t respond and lost all my progress even i have a strong internet connection. I hope you guys can fix this issue the soonest time possible. I highly recomend this game to all players who action and excitement! keep up the good work
Vincent Zerveskes 2020-04-17

Now the issue is finally fixed that was constantly dropping people from game, when they could actually log in. Now u can\'t upgrade any of your squad mates, regardless of their level or XP. You also still constantly get dropped from arena battles regardless of the quality of your internet connection. I average over 100mbps and still get dropped at minimum once every 4 arena battles. Fix the basic things and BRING BACK IN GAME CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ALL! Want people to sub? Fix the basics first...
Manvir auppal 2019-11-13

Too many pop ups have ruined the game besides this reconnecting isues and game stuck while loading at 69% is real pain. Don\'t spend very costly game. Pay to Win game. I\'ve deleted this game today 12 nov 2019 due to glitches bugs a d connectivity issues
OverWatch 2019-05-24

Most of all is you all servers. Worst game I\'ve ever played that keeps disconnecting using 4G LTE full bars. Go to the arena disconnect. Go to pvp plays through then disconnects. Be checking out equipement \"reconnecting\" comes up. So aggervating. Used 180k gold to power up a player, it goes backwards. Goes up, then back where it was because of connection issue. I mean like Seriously. I wont be spending any money on this game until fix. And i will re rate app as well once problems are resolved.
Prachitanayal Debata 2019-03-07

I have got 9 games of gameloft and 6 of them are unplayable and this is one of those games.Let me tell you why this game and the other 5 games are unplayable.this game and the other 4 games are unplayable because whenever I open these games the loading screen says to delete too much data and I have deleted 3478 MB but they are still saying to delete data. I am still stuck in the loading screen. and the other one game has got this problem-solving whenever I open the game the game closes.
Arthur Crooke 2020-10-10

Bugs, glitches and cheating getting worse. Around 10% of the time no rewards for victories, can play videos but do not get rewards have to re load game to carry on. Since last update takes longer to load, more frequante miss loads. Arena you always get disconnected 20% of the time. There are better games out there. Have not been able to claim rewards from playing video advertisements for around 2 months.
Troy Woollard 2020-06-02

Whats wrong with level 17? I got to it now everything lags where you cant play the main missions!!! Changing my rating to 1 star until you can fix this issue!!! Everything else works fine until u try the main missions and it lags bad. Its now impossible to get to level 18. I put 400 bucks into this game now i cant play it at all.