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Description of Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits Beyond Galaxy Update!

◆Benefits for new users! 30 times Selective Draw System added

Start with the L player of your choice by utilizing the recommended features

that are useful at the beginning of the game!

◆Player Usage Rate/ Winning Rate Search/ Automatic Balancing System added

End of discussion on balancing! Strategies make differences in Galaxy Super League & Galaxy Live

◆New L Player added

Bella, the savior of the Divinity, joins the Galaxy League!

Collapse the enemy with the flash attacker Bella's unique skill!

Illustration X Character Upgrade X Strategy Feel the endless fun on the ground!

▶Fantasy soccer card game that pleases your senses◀

“Fantastic illustration” Enormous scale of the card illustration!

30 well-known voice actors! Fantasy card soccer card with over 3,000 voice volumes!

▶It's not just an average card collection game! Various contents requiring elaborate strategies!◀

Use your brain at full capacity to form your deck and select commands! Real-time PvP Galaxy Live

A club match where you join a club and target other clubs' stadiums.

Coliseum match, which provides unique excitement with different game mechanisms.

Check out the update, strategies, and events below:

Facebook ▶https://www.facebook.com/bigballsc


▶Notice per Access Authority◀

The app needs permission to access the following to provide game service.




STORAGE: The authority is required to use an external memory storage for additional downloads.

PHONE: The permission is required to proceed with in-game events and rewards and will not affect calls.

CONTACTS: The permission is required to sync your friend list and Google Account.

※ You'll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above.

※ We recommend you to update your device to Android v6.0 or higher since you can't give permissions individually on versions below v6.0.

▶How to cancel the access authority you granted

You can change the access authority settings or deny the permission you gave even after you've agreed to the above.

[OS v6.0 or higher]

Go to Settings> Application Manager> Select the corresponding app> App Permissions> Agree or deny permission

[Below OS v6.0]

Upgrade your OS to deny permission or delete the app


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• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.4.1 Publish Date:2021-08-10 Developer:Com2uS

User Reviews


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ariel vankleef 2020-07-19

Look. I\'ve played this game for 4+ years and the main reason I kept this game was that yes it was a little grindy but it was fair for f2p players. After this new update I feel like I just got flicked off and stomped on. Years of collecting evolution characters, stat increase characters (swirlies will be missed), and the penguins gone. Fricking gone. The compensation for those characters is not worth the time I spent. This game has now turned to p2w and I hate it. I love this game and hate it now
A Google user 2019-10-07

Played for 5 years at 1st the game was fun then the P2w stuff became more unbearable. You have to hab a 6* char (dalgi) for you to even have a chance, balancing is trash i might quit because no longer find this game fun but more of a grind (gatcha is trash 0.002% for a 6*) if your f2p stay away... (i hate the meta of this game its all the same boring stuff)
Kimbriel Einstein Pagulayan 2020-07-19

After the update this game sucks. 1. they remove the power ups which is better to use and easier to aqcuire. 2. They remove the gp system in scouting instead changed it to golds which is not a good idea. 3. The story missions are horrible, they makes play 10x to get a 5 dia and 3 star. 4. The pvp battles are unbalanced. 5 . They remove the lvl up batte in space continuum which is a better way to level up new heroes. 6. They didnt even refund my previous mileage. 7. The loading takes too long.
Alfred Kay Dioso 2019-05-21

Great artwork and F2P friendly (lots of rewards for newbies to catch up). Very promising and unique gameplay too, team building is stimulating as well. If you\'re into teambuilding, soccer, and collecting, then this game is worth checking out. It\'s one of the best and most unique gachas out there.
Hido 2019-06-15

Okay I love this game but the thing is that it\'s nearly impossible to get your fave legend characters even when they have their chances boosted. Literally I had to create 100 of accs to get Choi (cause he\'s my fave). so the main problem would be the rate for legend characters are too low, it\'d be nice if it was 1% than .25. But overall game is fun and events are enjoyable so I gotta thank for all these.
Keshav Manorath 2019-03-08

I\'ve been playing this game from day one and I must say it is one of a kind. The art is amazing and the complex teams you can build with characters who have unique abilities is great for strategy lovers. Not necessarily p2w but more like pay to progess faster. I have acheived alot without having to spend a single dollar. Bb gives you lots of free rewards and events so it\'s definitely worth a play
Edgar Paz 2018-06-03

This is a game that completely took me by surprise. It\'s definitely a lot deeper than it first appears. But their lies it\'s only fault. You will have to invest some time to learn all the mechanics and how they work with each other. The tutorial at the beginning barley covers the basics, and the small hints throughout do not go in depth to some aspects of the game. Regardless this is one of those game that gives back, the more you begin to understand its features.
Definitely Dori 2018-06-01

With the new update came a lot of improvements to the UI and the new player experience. As a long time player I couldn\'t recommend this game more! The gameplay is pretty unique with a depth I personally couldn\'t find anywhere else. If you just want a waifu game there\'s probably better, this takes some decent time investment...but for actual gameplay I\'ve found nothing better :)
David 2020-10-29

The voice acting is wonderful. The art is beautiful. Experimenting as you build a team of your favourite players is time-consuming, but fun. The REBORN update has significantly lowered the entry hurdle for new players. However, I do not recommend playing this for those weak of heart, or for small whales. You have to dedicate at least an hour every single bloody day to the infinite grind in order to make progress. Most of your time will be spent auto-ing matches. You have been warned.
Marv Marv 2020-07-18

Ohhhhh boy, so there was a huge patch, that has brought many pros and cons to the table Pros: some of those $100 skins have had their prices lowered to affordable, it is a lot easier to get legendaries, new UI Cons: rewards that gave the premium currency have been nerfed, there\'s not nearly enough tries for spirals, both L and SR, new UI, also the custom draw could use some tweaks, I think it\'d be great if you could choose both the SR and L you have a chance if drawing, similar to Brave Nine