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* Truth Seeking, Heartfulness & Self Growth Spirituality App ❤️

* Change your life and relationships in just 15min / day 📈

* Best mental-health & spiritual guide to become your higher self 😇

Do you want to lead a more purposeful happier life, love yourself, and have healthier relationships? Well life improvement and self betterment starts with Socreates – the self help app that is your customized personal growth guide to a more meaningful life. Awaken your wisdom, self-awareness, willpower, mindfulness, self determination, and spirituality for mental health, spiritual health, relationship help.

93% users say our introspection app helped them have higher self-awareness

72% users say our spirituality & introspective app helped them get to root causes of stress, anxiety, unhappiness

67% users say our self betterment app helped them feel like life has more meaning

👉 There is no secret to leading a fulfilling life: Ask insightful questions of yourself for better introspection; Answer from your heart; Let go of old patterns and beliefs; Allow better feeling emotions, mindset, willpower.

It’s easy to adopt life-changing habits with Socreates, the best self observation, heartfulness selfcare app to calm the mind and get daily motivation for wellbeing, happiness, and spirituality.

Hack your perspective, introspective, and self knowledge for a limitless mind & willpower with our personal growth app.


Socreates the self wisdom & self improvement app pairs Socratic questioning with short, animated insight videos to help you make your most important changes in just 15 min a day & know yourself. As Socrates said "An unexamined life is not worth living." The self observation topics of our online self help app include:

- Healthier relationships

- Be less judgmental

- No longer fear commitment

- Stopping self-sabotage

- Developing intuition


- What is my life’s purpose?

- How to embrace my shadows?

- How can I have more freedom and achieve happiness?

🔧TUNE-UP YOUR MOOD Socreates’ 33 Second Tune-Ups are ways of empowerment to feel good. Try:

- Anxiety & Stress Gone

- Self-Love to love-yourself

- Gratitude

- Sadness Release

- Abundance

😢 RELEASE HEAVY EMOTIONS: VentBox™ provides a safe, secure space 24/7 to vent out anger, frustration, sadness, jealousy, depression, disappointment, judgment, impatience and focus on self knowledge, self discipline and impulse control. Meaning this self introspection tool builds coping skills. Vents self-destruct 24 hours.

🙏 SAVE POSITIVE EMOTIONS: HeartBox™ provides a safe place 24/7 to record your gratitude, joy, and blessings so you can reawaken positivity when you are feeling sad, depressed, angry.

🧩INTEGRATE CHANGE Socreates Sacred Geometry Pulses are 6 minute sound healing and sacred geometry practices :

- Fears Be Gone

- Freedom into Oneness

- New Beginnings

- Opening Chakras

- Third Eye

💚 PRACTICE HEARTFULNESS Socreates’ Heartfulness Flow practices are 10 minute guided meditations with calming sound healing and sacred geometry for Self-Love, Self Therapy, Self-Care, Self Growth, Stress Relief, Anxiety Management, Relaxation, Anxiety Relief, Restful Sleep.

- Rediscover Inner Power

- Reignite Romance

- Cut Heavy Emotions & Commitment

- Release Trauma

- Awaken Breakthrough Self-Love

♥️ Try the anti-stress, spirituality & self improvement, selfhelp app for free and start taking care of your wellbeing, mental health, and spirituality!


Subscription pricing and terms: 3 day Free Trial then $3.99/mo or $33.99/year.

Terms of Use: https://socreates.com/terms-of-use

Payment Terms: https://socreates.com/socreates-terms-of-payment

Privacy Policy: https://socreates.com/privacy-policy

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User Reviews


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Didem Altop 2020-11-21

A new genre of heartfulness unto itself... So much mind, heart & soul energy behind each self reflection series and related insight video and flow exercise... take your time to internalize, appreciate and enjoy each step.
Milosh 2020-11-20

It a cool app for changing your life to the better with daily meditation and understanding of what goes in changing your mind
Belinda Fleischmann 2020-11-18

This app is designed to help you connect with and your deepest truth. I have benefited greatly from Socreates and highly recommend it to everyone. It\'s a true gem!! ❤️ Let\'s all do our part to live from the heart.
Elyce Leach Jones 2020-12-22

Great program, very well thought out, put together and not only does what it claims to in its description but it\'s also very user friendly and easy to navigate.
Ikhide Okhamafe 2020-12-11

Socreates is perfect for helping you make important changes in your life. Highly recommended for New Years\' Resolutions, or generally, if you desire to change how you approach your life.
Abhayjot Saini 2020-11-15

I Loved the concept and content 👍👍
Umesh Sharma 2021-01-20

Socreates is so different from other apps… I thought it would be just another meditation app, but boy, was I wrong? The content is amazing and really well thought out. It makes you think about the way you’ve been facing your life. Kudos to the creators… The world needs more understanding and compassion… Socreates brings that!
Dipesh Saini 2020-11-15

I loved this Application
Jamie Nicole 2020-12-17

Sarah Whyte 2021-01-02

Best Guided self help App