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Description of Solace LGBT

Solace is a free mobile application, currently region-locked to the USA, for transgender individuals, as well as the parents and guardians of transgender youth, which enables its users to plot out their transition, access credible information for how to accomplish their legal, medical, and lifestyle goals, stay informed about news that may impact their goals, and track their progress.

Using Solace, users can learn how to accomplish goals like updating the name and gender marker on their legal ID, coming out to friends and family, and learning what legal rights they may have (or not) in their state. For instance, if one of the user’s goals is to update their legal documentation,

Solace will show the steps for their state/territory, what documentation the user will need to provide, etc.

By providing the current information relevant to each specific goal and then allowing users to mark the task complete, Solace empowers our users to complete these tasks with confidence and see themselves moving forward through their transition in real time. At any time, users can also browse Solace’s Discover page to see a full list of all the actions and goals (currently 700+ in total) that Solace provides information for. If users discover something that they didn’t realize was possible for them before, they can add it to their road map at any time.

[NOTE: We are not medical or legal experts. The information within Solace is intended as a general informational resource and does not constitute specific medical or legal advice. The content provided represents our best-faith effort to synthesize disparate sources into a general educational resource and is constantly evolving as new information becomes available - we cannot make any guarantee as to its accuracy or relevance to any individual. We recommend, in the strongest terms possible, consulting with a legal or medical expert who can tailor the information provided to your unique case and allow you to use it safely and confidently.]

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Crowdbotics

User Reviews


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Lennox Espinosa 2020-06-30

I love how I can keep track of what I want to do still within my transition and keep myself accountable. I also love the fact that each section has resources and info to help with the specific goal. So helpful!
Surgeon 2014 2020-11-04

Definitely still has room to grow, but I still find it wonderful in its current state.
Kiara LaBelle 2020-10-24

Amazing app! Great information for transitioning. It has helped me so much since I downloaded it. I absolutely recommend Solace!
eat-vegetables 2020-01-06

Other reviews have noted the app has room to grow to serve NB people better. Here\'s my review as a trans woman. The app gives basic, helpful advice on a broad range of topics. It could be useful to those considering transition or new to transition alike. It covers tips for gender presentation as well as relevant advice and information for medical and legal transition. Exploring this app was a good way to review what steps in transition I want to take and what I\'ll need to do to achieve them.
Cameron Gilbert 2020-01-04

Cool idea, Too binary. Beautiful colors and easy to use. But the app assumes goals based on pronoun choice (eg I got masculinizing goals because I chose \"he\" pronouns, but what if I want feminizing goals and I\'m not comfortable using feminine pronouns yet?). Only \"they\" pronouns are available for nonbinary folks, no write-in option. Potential to be an awesome resource though
Sly Fox 2020-08-16

so far absolutely amazing, it\'s helpful, educational, and all around an incredible app. I highly recommend for any gender neutral, non-binary, or transgender person.
Star Rose 2020-02-28

I\'m nonbinary and had a very hard time with this. It was all either FtM or MtF, with nothing really for me and what I want from a transition. This app is very rooted in the gender binary, so I wouldn\'t recommend it for my nonbinary pals. :/
g me 2020-12-12

Damn this is a good resource. I really want to make that clear, because even though there are issues in the interface that could really stand to be worked out, it\'s an app that is using its potential in a lot of good ways. To keep it short so I don\'t hit character limit; the app should not tie available transition information to selected pronouns, names and pronouns should be changeable, and there should be a way to learn about goals before you add them. Will bump to five when this is improved.
Beachy T 2020-04-14

i love how this is coming along, but some things could be improved. for one, things like \"gender confirmation surgery\" or \"dealing with being misgendered\" have the same title no matter what the contents are. itd be nice if there was a way to either preview it at the goal selection screen, or have an option to remove it on your goals page, or rename them all to be more fitting for the specific contents.
Jack Steele 2020-01-31

I wish you could customize your goals more. Gender confirmation surgery is listed as one goal for transmasc individuals, though for us it is often more than one procedure. I would like to be able to make getting a hysterectomy one goal, meta/phallo another, etc.