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Description of Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm

Widget available on Premium pack!

Do you experience different levels of sleepiness and alertness throughout the day? Would you like improve your sleep cycle? Have you ever felt poorly because of jet lag?

Improve your sleep cycle, productivity and reduce jet lag with this app.

Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm syncs the Solar time with your Local time and shows important events based on Circadian rhythm.

What is the Circadian Rhythm?

All species have a timing mechanism, or 'clock,' that controls periods of activity and inactivity. These clocks are known as circadian rhythms and refer the cycle of physiological and biological processes that fluctuate on a roughly 24-hour timetable. You have probably noticed these tendencies yourself, feeling more energetic and alert during peak periods of the day and more lethargic and run-down at other times of the day. Circadian rhythms also impact body temperature, pain sensitivity, mental alertness, physical strength, and the senses.



Circadian disruptions such as jet lag put us in conflict with our natural sleep patterns, since the shift in time and light cues on the brain forces the body to alter its normal pattern to adjust. This is why jet lag can leave travelers feeling poorly and having more difficulty thinking and performing well. But these symptoms can also occur in everyday life, when the circadian rhythm is disrupted by keeping long and irregular hours.

Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm helps you to keep a regular sleep schedule and allow plenty of time for quality sleep,allowing these two vital biological components, the sleep/wake restorative process and the circadian rhythm, to help you perform at your best.

The app will notify when a circadian event starts.

The alarm will adjust gradually as sunrise time change throughout the year.

Use the app as a natural alarm clock that you can set to wake up.

Enjoy Solar Clock and reconnect with your circadian rhythm!

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User Reviews


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James Gu 2016-10-21

Pretty Neat Tried booking meetings with circadian clock peak brain time turned out great! One drawback is that you can\'t shift this according to personal needs, for example, the clock is telling me to get up at 7:30am - can\'t do that or I\'d be late for work. Wish there is a way to tweak the schedules. And dinner at 9:30pm doesn\'t look reasonable…
Shaw Family 2017-01-24

It seems accurate. I notice I\'m hungry or active right before the alarm comes up. It helps me wake up in a.m. Wish it had more algorithms for age, habits, etc. Was accurate when we changed time zones and helped me adapt quicker.
Keith Carl 2019-01-18

I\'ve used this for about a year. It is useful to live naturally with the sun and not according to clock time, especially with the abomination of DST. Also use it as a prayer reminder for Divine Office. I wish that I could assign a different notification for the app, ideally for each event, to reduce confusion. Would like to tweak intervals, and set other alarms according to an actual solar clock (12 hours of day/12 of night).
John Kelly 2020-07-27

The idea behind this app is a good one but there are several problems I see with it. 1) It presumes the following: a) 90 minute sleep cycles b) A single block of sleep consisting of 5 sleep cycles c) User is able to sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 and/or d) Wants to stay up past midnight or for hours after dark. 2) The problems with these presumptions are: a) Not everyone\'s sleep cycles are the same b) Biphasic sleep is more natural c) Unless the user is self-employed, a farm or other outdoor, worker whose schedule is based on actual daylight hours, then the app is impractical d) Before the advent of the electric light, most people went to bed shortly after dark, no matter the time of the year. e) They would sometimes wake in the middle of the night on longer nights but they would go to the bathroom, have a snack, read or make love until they felt like going back to sleep then would rise with the sun. This app takes none of that into consideration. 3) Some solutions, in my opinion, are to allow the user to specify: a) Number of 90 minute sleep cycles or desired hours to sleep per night b) User specific phasic sleep habits c) Work schedule d) Time drowsiness starts to occur. If the purpose of this app is to rehabilitate a person\'s sleep, eating, and mental hygiene habits, then make it more user friendly but allow the app to suggest when it is time to move to the next level of rehabilitation. In other words, would you expect a severely out of shape, obese and ailment ridden person to just jump out of bed one day and start an Olympic level training routine. NO! They would start out with what they can comfortably do, with little risk, and work toward the Olympic level training.
ocelot the great 2019-10-27

Please fix defects: widget is cut from top and bottom. Share button does not work on main screen. All events are not visible at the same time - some overlap another ones.
Ivan Shterev 2017-02-22

It\'s great. It motivates me to live a normal life. The only problem is it doesn\'t start automatically with the system, so if I forget to start it, I don\'t get the notifications. Other than that it\'s simply amazing ! =)
JCRaptorGene 15 2019-06-29

I fine this app to be a good nudge in the right direction on when to take breaks, eat, etc. and getting confirmation about h I w I feel at certain times of the day is grounding. Feature request: please make it easier to see the day as a whole in terms of the time frames for each activity.
Aeon Stark 2020-05-11

I have been using the app for about 4yrs and it has been very helpful. It works on all four seasons, so for example to maximize your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to benefit from the nutrition, I look at the optimal time during that season to plan my meal. The same for best time to exercise and sleep and much more. It based on your location and goes by the sun and moon rising and setting time, so if I take a trip it automatically synced my new location. Highly recommended.
Hippie Chick 2018-03-18

You need to use the ringtones/notification tones that come with the phone. I tried using zedge ringtones and they didn\'t work. It seems that there is more to the app than is explained, like sometimes the inner circle shows different colors that don\'t go all the way around. I wish the creators would better explain what everything is on the widget. I\'ve purchased the premium so I can get the alarm that slowly gets louder...worth it. It doesn\'t jar me awake like most alarms do. But, the photos of the app here say that you can set it to show the night or day as a background...I don\'t see anything about premium other than the gradual alarm. Needs better explanation.
John Jenkinson 2017-02-27

Nice schedule. The alarm goes off about 15 minutes before sunrise instead of at sunrise. The birds chirping cause the birds outside to start chirping and they sound confused.