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Description of Solar System Scope

Solar System Scope is a fun way of Exploring, Discovering and Playing with the Solar System and Outer Space.

Welcome to the Space Playground

Solar System Scope (or just Solar) contains many views and celestial simulations, but most of all - it brings you closer to the furthest reaches of our world and lets you experience lots of fantastic space sceneries.

It aspires to be the most illustrative, easy to understand and simple to use space model.

3D Encyclopedia

In Solar’s unique encyclopedia you will find the most interesting facts about every planet, dwarf planet, every major moon and more – and everything is accompanied by realistic 3D visualizations.

Solar’s encyclopedia is available in 19 languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. More languages are coming soon!

Nightsky Observatory

Enjoy Stars and constellation of the night sky as viewed from any given location on Earth. You can point your device at the sky to see all objects in their proper place, but you can also simulate Night sky in the past or in the future.

Now with advanced options that let you simulate ecliptic, equatorial and azimuthal line, or grid (among other things).

Scientific Instrument

Solar System Scope calculations are based on up-to-date orbital parameters published by NASA and let you simulate celestial positions at any given time.

For Everyone

Solar System Scope is well suited for all audiences and ages: It is enjoyed by space enthusiasts, teachers, scientists, but Solar is successfully used even by children of 4+ years of age!

Unique Maps

We are proud to present a very unique set of planetary and moon maps, that let you experience a true-color space as never before.

These accurate maps are based on NASA elevation and imagery data. Colors and shades of the textures are tuned according to true-color photos made by Messenger, Viking, Cassini and New Horizon spacecrafts, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Basic resolution of these maps is for free – but if you would like the best experience, you can check out the highest quality, which is available with In-App purchase.

Join our vision

Our vision is to build the ultimate space model and bring you the deepest space experience.

And you can help - try Solar System Scope and if you like it, spread the word!

And don’t forget to join the community and vote for new features on:



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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.2.4 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:INOVE, s.r.o.

User Reviews


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Abhimanyu Marmath 2020-07-01

Amazing, only thing is that it is missing exoplanets, and we cannot visit the galactic center, also, it does not have the inner structure of stars other than the sun, and no neutron stars, no black holes. But the application is still great. It covers the entire galaxy. I like it a lot. Please add exoplanets like Proxima Centuari B and black holes and neutron stars and surface pictures of the planets
Blaqberri Management 2020-10-06

Thank you for putting this app in the store, I\'m a fan. I was especially encouraged when for a tiny fee, I was able to upgrade to premium and skip the annoying ads. I\'m now \"exploring\" this tiny portion of our cosmos to my heart\'s content. For the first time, I found myself gaping at oddly shaped, cookie-dough looking moons from our solar system that I never even knew existed. I am fascinated to say the least.☄☄☄
Nayna Singh 2020-07-21

This app is great. Really. I have been in love with the starry sky since I was 8 and finding this app just made me go wild with happiness. Though it could use an update since I tried to find the comet Neowise that is visible in the present skies of my country but it shows no result. Hopefully it will be added so I don\'t have to wait for another 6800 years for it to come back.
Deepmala Meena 2020-08-06

It is a very good app. Everything looks real in it. My little sister is only 4 but she know much about earth and earth\'s rotation and revolution. I only want to say that it\'s a best app for solar system. But there\'s also a problem, whenever I zoom in or out it could not do it properly. I zoomed in for Bellatrix star it always deflected aside from the star. Pls do sometimes about this.
Joey E Hoyt 2019-07-13

My 3-year old daughter and I enjoy this app together nightly. She will often say, \"I wanna look at the Earth,\" before bed in lieu of having a story read to her. The different scale options (one shows plants/ stars in realistic scale and one makes them appear more evenly sized) are terrific at providing perspective on how the celestial objects in our solar system compare in size and at making the viewing experience more user friendly on a mobile device. Top notch updates, graphics, and info.
zagreb boris 2020-08-13

It\'s great app!!! So many information, well organized, nice graphics. But it seems that after upgrade nothing happens - the resolution of the maps is the same as before. There is one issue - app doesn\'t save settings, even if you press \"save\". Every time after start it up, you have to go in settings and press \"load\". It\'s very annoying.
Chim Phụng Hoàng Mèo 2019-03-31

Thank you for updating the number of Jupiter\'s moons to 79. You should put down how many moons each planet has. Pluto is the largest dwarf planet, not the second. It is the second most massive dwarf planet. Eris is the second largest known dwarf planet. It is the most massive dwarf planet.
Bryan L. Scott 2020-06-07

Really an amazing app. It\'s better than any other app. Other apps people have used they can\'t tell if it\'s correct when pointed in the sky. They get all backwards so u think you\'re looking at something it\'s not. I am glad I found this app. I won\'t use any other app. Nothing but 5 stars even for the non paid app. To upgrade it\'s only $2.49. Still amazing
Evan Kyze 2020-01-10

This app is the most unique and incredible experience I\'ve had on a cellular device. It worked beautifully on my Note 10+ .The controls were straight forward. The performance was smooth. And the Rendering was the best I\'ve seen for a solar walk app. If you live in just the right time period to explore a solar system in vivid color and detail with accurate rotation it would be a d*** shame to pass it up.
AISHANI das 2020-04-06

This app is just amazing. This app can\'t be described by words. The graphics are like real and I feel as I\'m in the real space. This app is very useful for young learners. I\'m also a young learner and I\'ve learned many new things from this app. It also gives us knowledge from encyclopedia. Of you are thinking to buy a space encyclopedia, just install this for free and you\'ll learn everything of solar system.This app is good for children as well as teenagers an good for old age as well.Thanks🎭