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Description of Solitaire Academy

You may have played a lot of Solitaire,

but you have never played this kind of Solitaire before.

Solitaire Academy bring Klondike Solitaire to a whole new level with magic and strategy.

To all those who enjoy solitaire,

We give you an open invitation enter the world of Solitaire Academy.

If you are tired of playing normal Solitaire and desire bigger challenges,

Solitaire Academy will definitely give you an overwhelming experience.


• Set in a Magical Academy, surround yourself in mystery and magic ambience to experience the most unique form of Solitaire ever.

• A more strategic spin on Klondike Solitaire!

• A Magic system that lets you get the vital card you need!

• A 3D Solitaire game created through the Unity3D, with a beautiful blend of eye-catching fantasy effects in Solitaire.

• Massive rewards through win streaks!

• Daily Bingo games that become progressively difficult, perfect to challenge skilled players in Solitaire Academy!

• All games can be solved! Brilliantly crafted game patterns that are designed to make anyone a master of Magic Solitaire step by step!

• Meet and get to know other Solitaire fans from all across the globe in Solitaire Academy!

• A Hall of Fame that will engrave your name in the history of Solitaire Academy!

• It’s more fun to play with friends, invite friends to games and challenge their record!.

• Dozens of beautiful card back themes, just waiting for you to collect!

• Weekly World Ranking! Compete the greatest Solitaire players from all over the world for great fame and rewards!

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More Information Of Solitaire Academy

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.15.1 Publish Date:2021-05-20 Developer:Bonus Winner Online Entertainment Co. Ltd.

User Reviews


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Frances Landers 2019-07-08

Love this game, played for months! Ran into some trouble on the app. Contacted them and they worked really hard to resolve the issue. Thanks Solitaire Academy, new player for life!
Ashton Pierce 2020-01-04

Fun. And addicting. Most games with traditional solitaire are repetitive and lack excitement. This does not fail.
Valonda Moscini 2019-01-29

I\'m not usually a fan of solitaire but this game is fun and challenging.
Jenn 2020-03-02

I like the game idea but the daily quest do not work right and when you contact the developer they NEVER respond. Disappointed.
Diane Himes 2019-12-28

I only started playing this week sometimes it\'s so hard but I surprise myself. Hats off to the person who had the idea.
susanne sauer 2020-06-07

It\'s very fun.. different spin on a beloved card game
Jennifer Gaylor 2020-06-27

If you just wanta play a game of solitare, solitarily as intended, this is NOT the game for you.
Jessica Fox 2019-12-28

Doesnt give the cards you need so you automatically fail and have to use gems. Glad i didnt connect my fb
Robin Benn 2019-07-02

it keeps om kicking me out of the game. I am uninstalling and I will not be re installed on phone or tablet
Bewitched Samantha 2020-05-08

Great Game To Pass The Time. You can be competive and have friends help you too. FUN!