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Description of Solitaire: classic card game

Relax with our Free and Funny Classic Solitaire Game!

Join the million players who are playing freely and daily at our awesome card game!

This enjoyable and funny game, also known as “Klondike Solitaire” or “Game of Patience” is one of the most popular card games in the world!

Solitaire will be your ideal “hobby”, and will allow you to train your brain daily!

Features of our Awesome Game of Klondike Solitaire:

♥ A funny game of patience!

♠ Unlimited games to play endlessly!

♦ An awesome game that fits both beginners and experts!

♣ Winning card draws to make sure you win every time!

♥ Random and challenging card draws to train your brain!

♠ Daily solitaire klondike challenges to complete each day!

♦ A classic mode to play just like on your computer!

♣ A vegas mode to win dollars, fictional of course 😊!

♥ Hints to figure out which card to move!

♠ The ability to play in right-handed mode or left-handed mode!

♦ Statistics to find out how many games you’ve won, your percentage of success, etc...!

♣ Themes to change the look of your game cards!

♥ Backgrounds to customize your awesome game of solitaire klondike!

♠ The ability to play without wifi or internet connection, in offline mode!

Play Solitaire: classic card game, Now!

Classic Klondike Solitaire stands out from other card games with its many qualities and its many possible customizations that make it one of the best classic card games!

Don’t hesitate anymore! Join the million players who love this funny game of klondike solitaire and enjoy this enjoyable “hobby” in 2021!

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More Information Of Solitaire: classic card game

lable: Card - Games Current Version:6.4 Publish Date:2021-07-30 Developer:Lezigame

User Reviews


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Rochelle Segle 2020-02-13

Fun game. Very minimal commercials. I love that you get a little pop up to let you know when you are out of moves! I highly recommend this game if you love to play solitare!! And this is probably the first time I have ever given a review like this.
Heidi Carter 2019-12-02

I have been playing solitaire for many years. This version of the game is wonderful. It is so easy to find a way to manipulate around. I am an elderly person who is not very technical with all the new formats that appear so often. I have tried many other solitaire games from the play store and this one was much more user-friendly for me. Thank you so much for a game I can play with confidence. HMC
sandra holbrook 2020-05-16

Love this game! I\'ve tried others and this is the best by far. There is no hesitation when turning cards over. The other ones you have to keep hitting the card and then when it does work you turn over 2 or 3 cards! Waste of time! 💓
F bundy 2020-03-30

Great! It allows you to see other moves that may not be obvious, and that you were not aware you could make. Random play feature allows you to win enough to encourage, not discouraged playing. Has as a bonus... You can select background. I like the cool winter scenery ! Enjoy ☺
S. Achter 2020-12-09

Great game. Some hints, but basically lets you play on your own. In a real game, you shouldn\'t be able to win every time. I like that it\'s more real than some games. This game gives you a winning deal or a random deal, I like that you can choose. I like the daily challenges, too, although I\'m not fast enough to win time challenges much. Highly recommend!
Brenda Snider 2020-08-16

Awesome game. Very short ads like 5 seconds. Omg so in love with it. Play it every chance I get. Want a quick game to play this is the one. Beautiful backgrounds too. Really looks like the cards are shuffled and split on it too. Giving it a perfect score. Not 1 problem since I started playing several months ago. Go get this one. You won\'t be disappointed. 😁❤
Derek SandWater 2020-09-10

I didn\'t even get to play!!! There was this thing that popped up in the beginning that said \"Thanks for installing this game.\" With no way to get rid of it. I was trying for a very long time before I decided it was too irritating and I went straight here to give it 1 star!(Wish it were 0) Get rid of this or ad an x button to get it off!!! I deleted the game and I am not going to install it again.
Leslie Gierke 2020-07-19

Only one issue. There is an ad for medicare that will not disappear. It actually will not let u continue with game or other apps on phone. Must shut down and restart the phone. I went looking for another solitaire game but like this one the best. Other ads can\'t pop up so u are getting screwed too.
Paul Markham 2021-01-31

I installed it again by mistake after not realising that I had used it before. Much better than expected. However, the programmers had far too much time on their hands. When starting it I leave the system to deal – it takes a very long time. So I look at email or do something else. Often I never return to play as dealing takes so long. Otherwise, the game is fairly random.
RMGI 2020-09-10

This game gives the option to random hands or solvable ones which I love. I really appreciate that the ads are short and you can discard them once you have seen a couple of seconds. I hate the ones that force to wait 30 seconds or God forbid, more to keep playing. What I would change is the cursive lettering onto script because it takes a lot of space and the layout feels a bit tight.