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Description of Solitaire Collection Fun

Solitaire Collection Fun is a UNIQUE solitaire card game, including the classic solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike), Spider, FreeCell, etc. You can enjoy this amazing solitaire collection card game and keep challenging yourself. It will bring you great fun and help you keep your brain smart & sharp.


Classic Solitaire Collection

We integrate various solitaire card games for you, including Patience or Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, Pyramid, Yukon, etc. You can enjoy all the classic solitaire card games we mentioned above in Solitaire Collection Fun with no need for additional download.

Creative Solitaire Card Game

Besides the classic solitaire gameplay, you can also find creative features like "Star Chests", "Tournaments" and "Daily Challenges" to have more fun.

Interesting Special Events

We will hold special events (such as “Save the Fish”, “Fast Food Restaurant”, “Racing Game” and “Flower Shop”) from time to time to bring you more fun and freshness. You can join in these special events and win various extra rewards.

Unique Cards and Victory Animations

Playing deals will not only keep your brain smart & sharp, but also bring you lots of coins and stars, which can be used to unlock exquisite card faces/backs, gorgeous backgrounds, and wonderful animations.

Support Multi-Language and Left-handed Mode

To ensure the best gaming experience for millions of players worldwide, we make the game possible for more than 20 languages and add left-handed/right-handed modes. You can switch to different languages and choose your prefered mode at any time!


- Beautifully Designed Themes

- Free Undo

- Free Hint

- Daily challenges with different levels

- Up to 10 top records

- Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card or 3 cards

- Timer mode

- Left-handed mode

- Single tap or drag & drop to move cards

- Auto-collect cards on completion

- Play offline! No Wi-Fi required

Games Included


In Classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), try to collect all the cards in 1-card mode or 3-card mode.


Play with two decks of cards. Depending on the difficulty, the deck consists of one, two or four different suits. Try to collect them with the fewest moves possible!


Win a game by creating four stacks of cards, one per suit. The secret of winning is the extra four cells!


Combine two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the board. Challenge yourself to reach the top of the Pyramid and clear as many cards as you can!


Select cards in a sequence, earn combo points, and clear as many boards as you can before you run out of deals!


Looking for more challenges? Try to solve all daily challenges! The challenges are guaranteed to be solvable and will be updated every day!

If you want to start an amazing FREE solitaire challenge, don't hesitate to download and enjoy this amazing solitaire card game NOW!


Please feel free to contact us at [support@solitairegame.freshdesk.com] if you have any questions. Once we receive your email, our professional support team will respond and help you as soon as possible.

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More Information Of Solitaire Collection Fun

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.56 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Classic Solitaire Games Ltd.

User Reviews


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Doris Vasel 2020-07-24

I really like this game. You have several solitaire games in 1 place. The reason I didn\'t give it 5 stars is because of not being able to buy magic wands. You already have ads between each game (which can be stopped after 5 seconds), but then you have to set through a 30 second ad for the magic wands. You should have an option to buy it if you have the points or watch the ads. Why have points accumulate if you can\'t use them??? I\'m going to uninstall this game. SO TIRED OF THE ADS!!!!!!
Christina Okeson 2020-08-01

When I first began playing, there were few ads. Now there are ads at every single opportunity -- when you win something, before you move on, etc. It\'s absolutely ridiculous. It\'s one thing to have ads to support an app -- I get it. But if you want to watch more ads (the same ones, too) than enjoy actual game time, this is the download for you.
Cory Kent 2020-12-05

It says Solitaire Collection, but as far as I can tell, it\'s only one solitaire game: Klondike Solitaire. One game is not a collection. Klondike is okay fun to play, but fun value wears out really fast. If you like Klondike in particular, this is a great version to play, but I like more variety. Response to developer: There\'s no home screen. When I start the game it goes right into a Klondike game. No home button, exit button, back button. No visible display of other solitaire games.
Janet Stark 2020-11-16

Only 3 stars because of the ads. I intentionally watch the one after the game for the extra coins, but then sometimes there will be another ad after I collect those coins. I have sat through up to 6 ads or more just to play one hand of Tri-Peaks solitaire. That is overkill. 5 stars for the backgrounds, card face and back choices, they are beautiful. 3 stars for the animations after the game, they are too elaborate and take too much time. I just want to play a game. 11/16/2020 I\'m deleting game
z m 2020-10-04

Wow, this is the best, best, absolute best-est(!) solitaire game I\'ve found. At first I wasn\'t sure I\'d like it cuz it kinda looked like there was just too much going on...but it\'s all well set up, none of the features interrupt the others, and they all have really good, varied bonuses. Seriously, you just gotta try it. It\'s great! 😄
Andrea Hughes 2020-04-26

Not designed for you to win. I made multiple attempts even using all the hints, challenge game after game -- unwinnable, unless you watch video and a lot of times not even then. You may get an additional move or two until it wants you to view another video. I played along one time, four videos before I quit. I understand ads, I used to work in TV/ Radio, but these games are only there to provide spacing between the ads. Also, constant battle moving cards from one column to another. I\'m gone!
Jenette Ellsworth 2020-12-17

UPDATE!! The game no longer freezes. BUT, it still OFTEN ends the game saying there are no more useful moves when there are still moves. I usually close the message, and continue on. Sometimes I even win the game. So I wish I could turn this feature off. Its not reliable. But other than that, its the best mix if solitaire games I\'ve found! And not too many ads
Theresa Curtis 2020-03-10

UPDATE : Have uninstalled due to the 30 second ads after EVERY game. It started out really great and I loved it but in the past few weeks, the ads have become way too much. Disappointing because the game itself is fantastic. Have now found other Solitaire games which don\'t have so many ads.
Keila 2021-02-01

Best collection of card games I have ever played! The graphics are awesome, but the game play is what has me stuck!! I really love that they\'ve broken down the rewards, so with each win, the reward is a new card, to a deck, or a new background, etc.. This game has kept my interest, thanks to being just challenging enough, with more than fair rewards, but not so much that I\'ll be able to finish every level anytime soon! The devs really knew what they were doing when thinking of the players! WTG!
Michelle Jarvi 2020-07-31

I really enjoy this app. I even paid to have the ads removed after I installed it. After about a month of playing, the company starts adding ads back. Now I have to pay again to have them removed? When I paid initially it was a one time payment. That should be honoured. Very disappointed with this developer.