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Description of Solitaire Collection

In this Solitaire collection, we kept the games true to the spirit of best classic solitaire games, including Klondike, FreeCell and Spider solitaire. We specifically optimized the games for unmatchable Solitaire experiences on mobile phones and tablets. With many beautiful Themes and Daily Challenges, you will find this all-in-one Solitaire Collection to be the best solitaire games.


In Classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), try to collect all the cards in 1 card or 3 card mode. Don’t forget to try the Vegas scoring mode as well!


Play with two decks of 52 cards each. Depending on difficulty, the deck consists of one, two or four different suits. Try to collect them with fewest moves possible!


Win a game by creating four stacks of cards, one per suit. The secret of winning is the extra four cells!


Looking forward for more challenges? Try to solve all daily challenges! The challenges are guaranteed solvable and will be updated every day!


Join the tournament and play against real players from all over the world, practice your skills and get the first place in the weekly rank leaderboard!

Game highlights:

♠ The best of Solitaire games (Including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and so on)

♠ Addictive and challenging

♠ Optimized for mobile phone play

♠ Beautiful and customizable themes

Our Game Features

♠Daily challenges with different levels

♠Clean and user-friendly menus

♠Big and easy to see card

♠Single tap or drag&drop to move card

♠Customizable beautiful themes

♠Draw 1 card

♠Draw 3 card

♠Auto-collect card on completion

♠Auto-save game in play

♠Feature to UNDO moves

♠Feature to use hints

♠Standard or Vegas scoring

♠Timer mode supported

♠Left-handed supported

♠Landscape mode supported

♠Up to 10 top records

♠Offline play and no data cost

♠More features to come!

If you like playing Solitaire on PC then you will love this! This is the best Solitaire collection game in hands! Highly Addictive and 100% Fun, Download Now for Free!

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More Information Of Solitaire Collection

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.9.515 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:HiCard

User Reviews


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John F Pacheco 2018-03-30

Played others with \"magic\" cards and sometimes this comes close but no cigars. So winning is my total enjoyment when I can beat the game with skills and strategies it\'s a real challenge, but games that are so darn hard I loose interest real fast give poor ratings and if an option of a \"turkey\" instead of 1 * was there that\'s what I would give. But I gave this 4 out of 5 because I enjoy the game so far.
Jeanne Cestone 2018-02-12

I actually quite like the game. But it\'s very glitchy, especially in tournament play, when it crashes approximately 1 in 3 times. I\'ve emailed the developer, but they closes the ticket without doing anything or offering any suggestions.
Neda Mudronja 2020-03-07

Hello! I\'ve been playing your game for a very long time and I do not mind the Ads. Lately there is an Ad running in your game, (as well in other games) that is the real NUISANCE. The ad is extremely invasive, and in my opinion not working properly. When it comes up it doesn\'t act like a normal Ad, it takes you to the Play Store and from there is very hard to get rid of. The game is Solitaire TriPeaks Journey from ME2ZEN Limited. I wrote to them by nothing was done. Thank you for your attention!
Archna Patel 2020-07-08

Overall its basic but if you just want to play spider, it will meet your needs. I find solitaire really slow and card designs limited. However, it does a simple job. Only worth paying to remove ads if you play a lot as they are way to frequent and banner is placed in a key position so you are likely to press the ad by mistake constantly when going against the clock. No idea what the point of coins and wands are, and the scoring rules are not included. I have contacted them, no response!
Mike Mehrle 2019-05-05

the ads are getting more annoying. Making me watch part of an ad or sometimes all of it. I will watch all ads to find out who the advertiser is to let them know their money is being wasted... I don\'t mind ads... I don\'t want to be forced to watch them.
Nani Otani 2020-04-11

Good fun and distraction from quarantine-- day 26 for us who live in the middle of the Pacific...Oh Yeah, it gets very Rock-like when there is virtually no place to go. Everything is closed anyway, even the beach! Oahu is not that large. Only minor game complaint I have is the new trend of only showing 30 second long commercials, and I\'m too darned cheap to pay for ad removals.
Bruno Chesher 2019-03-12

game is good. just a few glitches which for all i know is my old phone. and every so often i remove and reload so my scores are amongst the best again. i prefer the carrot im trying to grab is within reach. old and lazy
Stephanie C. 2018-09-07

Warning!! Buying out ads does not work across devices!! Learned this the hard way! You must pay on EVERY device you own, which I will NOT be doing! Not only that but there are still LOUD blasting ads which ruin experience if you choose not to pay!!! Cannot play anywhere but at home alone because of this! Or with volume button completely down to zero! I don\'t mind ads but this is a terrible implementation! Absolutely no volume control on the LOUD ads!! You will disturb anyone next to you! Also unskippable video ads are LOUD too. Plus there were some political ads which I don\'t need playing while relaxing. Just not a good app in terms of enjoyment because of the ads. And I don\'t like that you have to pay on EVERY device!
A Google user 2018-02-04

Would give it 5 stars but there is no way to delete the cumulative score on Klondike Vegas to start fresh. I like to see it accumulate from -52 on a daily basis (be able to delete the last accumulation score if I choose) not a total over time. FOREVER at a 2% win rate and now on -$16,000...just want to start fresh.
trlgoz 2020-04-15

It is a garbage of piece of software. The annoying advice on paying for your software has returned and I already have payed your tariff.