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Description of Solitaire Cruise: Card Games

Take a Solitaire Cruise and enjoy your free classic solitaire tripeaks journey! Train your brain & patience with offline solitaire tripeaks card game!

Relax with solitaire classic games that are more interesting and challenging than Tri Towers, Tiki Solitaire and Tri Peaks Solitaire free. Clean cards and polished design let you immerse yourself in this addictive solitaire tripeaks card game full of fun, excitement and new experiences.

Experience the thrill of a sea voyage: play solitaire tri-peaks cruise game free and discover colorful locations all over the world. Enjoy logic & brain games with thousands of unique levels and have fun with your tri peaks solitaire journey on a first-class cruise liner.

Say goodbye to boredom and misery with tri-peaks solitaire games. Want to enjoy a rich life and a world of entertainment from your mobile device playing tri peaks solitaire free? Check out what Solitaire Cruise: Card Games has to offer:

✅ Play challenging free Classic Solitaire games, Dice Tournaments and numerous events.

✅ Visit all 25 magnificent venues, including glitzy Las Vegas, majestic Paris, alluring Nassau, romantic Venice, stunning Dubai and other spectacular locations by playing solitaire tripeaks cruise game.

✅ Enjoy striking graphics and admire stunning views of modern cities, historical locations and natural landscapes in solitaire tripeaks journey.

✅ Discover the offline solitaire tripeaks card game from a new angle thanks to a huge number of bonuses and mechanics.

✅ Try new events every week: bowling, cooking, decoration, and not only tripeaks solitaire games.

Solitaire cards games have a lot of fans today thanks to Solitaire Tri Peaks, Solitaire Blitz, Castle Solitaire-tripeaks, Solitaire Cube card game and other variations. Your free Solitaire Cruise: Card Games is waiting for you, so come along and join in the solitaire tripeaks community today. Download this relaxing solitaire tri peaks cruise game free now to embark upon your amazing personal adventure! Choose this solitaire tripeaks card game and don’t lose your chance!

You can play tripeaks solitaire card games free offline or online – no Wi-Fi and no internet connection required so you can enjoy classic solitaire tripeaks anytime, anywhere! Age doesn’t matter if you want to try a tripeaks solitaire free – the only thing that’s important is your desire to succeed and the lure of a better life. Still weighing up the options? Thousands of people around the world play tripeaks solitaire games. Have fun with our solitaire tripeaks card game!

🏆 Solitaire Cruise: Card Games – a stylish tripeaks solitaire classic free cards game, premium travel and extravagant leisure for true connoisseurs. Download Solitaire Cruise: Card Games and find out what the solitaire tripeaks card game is about.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.5.2 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:BELKA GAMES

User Reviews


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C Corlett 2021-01-05

Horrific Ads. I play another game and the ads for this game as so intrusive, long, and unskippable, that I actually came here to write about it. Shady, horrible practices that ruin experiences for others. Read other negative reviews, you will see I\'m not the only one. I will never play a game by this company because of the way they force the ad experience, and I would recommend others don\'t as well. There has to be a line drawn and the line is with THIS game and company. Thanks for the high BP!
Eve Williams 2021-01-29

Fun game that keeps you occupied but can often be very unfair... especially once you start spending $$$$$ . Then it seems that this is the only way to win . Once you start the game eats up your $$$$ super fast and then it seems that you just can\'t catch a break afterwards. Otherwise it does pass time away. Maybe if they had other ways to earn coins when you run out it would make things better. As it it now you have to wait....foreverrrrr for 50- something minutes for another chance to plaY
Shannon Moore 2021-01-03

No way to get rid of ads. A recent update brought ads into this game. I\'ve spent too much money on this game that I don\'t want to just stop playing, but I\'ll probably use up what I have and quit. The game was kind of frustrating based on the fact that you have to buy coins to stay playing the game, but with the addition of the ads in done investing my time or money into the game. I likely would have paid a couple bucks to get rid of the ads.
Cengiz Yigit 2020-12-26

Please shorter your ads. Im playing an other game and seeing your ads frequently. Your ad duration is about 1.30 sec. I just hate to see your ad and also there is no bottom to cancel ad if you dont desire to watch it. I need to close the game and restart. I cant stand to watch it again.
Brandi Parry 2021-02-14

The reason why I am giving this game 2 stars is the coins deplete fast. It is such a high amount of coins to play one card game. The cards are random, so majority of the time you can not complete your game and have to forfeit. You can not get anywhere in this game without spending a high amount of coins or your money. Pros about this game is that there\'s no ads.
Laura Keeney 2020-12-31

Was having fun playing this app. The. I bought some items from it that never showed up on my account. Tried to contact customer support and nothing. I\'d like to get this issue resolved and continue playing if possible or get my money back. I don\'t like how there isn\'t even a standard send out email stating they got my issue so they could resolve it. May have to delete and just take the disappointing loss. This isn\'t the first time I\'ve made in app purchases but those have always been added.
Isabelle Timms 2021-02-17

This is such a fun game! I highly recommend it- it\'s easy to understand and really enjoyable. I was worried that it would be too hard and you would lose lives (money)quickly and have to wait for ages for more- but that is not the case at all! It\'s super fun! If you like games to play when you are bored or watching TV etc- you should definitely get this game! (Also- legit no ads!)
Jennifer Scott 2021-02-03

This game is not what was advertised. It was advertised as playing a game that you have to match tiles before time runs out and your tiles that keep moving upwards, hit the top. Instead it is a completely different game. Still fun but I cannot give it 5 stars for false advertising. I also cannot give it a 1 star for the reason it is still fun.
Jonna Talley 2021-02-09

Fun game to play at first then Levels are almost impossible to win because there the cards are random. Costs 3500 coins to play a level only to lose them or to get back around 3800 to 4000 coins. You have to purchase coins just to play. Then when you purchase, it some times doesn\'t give you what you purchased and then gets stuck on no internet connection no matter how many times you restart the game. Seems like a gimmick just to get money
Harriet Ravenscroft 2020-12-28

I LOVED this game until today. I now HATE it. You now have to watch ads every other levels. The whole thing is glitching and buggy and no rewards are coming through. I had completed all levels but could still play and wanted to. Now I need to find a new game You guys ruined such a great unique game with ads and messing with it.