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Description of Solitaire Dreams

NEW VERSION OF THE BEST-SELLING SOLITAIRE! Play the mahjong like card game. Match pairs, clear the table and collect stars.

* Hundreds of levels to play and relax with.

* Beautiful graphics and soothing music will put you in a good mood.

* Collect jigsaw puzzles and receive rewards.

* Daily quests and challenges.

* Works great on tablets and phones.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.28.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Orchid Games

User Reviews


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Dayas Silvis 2020-12-08

Graphics are fantastic, beautiful. I spend the first minute of each table just staring at the art. The music is sooo relaxing and the sound effects aren\'t jarring, (except the coins when you win) The game plays flawlessly and it\'s an easy to understand game. Oh and NO ADS. A free game and not a single ad. There are in game purchases if you want them but they don\'t throw them in the face constantly like other games. A wonderful relaxing game.
Bobi U 2020-05-08

I have enjoyed this game for a long time. I discovered Orchid Games through Heartwild Solitaire long ago, and have played this game since its release. I go thru spurts, playing daily, then stop. I have come back again and am thrilled with updates. Thank you so much!! Also, I am enjoying your joint development effort on the TriPeak game, Queen. All your games are beautiful, challenging, and engaging.
Dee Ross 2020-02-21

Been playing for a week now, would be nice to maybe have a free daily spin for added money or free jokers,some freebie. It is a bit different and am pleased am not getting nickled and dimed. I can enjoy the game, but a few $$ freebies would be nice. There are a few minor glitches,when making a match,the two cards dont always leave.kudos for very few ads Love the new additions to the game for Dec. All around a pleasure to play. Keep up the great work.
Constance Renton 2020-07-17

Love the game and that it can be very challenging... But I\'m disappointed to discover ive been cheated out of coins. When I\'ve won challenges and daily quest, the Number of coins awarded has been less than it\'s supposed to have been. In the two occasions played today, I\'ve been shorted by 100 coins that I\'ve noticed... Makes me wonder how much I\'ve lost out on since I started paying the game... Not happy and I flat-out refuse to spend any more $$ on the game. Keep an eye on your totals !
Jake Deb Osborn 2019-12-20

Cost too much for daily packs. Also you should be allowed to go through the deck without having to pay
Judy Pokorny 2021-02-03

Enjoyable. Still learning about the program. This was one of my favorites!! Relaxing yet challenging. Visuals complex and pleasing. Had to remove because I was stuck, not able to figure out how to proceed. Also the further into the game, it became difficult to have enough points to keep moving ahead. Will be reinstalling at a later date because I did enjoy it so much. I have reinstalled. Dreamy and challenging. You can take your time. You can go back to retry. I do love the graphics.
Mark Wilkinson 2020-03-06

Was great until the end of chapter 1 (table 15 pack 6). This table is simply impossible without using power-ups that are given few and far between. It\'s clear this final pack was designed to earn money at the expense of the enjoyment of the game. It had been fair-yet-challenging to this point. Now? It\'s probably going to be deleted soon. Warn everyone: just know that wall is there and bail before then to avoid huge frustration. If they could balance this and future packs out? Rating would go up
Renee Greenway 2020-08-23

Changed my rating to two stars. I\'m about to uninstall. Though the graphics are great. Unless you have money to spend on difficult levels, plan on being on a difficult level for a long time, or possibly never moving ahead. Things were great until you get further along. This game, because it\'s cards, should be relaxing fun. It\'s not..... Please make difficult levels a bit easier, or at least give more bonuses so the level can be passed somehow. If I don\'t hear back, will be uninstalling.
honeypie 51 2020-01-20

I play it all Tha time, and they are always making it better! It\'s challenging, but if you keep trying you can eventually win.
Janet Henderson 2020-05-21

I like the game, but I\'m getting frustrated at some levels being so difficult. What good are the boosts? If you choose the scissors, nothing happens. If you choose the flower, it scrambles everything right away instead of letting you use it when needed. If you find a \'joker\' card you HAVE to use it during that game, even if you know using it will not help you. You should be able to keep it if you don\'t want to use it at that time. There is nothing that explains how to use the boost items.