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Description of Solitaire Duels

Welcome to Solitaire Duels!

In this solitaire game you have to be as fast as possible. In order to solve the solitaire, remove all cards by clicking on the next higher or lower card in sequence. If there are no more moves available you can always take a card from the stack and do not forget that on an ace you use either a king or a two.

This solitaire game is really demanding and worth all of your attention while it is multiplayer and you compete real time against other players. You should watch out the choco bombs and try to reach a high score so as to get a place in the leaderboard and unlock quickly next game modes.

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More Information Of Solitaire Duels

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.12.12 Publish Date:2021-06-11 Developer:LazyLand SA

User Reviews


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Vickie Richard Christopher 2016-08-07

Game is slow it takes 4ever
Shelley Block 2019-04-06

I like the games only problem is this the only thing I run I come up with a so called connection problem and after reconnecting it stops adding my scores. Maybe you all should check YOUR ability to connect. Get that fixed so everyone could get a fair shot at maybe winning a game or 2 instead of losing and these would be perfect to play for hours . Who wants to be always losing even when they finish the game before opponent has ?Tends to be way discouraging and ends up being deleted. be fair
Glass aholic 2019-07-26

Ok game. graphics are good

Moves too fast for me
Burberry London 2016-03-20

A lot wrong. Not worth the dL This is basically Golf solitaire w a crazy layout. If u never played while trying to read the crazy directions, the game has started & ur opponent has started & has practically won while ur still trying to make sense of how to play, when to lob chocolate splat or bomb. To much going on plus not entirely free. You have to buy chips & diamonds if u want to continue on to the next level. Oh and it freezes & have poor control.
Joanna Flammia 2015-04-15

Solitaire duels I just can\'t get enough of this completion sxxt!!!!
Tanisha Clark 2014-11-26

It\'s a fun game
Sheryl O\'Dowd 2016-08-09

Love this game Only one thing that is a problem and that is that there is a lag, but if everyone has the same problem with it then no one is disadvantaged.
linda sims 2016-05-07

Like the game but don\'t like how it stalls out and doesn\'t let u click on your cards
Diana Bizousky 2016-07-08

Freezes Freezes alot