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Solitaire - Free Classic Solitaire Card Games



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Description of Solitaire - Free Classic Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire by Beetles is a 💯 free, addicting, challenging Classic Card Games for all cards game true lovers. Like spider solitaire, free solitaire, klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, THIS Solitaire Card Game is absolutely more fun! Brand new Classic Solitaire experience with the original solitaire games!


Original Classic Solitaire:

♥️ Play Klondike solitaire draw 1 & draw 3 modes

♥️ Choose scoring mode: Standard or Vegas solitaire scoring

Daily Challenge:

♠️ Challenge yourself with the hard mode

♠️ Receive special mark everyday

♠️ Build your own Trophies Display Rack

User Friendly Experience:

♦️ Enjoy clean and comfortable visual design

♦️ Customize the table and card style

♦️ Play Offline: Play random deals everywhere

♦️ Supports left-handed play

Stats Tracker:

♣️ Record every achievement you made

♣️ Stay Sharp and see every improvement

“Start one game and I can never stop!”

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More Information Of Solitaire - Free Classic Solitaire Card Games

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.9.55 Publish Date:2021-09-14 Developer:Beetles Games Studio

User Reviews


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Stephen Wison 2020-10-26

This is the smoothest, almost silkyest(sp) gameplay I\'ve had on any type of android card game ever, and I\'ve been one for at least 5 years. The graphics are crisp and again not buggy just easy to look at and use. Very well done y\'all , very well done.
Frequent Flyer 2020-08-16

Great game. Fun to play. The only distraction is the constant ad at the top of the playing field. It consumes data like a vampire drinks blood. Also you have to PAY (as in NOT free) for some of the other playing field backgrounds, card backs, card faces, and so on. But I do understand that the company has to make money for the maintenance of the game.
Cheryl Hansen 2020-10-06

This is a great game. I like the small size, and I\'m quickly adjusting to it. The different colors of the cards and other things on the screen make it more fun. There is help if I need it, on the screen. Very fun game!! Thanks, my family loves it too! C. Hansen
Nikki Morris 2020-10-01

Fun game. I love to play Solitaire, but not all Solitaire games are fun to play, this one IS fun to play. Try it, you will like it. It\'s not a pushover game, not extremely difficult either, it\'s a Goldielox Game... It\'s Just Right *****.
Patti Anderson 2020-08-02

could never win, I am 70, just wanted a simple game, I don\'t even understand these games. I will try the new senior game, I downloaded, now lets see if I can find it. Thanks, this is more what I am looking for.what I found wasnt full screen, us old folks want full screen, not sure I even found the right one yet, still has adds. and didn\'t know how to find the senior game? is it marked senior? help
Jodine jodi 2020-09-08

It\'s easy to play. Auto complete too slow. It\'s really hard to get under 3 minutes or under 125 moves. A different solitare game i used to play, I had I got down to 1 minute and under 100 moves. I just won a game in 89 moves and 1:38, and I only get 20 points. Why? Should be a bigger bonus or prize for winning not just 20 points! Game sucks. I started to win more, but it takes forever.
Rita H 2020-10-20

I have tried many of these Solitaire Apps and so far this one has come closest to what I have been looking for. It\'s not bloated with a lot of unnecessary features yet has exactly what I have been searching for. I highly recommend this Solitaire over others. Check it out and if it doesn\'t meet your wants you can always uninstall. So far I love this one.
Lilaine North 2020-07-31

I have been enjoying this solitaire game more than any other I have installed. In fact, all others have been uninstalled and this is the only one on my phone. It pleasures me, it\'s simplistic, fast and I LOVE the calming that the fish swimming around bring to me as I play. Thank you for the joy! I do recommend this particular solitaire to anyone who is looking for pure enjoyment.
Patricia Mclaren 2020-09-19

An enjoyable game of Solitaire. I especially like to know how my own game compares to the other players from game to game. It gives perspective to my performance. Remains a good game, and I have played a few. Thanks.
othababy 2020-01-21

I love this Solitary game. It is challenging and accurate. I love the sounds and animations. The adds at the top are easy to ignore when concentrating on the game. I would recommend this game. Thank you😊